The Casino has arrived, with german Spammers. Meet your psychologist on a planet !

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  1. MA announcing new 3rd party partners.
    ...and everybody goes like "Yeahhhiiiiii, opportunities, this can only be great !"

    Feel free to gather your own infos, I just throw in some buzz words. Judge by yourself please.

    A casino..Macau ? Sweden ? Germany ?
    (announces itself as "Live BETA")
    Vincere B.V. Curacao.

    3rd party casino.jpg
    3rd party casino2.jpg

    Hetzner Online Ag, a german server hoster
    that has a lot do with spam / spam crawling. (google it together with spam)
    (6th place worldwide for worst place to get your server)

    Feel free to check CBL list :

    Or without much clicking :

    6th place for Hetzner worldwide : (gratz to german 1&1) xD

    Btw. its a complete "Casino Module" you can buy from :
    casino platform1.jpg
    "Wir bieten Gaming Platfor..."Platfor what ?

    casino platform2.jpg

    The german language they use is very, very strange/bad and
    it feels more like as they are not swiss people with german as their 1st language.


    They claim to have the best people with university degree from east Europe.

    They exist since 2009 though, but their adress expires in 20 days. (21 July 2015)

    Registrant Name is a guy from germany named Joachim Burckhardt
    Registrant Organization: ?
    Registrant Street: Rubensstr.39
    Registrant City: Berlin
    Registrant State/Province: Germany
    Registrant Postal Code: 12159
    Registrant Country: DE
    Registrant Phone: +49.3080935730

    So, the EU-Casino it is actually "someone" who bought the "Casino Platform" from softswiss,
    to "somehow" make a part of it 3D, (ab)using Entropias name. ;)
    (and trying to grab some PEDs ahheee bitcoins from our fellow Entropia addic ahheee enthusiasts)

    You can already find "clones" of parts of this casino-module on facebook,
    using the same textures and images,
    if these are not already bought systems beeing used there.

    3rd party casino3.jpg

    So much for the Casino part.

    Then there is some business contacts...thing....where you can meet your psychologist on a planet...da fuck...
    Just created recently (2015-03-12)

    3rd party empaticus.jpg

    3rd party empaticus2.jpg

    leads to :

    3rd party empaticus3.jpg

    They act like Avantgarde and by linking to the dead "Mindark ESA study" from March :

    3rd party empaticus4.jpg

    Planet Health anyone ?

    3rd party empaticus5.jpg

    And bitcoins mentioned everywhere.

    So this is what David was talking about at the bitcoin interview...unemployment...irl casino...suddenly the original plan of 1999 starts to kick in.
    The sci-fi MMO now trys to turn into THE "3d internet" which was the original idea of entropia.
    Partner Buildings in Athena Spaceport
    Several new temporary structures have been implemented on Calypso in cooperation with several new real-world Entropia Universe partners.

    • Human Flourishing Universe (HFU) - A purpose-driven VR platform for education and collaboration on business, social, health, wellbeing, environment issues with a gameplay built on compassion and altruism stimulating human advancement.
    • Planet Employability (PLE) is a leading emerging planet in the new Human Flourishing Universe (HFU), here you can link to the PLE Module where participants can complete an employability skills audit and undertake missions and assignments to improve their employability skills and/or engage in a digital internship.
    • Hub Culture is a collaboration network with activities online and in the real world. The Hub Culture Estate at the Athena Spaceport offers an environment for connections and social interactions among Hub Culture members around the world. Additional functions are available inside Hub Culture at a corresponding Spaceport within the social network. (

    So, were we all part of a 15 year beta-test ? Looking back at which ventures already epically failed together with MindArk (Massive ads, GNN Brazil, ESA, New Oxford Academy of Fine arts, just to name a few) and judging by the new 3rd party sites (a standard online casino and some...thing...just created recently) I can already imagine how this will end up (s00n) and I find it amazing how (even the old) people cheer up MA everytime they announce such new "news".

    Who knows, maybe THIS is their breakthrough. With strong partners at their sides and new (unfinished) least they go back to the roots...wayyyyy back to the roots... ;)​
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  2. Oh yeah, to all those saying it will be completely independent. Look at those nice trees of Calypso in the background ;)

    And of course noone will ever know your connection between your casino account "Super111" and your "Entropia Account" when you meet online in an "Ce2 EU universecasino"

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  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    those look like Trade Terminals to me

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  4. Its just an example I think, as they offer even more screenshots of "Entropia" only. The casino is not yet ready.

    A guy bought a "casino platform", to try to implement an additional 3d room with avatars to it...making us feel like as if we would play he then hopes to grab some PEDs ahheee bitcoins from our fellow entropia MMO addic...ahhee enthusiasts. ;P

    It really sounds like some drunk rich fook was talking to David in drunkmode once again, going like :
    "No T-Shirts and coffemugs this time dewde, I goona make sum casino, u know ? YOU KNOW ?:D" x'D
  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    A casino based on the Entropia platform... uhm, doesn't that sound like competition for EU?
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I think one fatally wrong assumption about all that 3d internet/VR stuff is idea that people prefer a 3D virtual world over a 2d interface for activities that are much easier to do in 2D.

    For example who wants to fiddle around with a messy 3D world when shopping? You either want to get it done asap & easily, so you browse galleries on a website with filter functions and all sorts of features, or you rather want the 'shopping experience', maybe without even buying, in that case you'd rather go to the mall with friends, partner, ...
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  7. Come on, its just some guy who bought a ready to use "casino-module" from some strange "buy our casino software" site.
    Its not some vegas-multi-trillion-dollar business behind it. ;p

    Then he called MA telling them "I have a ready to use casino, cool eh ?".

    MA went "Woahhh thanks for calling us. But whats the plan ?"

    The guy then adds something around the lines "I gotta do a separate database, but I will milk your players as well and add some 3D...somehow...someday"

    MA went like "Oh cool, better you add some of our Cryengine graphics and Calypso textures on top of it, so that your players feel more comfortable when switching to 2D"

    And the guy was like "Oh, of course"

    This will end up like the MMABIGSHOW guy and various other MA 3rd party partners crap.
    MA was hoping to jump the candy crush train here again, but we already got way too many of such crapyy pay2play sites.
    And MA is truly not the best competitor for Candy Crush. ;O
    Anyway, good luck, you will need it. xD

    The unemployed psychologist from hong kong ( sounds like various "ideas" before.
    Massive ads, GNN Brazil, ESA, New Oxford Academy of Fine arts etc etc etc etc etc ahhhhhh the etc

    Of course their 3D internet will fail. Its just too obvious. We just entered "Beyond fucked up". And MA keeps reaching for their so called diversity.
    But hey, its "news" and "news" make the fanboys happy. In todays world it doesnt even matter what kind of news they release.
  8. No? You really think it's SEE?
  9. This is just like ISIS starting up in the near east, it will be the downfall of EU.
  10. No comment on the casino part... dunno how I like that.

    But I just have to speak up for Hetzner, they are a pretty good server hosting company, of course some of their customers are bad apples.
    (And stupid apples at that, because its really not smart to send spam from a German server hoster, that is like yelling at the police to be catched)
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  11. The german "typos" are even worse. Beyond worse. They even use wrong words to describe a situation.
    And thats only the site selling the "casino-software".

    Now I really wonder which EU avatar had this glorious idea, buying some cheap "casino-software" to push it into Entropia ...anyone wants to step forward ?

    Just some random googling about Hetzner. Its a giant tree with bad apples. ;)
  12. I guess those cube stuff you can buy at the TT and use for crafting Explosive ammo has been the proof of concept this Universe has been ready for it's next step.
    Guess the crafting as a whole has proved it over the years the potential was there...

    Also not really sure if it really suites a virtual futuristic universe, guess people in the future will laugh about current day slot machines. :ninja:
  13. Who is "Joachim Burckhardt" ? Somone maybe know the avatar behind it ?

    Hes behind all the softswiss, macau casino, ebay clone and bitcoin crypto exchange sites, that will soon be connected to entropia.
    So it probably was himself, who was talking to David Simmonds about all these "ideas" ?
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  14. Or maybe Im wrong with Mr. Burckhardt and some of these guys from softswiss are already connected to an entropia account ?
    Anyone knows one of these guys ? Id like to know with which avatar Im doing business with in the future.
    softswiss team.jpg

    They are all on linkedin and there you can read :

    SoftSwiss is an Austria-based IT company with development and sales in Belarus. We provide high-end software products and consulting to companies starting their way in the world of eCommerce and iGaming. We also actively promote Bitcoin as a technologically advanced payment solution for iGaming operators.
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  15. Those people make the software someone is renting to make the casino, they have no affiliation.
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  16. Hi,

    You may be on a wrong track. Hetzner is one of the most successful server providers in Europe, and you can bet that you just cannot host millions of dedicated root servers without some of your customers doin' some nasty stuff, or leaving their self-managed servers wide open.
    To my knowledge in such cases Hetzner reacts not slower or more easy than any competitor.

    In 2013 they got hacked, you linked it (last link). It's common consent among professionals that they reacted transparent, quick and effective.

    Some years ago, before I started to use managed servers with a cosy small provider where you get an actual admin at the fone if needed, I had, for 1/2 year, a most cheap root server at Hetzner. Among other things it was used to send out "Offer of the Day" emails to the clients of one of my customers (that had opted-in). Not 2 days after this started I got contacted by them, "maybe something fishy is going on on your server" ...

    So far about Hetzner. (Disclaimer: I once hosted with them, now there's no connection anymore for years.)

    About the casino 3rd party:

    Now this looks fishy! Has MA decided to once again shoot their feet?
    With EU scraping the limits of gambling already they want to add a partner that offers real, undoubted gambling? ORLY?

    Sometimes I think of selling out, even if my old junk isn't worth anything anymore ...

    Have fun!
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  17. Seriously, Im not on the wrong track with Hetzner, only because other german hosters have "spam problems" as well.
    Hetzner is mentioned a lot since 2007 and thats why I added the "german spam crawler" to the headline.
    The "hack" is just a nice bonus. ;p

    Anyway, the 3rd phrase I posted is :
    Feel free to gather your own infos, I just throw in some buzz words. Judge by yourself please.

    Feel free to check CBL list :

    Or without much clicking :

    6th place for Hetzner worldwide : (gratz to 1&1) xD

    I adjusted my initial post with "6th place worldwide for Hetzner AG", in terms of,
    choosing the worst possibilitie of starting your server.

    For the casino :

    casino leak.jpg

    My initial post says nothing but that :

    So, the EU-Casino it is actually "someone" who bought the "Casino Platform" from softswiss,
    to "somehow" make a part of it 3D, (ab)using Entropias name. ;)
    (and trying to grab some PEDs ahheee bitcoins from our fellow Entropia addic ahheee enthusiasts)

    My bet would also be that there is no connection between the creator and the buyer...but this is Entropia, you never know.
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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    First of all... I doubt much will come of this. Certainly not by the end of the year. Alternatively it will simply be a bit of Entropia that has something to do with the external site. ie a bit like those small buildings at the Space Center on Calypso that don't (and probably never will) do anything.

    Tops I think we will see a building with a virtual casino in it ie just 3D models. No functionality. This will essentially just be an advert for the MacauToVegas gambling site in game.

    That is tops though... I'm sure the "dream" is to somehow link things Second Life Styleee.... ie with web interfaces on the 3D models in game... but as to WHO's dream that is is anyone's guess. I suspect MA don't actually want to have blantant gambling in Entropia.

    You guys are right in that a 3d casino is a bit of a "sounds great but actually we'd rather play on our smart phone after 5 mins" situation (cough cough virtual tycoon crafting slot machine)... much like the rest of the 3D web was.

    More of a pressing question... will Entropia work with windows 10... will anything work with windows 10? ;)
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  19. Totally independent. The casino offers the same items as we already have inside of EU. Except for the BMW. The items got renamed and you dont get them ingame. Useless. At least you get somekind of entropia-feeling, while gambling away even more of your money. Poor addicts. Fuck you MindArk !

    casino items.jpg
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