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  1. Seen him in TwinPeaks last night. Hes still with Warants. And just out of curiosity :

    1.) Why did he rename himself ?
    2.) Did his avatar get "deactivated" when Fred Rosenthal claimed the throne of MindArk ? (or do MA members have inofficial-official avatars again ?)


    3.) Maybe someone can do a minimal translation here to tell me whats going on on this site with a (c) from 2006 ?

    Thx ;)
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    That pic cries out for some sort of creepy animation...
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    you could have just changed the link instead of reviving a 1,5 year old thread, or course
  4. Thanks for the update.

    I quite like the addition to your entry on Sparkz/Viper/DCB :biggrin: Always good to have a suspicious mind to inspire additional research :thumbsup: One never knows what the future "may" hold :geek:

    Each to their own, though I would not call at least 2+ years of participation and/or break between alts Sparkz > Viper > DCB to be defined as regularly. Then again what is irregular to one maybe regular to another :biggrin1:

    Correct procedure is once you indefinitely close an account through MindArk support you must create a new one to start participating again in Entropia Universe; I followed form in closing forum accounts where applicable once a new avatar ingame was created.

    ET Blog Entry:
    Dynamic CareBear/Viperstrike/Lavawalker

    June 2014 Admission on Entropiaplanets Forum by Dynamic DCB-Trading-Co CareBear to previously using alts/other avatars named Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike, Firesparkz Sparkz Lavawalker, and a subtle hint at possibly using other avatars in the future as well. The thread states:

    Yes, Viperstrike is a closed account ingame and on forums with reference to Entropia due to it being used in other games of interest. I did not withdraw, I trashed and gave away ~ 4K+ USD worth of PED/Items and skill. But at the end of the day, it mattered little. It is only money after all. Not happiness in what you are doing.

    Whether or not any of that is true or not can only be verified by Mindark and/or Dynamic DCB-Trading-Co Carebear. I don’t personally think that this guy is a scammer, especially since he gave away quite a few peds related to an initiative he wanted to start with a planet partner. He seems to be a pretty likeable guy based on the what I’ve read from him on forums and in game, but the fact that he is using alts regularly and Mindark is allowing that type of thing to happen with his actions (and the actions of others doing similarly) seems to go against Mindark’s promise that “Both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets should always feel safe in their endeavors in Entropia Universe.”
    Internet Archive Link

    August 15, 2012 posting by Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike on Planetcalypsoforum admitting to previously using an alt/other avatar named Firesparkz Sparkz Lavawalker.
    Internet Archive Link

    Maybe add in the original link too? :bigsmile:
    And a up to date "further reading" link of how some of the dots connect :deal:

    Suggestions of course, it is your blog :wink:

    That which is in brown are fixes to make sure you relay the correct avatar names used for Entropia Universe based activity :cool (2):
    Firesparkz Sparkz Lavawalker
    Shadowsniper Viper Viperstrike
    and present day: Dynamic DCB-Trading-Co Carebear

    I might even get a following :rofl: So here is the last 3 odd years of tracked history on my gaming trends :wink:
    I did not have steam before this so trends prior to that is a ittle hard :laugh:
    AMD Gaming Evolved - Raptr -
    STEAM -

    Here is a brief view of the hunting skills that were trashed by profession level standing, not by points.
    I will not go into specifics, but it gives you a general idea.

    Viperstrike @ Entropia Universe-04-19-2014 21-21-26
    Entropia Universe-04-19-2014 21-21-26.jpg
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