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Team loots $7,100 in real money on Planet Calypso

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Gratz.
  2. -Deposited 6k Euros (2004-2007) playing (economically) like 24/7
    (then I wanted to have "fun" and stopped this economically sh!t)
    -Didnt make much back. Had to keep depositing.
    -Highest single hunting Loot 900 PED Cornudacauda (2005)
    -Highest Team Loot 4k Hogglo (2007) - 6 team members
    -Sold Terminator Rifle for 30k$
    -Cashed out a little more as I had deposited.

    -Kept 10.000 PED to craft OA-101. And I crafted away 10k PED per night.
    (cycled in about 1 hour anyway)

    -Sometimes I lost 1k PED, sometimes 4k PED, sometimes I managed to brake even and/or return to my 10k PED. But I continued to craft. (also bolts, over night, sometimes)
    (I reached an engineering skill of 2.5k with this money (lol) and I (still) have 130 metallurgy skills, which was claimed to be THE secret mining/crafting skill back then. But maybe it was just a f*cking (useless) RARE skill...)

    -Got a 26k PED ATH after 2 or 3 weeks and a 20k PED ATH several days later.
    (continuing to cycle about 6k-10k PED each night, in about 50 minutes. Depended on how much got left from the night before. :p )
    [I unlocked BluePrint comprehension this way, which was to be rumored a bad skill here and there...]

    Keep in mind it was additional money I had won from the Terminator sale. Else I would have never ever done such stupid crafting experiments, that lead me to an (nearly) useless end result of the following crafting related skills :


    Why wouldnt I have it done with my own money you ask ? Because I would have had to cycle about at least an estimated amount of 150.000 PEDs (15.000 $) [15 x OA101 runs a 50 minutes = 12,5 hours]
    to get... "this far".... considering I probably was (very!) lucky, reaching this state with "just" 1000$, not using it to actually do "small" 10$-50$ crafting runs per night.
    And to be honest, I dont see a big difference in crafting results with this skill set, compared to my early beginnings with OA101, having close to zero crafting skills.

    -Anyway, it started to become interesting (casino style) this way, do big, recieve big.
    Nearly all the time, if you dont care "loosing/investing" about 70$ in 1 hour, now and then, that is.
    (and there are many that dont care about "loosing/investing" 70$ in 1 hour in this universe)

    The "loosing/investment" might be worth the fun (the thrill). But not worth the skills.
    (yes yes, I got em for free)

    -I "lost/invested" nearly all of it in about 1 night (hours) doing a craft battle with "Ogulak Da Basher"
    Sometimes it failed to craft a OA-101 50-times-in-a-row, about 555 PED + the % of market value of the needed items - OA101 was about 10 PED per click (without ingridients %) - each click lasted about 3 seconds - thats about 600+ PED that I "lost/invested" within 2,5 minutes, crafting OA101)

    I had about 2k PED left and "lost / invested" all of it hunting and mining within 1 or 2 weeks.

    Because I wouldnt really consider "crafting", as it is (always was)...fun..., knowing, that I will never ever be able to compete with the uber crafters or the crazy rich guys, I totally stopped crafting from that moment on.
    Becoming a (real) crafter (with a dynamic succes rate) seems to be the most expensive, so called profession, in Entropia.
    (Or maybe it is as mystical as mining ? Or maybe even more dynamic then hunting ? x'D)

    Wasnt really smart of me you say ? Well...thank god it was neomavens money ! ;D

    I was lucky, receiving "so many crafting skills for free" you say ?
    Hell yes, I was lucky, because this is a fooking casino !!! (and it is defenitly not many crafting skills!)
    (yes yes, those skills were free and I should be thankfull, instead of writing this) ;)

    (try to forget about the video-contest for a moment)

    Gratz for the 7k$ / 4k$ loot. Well deserved, p(l)ayer. It seems. ;p

    I can imagine the psychological satisfaction you felt while it popped up. It always felt good to HOF or ATH.
    No matter how much you already "lost / invested".

    9 PED globals feel like mockery to me though.

    In 2004 I was confident in the world of Entropia and any deposited $ that made my avatar "grow".

    Welcome to Far Cry...

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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Thanks Mr McC, I didn't really know much about your game play history so that was interesting... most interesting!
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Any concerns that the epic loot dropping to a team with 2 live streamers specifically has been part of a marketing "inside job"?
  5. lol, while Tass is opening the "can of worms" I'll stand over ther on the side out of the line of fire. :whistling:

    MA would never do that...would they?? :wink::laugh:
  6. Funny I seem to get better loot when I'm not streaming heh
  7. Well first off the shit you hunt and this mob are in seperate leagues...just sayin
    Second "with SWORDS, LIKE VIKINGS"
    you gotta admit if MA was ever going to influence a loot that's one to do it...lol

    For the record I don't think there's a conspiracy theory here...I think it was guys hunting the right thing at the right time, in other words pulling the handle on the machine when the PNRG is ready to pay.They had the good fortune of doing video of their score and doing some great commentary to go along.
    After seeing that video MA must have shit themselves frankly...cause among the entire office they don't have that much creativity...
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  8. For the record, I do not really want to go down this path, but let us do so to some degree:

    Yep agree, there is quite a large threshold between outright gambling mobs where the casino displays itself in full flight and the .... (See the highlighted red in quote & link in comment below quote)

    ... Smaller creatures under L40 ingame where the casino is hardly noticable due to the way things work in Entropia at this lower level with the same outcome over a longer period of time.

    That is why, even the authorities who govern Entropia in Sweden who set out to do the following ...

    And other authorities around the world can not even pick it up, even if their attempts are half-harded at best where they need their hand-held and be spoon-fed with an outline of what to do to have the gambling aspects demonstrated within a short timeframe as to what activities to undertake and how to approach those activities, for example purposes, mobs & level of these mobs to hunt and the requirements in terms of equipment to have & skills to insert to be able to survive the encounter in terms of the everyday player that statistically approaches those mobs within Entropia (Yes, I mean to take out the 1% who operate at the leading edge, eg. Stryker, Mercury, etc as the game is not designed for the few, but for the masses)

    So unless someone is willing to "donate" $100,000+ USD to each authority with a proper guideline as to what to do as mentioned above to "fast-track" the authorities Avatar to experience the casino in full flight, then of course we are going to ALWAYS come to this conclusion:

    Quoted from the official letter response in 2008 from Johan Rvdstedt @ lotteriinspektionen
    (The Swedish Gambling Authority)

    Quoted from official response> "Service Notes - depreciation

    After the test played Project entropy in the autumn of 2008 makes Lotteriinspektionen currently estimates that the game's general nature does not mean that it is considered as lotteries in lottery law.

    Project entropy is an advanced game and the Gaming Board has not had the opportunity to play and explore all parts. It is possible that there are parts of the game that would be classified as a lottery if they detected. Would Lotteriinspektionen get several tips suggesting that the examination can be resumed

    Johan Rydstedt" < Quoted from official response.

    There is reason behind why the Entropia system is designed the way it is and why certain things we have seen (eg. Multiplier nerfs and caps on small mobs, eg Argo youngs 8k+ loots as a common occurance a few times a week down to under 1k rarely once a month or there abouts);

    I suppose that this is the part of the equation that MA does not reveal to the playerbase ((Dualistic reasoning behind their approach to this change) due to the attention Entropia was getting from the community complaining constantly about Entropia being gambling (Remember EF/PCF going nuts for several months on end about EU=Gambling) in having a big target painted on MA/EU for the authorities to reconsider their position in re-evaluating the situation ....

    Is that it is not something that would even enter the minds of the player-base (For the most part), MindArk has the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone so to speak in saying that they will even out the highs and lows for lower players and do the same to a much lesser effect for higher end mobs.

    So do not think MindArk is not aware of this and needs to balance their approach to satisfy both needs (External image to authorities and tempering the playerbase's volume & ability to come to an agreed conclusion on the gambling aspect) while keeping the dollars rolling in the door under this guise.

    The above mention is also why I started this thread on the 08-11-2012 which is now under fan-fiction on PCF to see where it would lead.

    Then came about "The Developer Notes" series:

    Starting off with number 1, I won't go into the shitstorm that followed on PCF requiring more info on to be relayed in Developer Notes 2, not that anything could be regarded as gambling or as a lottery from this being a shared loot pool ;) Then of course the developers in developer notes # 3 felt they needed to put their foot in it again to explain how to extend your time at the slots in maximising the times you can pull the lever by reducing your cost to kill through weapon/etc effeciency.

    Each mob kill being another lever pull and a chance of obtainbing a greater portion of the PED spent back in loot, also with the potential chance of triggering a big-win in the shared-lootpool casino that others have contributed to through their loses in not following this "not-fun-but-must-be-done-to-the-letter-eco-warrior" effeciency route effectively.

    Let us quote these developer notes:
    Dev Notes #1: "Independent Lootpools - One concern that we see very often on community forums, especially when a big All Time High is achieved, is that one profession is unfairly “financing” a huge loot in another profession. This misconception often results in one group of participants (i.e. hunters) becoming upset or frustrated that their activity is being used to fund the rewards given to another group of participants (i.e. miners). To hopefully dispel this misconception, we would like to inform participants that the loot pools for each main profession (hunting, mining and manufacturing) are completely independent of one another, and that a large loot in one profession has absolutely no impact on potential loots in any of the other professions."

    Dev Notes #2: "Personal Lootpools - Many of the theories which suggest - inaccurately - that efficiency is unimportant will often employ the concept of a “personal lootpool”, claiming that the “system” will eventually provide a sort of compensation to avatars who have been operating in an inefficient manner. Such theories are very much misguided. There is no such thing as a “personal lootpool” for individual avatars, and there is no system in place which tracks each avatar’s returns over time, or which provides compensation to individual avatars. As a result, long-term results in Entropia Universe are directly related to the choices made by each participant, and those who approach their chosen profession in an efficient manner will find more success than those who do not. Overall this is a very positive thing and an important part of the Entropia virtual universe concept, as it allows those participants who spend the time and effort to approach their activities within Entropia Universe in a smart way to improve their chances of becoming successful, just like in the real world."

    The developer "Captain Obvious" in dev notes #3 now goes on to explain how to increase poker machine lever pulls to increase your overall "chances" to improve overall loot returned (And of course a "chance" at a big one from the shared-loot pool described in Developer Notes #2 for hunting in this case being seperate from crafting and mining): "Hunting Efficiency Examined - The last Developer Notes article sought to stress the importance of efficiency in Entropia Universe, but did not provide a clear definition of what is meant by the term efficiency. We would like to offer a bit more insight for the benefit of the community, and in this article will focus on ways to become more efficient in Entropia Universe’s most popular profession, hunting ....(Click link above to read more)"

    All points based on common-sense in Dev # 3 stated by Captain Obvious will improve your lever pulls in your chance to obtain greater loot returned overall and of course a chance at a big one ;)

    Shortly after these developer notes came "The State of the Universe Address 2013" on the 21st of December 2012.

    Issues that will be prioritized include:
    • Fixing bugs
    • Reducing cost to play / increasing average TT returns through (No more big loots on small mobs under ~L40 mobs with capped multipliers in effect reducing somewhat the demonstration of the gambling aspect of Entropia on these smaller mobs, though cost to play remains "relatively" the same, just a psychological change overall in providing smaller games of chance, extending playtime)
    • Lowering the volatility of returns for many activities (So the gambling aspect is not so obvious)
    • Increasing UL item tiering speed / lowering UL item tiering cost
    • Removing the UL armor equipping fee
    • Lowering the minimum usable condition of many items
    Now I could go on to outline the release note loot changes and also where after 10yrs of operation do they give you any sort of guide to work with in terms of mobs Lx level to reduce the loses incurred through sensible trial and error, changes to oldschool HA amongst other things and also such events (cockups) that brought about modified loot etc on top of this, but that will just turn this post into a wall-of-text.

    It is out there for all to see, do not be sucked in so easily. :biggrin:

    Not directly relating to this thread, however related to the point I am making, MindStar said it best:
    PS. Sorry for snipping your post MS9, trying to get the point across briefly.

    IMO, improving Entropia to cater for those who pay for entertainment with the potential to make a bit here and there through markup and event rewards rather than a pay-2-potentially-win-a-small-amount-back-through-gambling aka "dynamic RCE" model is a better way to approach improving EU long-term.

    As linked above:

    Thanks McCormick also for this funny but true take on things ;)
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  9. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    If I leave on a train heading south and you leave on a train heading north, both at the same speed, and we both buy our favourite drink, who would finish theirs first?

    Answer..... Doesn't really matter as long as we both get the hot chic in the end!! :whistling:
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  10. Direct answer .... The one focused on drinking their drink rather than the one with their mind elsewhere.
    fx: I hope the people we are discussing on the train are not the train drivers, I foresee a derailment occuring ;)

    Of course misunderstanding what the drink has to offer (subject matter at hand) and the impact it may have, be it good (relaxing) or bad (cheap drunk) may alter the outcome of "... as long as we (both) get ..." being (both) an assumed however not a guaranteed outcome.

    And of course, Hi alien :alien: ;)
    Acknowledged - It is never a bad thing to put a lighter edge on things.
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  11. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    There is also the definition of hot chic to consider as well. That also is directly correlated how drunk one gets from said drink. Some times one starts out with a hot chic, but wakes up with something less then absolute zero! :sneaky:
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  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dear lotterieinspektionen,
    feel free to open your eyes.

    I really wonder how mouch swedish lotterieinspektionen know about Entropias "ingame-mecha-dynamics"
  13. Yes it is? and your point? o yeah that's right you lost all of it not thinking one day heh :)
  14. I think he is making the point that these were infact "hidden" game assets within the client that were extracted before MindArk patched the client in the next update to compress and encrypt these assets the developers created. Whether they were intentionally planted and left in this state is open to speculation.

    (This is from before your time in Entropia OzTwo)
  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Together with those images there are a lot more things in the game installation that have not made into the actual game (don;t know if they are still there). So yes they probably played with the idea of a casino once, they also played with the idea of food once and they also played with the idea of a stock exchange once (was actually in game, but removed). I for one would not think to much of those images and yes they might have been implemented before the gambling authority looked into PE and MA decided not to implement the casino's anyway to not make it to obvious to them.
  16. Hello OZtwo,

    I dont want to sound impolite now, but did you only look at the pictures or did you actually ready my words ?
    I mean, it wasnt even many words, it was just a simple thought, in form of a question.

    I will repeat my words from the post, that also had images in it.

    "I really wonder how mouch swedish lotterieinspektionen know about Entropias "ingame-mecha-dynamics"

    If you enjoy images, especially "moving images", feel free to check out these Entropia animations at 0:50 :

    He was inside the ingame folders since 2000/2001.

    I dont say I know more then everyone else...but maybe try to read between the lines next time, not just trying to SEE the negativity and retrospects in my words.
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  17. Thanks McC, by the way the "WTF?" one I thought was the death routine to a molisk dying ;)
    fx: While wearing the Captain Obvious cap says "The dealer is a classic!"

    Hidden video games within video games is not uncommon, the original wolfenstein is a good example of this. Though this sort of metagaming dynamic is somewhat disconcerning in terms of the RCE environment in which we participate.

    Maybe OzTwo did not understand what you meant by saying mecha which is more related to robotics.
    Meta is more what McCormick meant, meaning "one existing within another"

    Metagaming Concept: Game within a game. Can either have no effect on other portions of the primary game or have drastic impacts. In order to qualify as a meta game it must be outside the normal experience and have seperate rules that govern it.

    Metagaming draws its roots from metaverse in terms of the internet, something within the virtual reality space of something else. eg Your avatar within the virtual universe in which it exists.

    > Broadening this, the original use of the metaverse term:
    If you start touching on the spiritual/metaphysics aspects of metaverse/macroverse, it refers to the planes of existence, ref.

    All in all, it is the space which one entity/existence/game/etc exists within another (including that which makes up a lower plane's level of existence in terms of spiritual/metaphysics meaning)

    eg Atoms/physical (Including Neutrons, Protons & Electrons, or Hadrons being made up of Quarks, or that which is made up of Quasars (AGN) ... the list goes on .... being made up of smaller particals on a sub-atomic level of which these compoents are made up of an even smaller components (matter/energy) that vibrates at even higher frequencies of which as you go higher up in frequencies of vibration, loses form (matter) and turns into a more pure form of energy being primarily composed of colour (hard to describe) ... That is where you start getting into meta/fringe science also commonly labelled as metaphysics ;)

    Dark energy/matter (Also termed anti-matter), blackholes & FTL technology etc all being part of this fringe/meta science area of study.

    Anyway that wraps that up, enjoy the links provided ;)
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  18. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Ever the educator Viper ... same as McC ... even though you're the Master Chef serving up a variation of string theory with your links that connect the dots ... I can SO identify with that. :biggrin:
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  19. Sorry for the OT to the OP all in putting a lighter edge on things mentioned in this thread.

    Thanks MS9, something you (and others) may enjoy. You can read a little more about it from this site linked, maybe add them to your FB page to keep up to date. ;)

    You can find more info on other sites too, it is kind of big news for those involved in the fringe/meta science area of study. The hope of course is to inspire the "next generation" to carry on with such work, giving a starting point concept to work with, pull apart and/or build upon.

    I have added a PDF from Harold, WFM 101, 8MB and another related document as well, small file size.
    You may find this useful also on related research, one to add to the list - Cornell University Library.

    Enjoy! :)
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