Entropia & AMD Gaming Evolved (64-Bit update)

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  1. Note: AMD Raptr Gaming Evolved is now a standard part of the AMD drivers install.

    Update on Raptr, progress or lack there of so far - Raptr Entropia Universe discussion:

    Initial request on Raptr:
    64-Bit Client Tracking. Update please.
    Posted in Entropia Universe and 6 other communities

    Any update on getting Raptr to track the 64-Bit client. I played the 32-Bit recently and will not go back to it due to lack of performance at ultra-high settings. I would like to see the 64-Bit client added to whom ever is responsible for getting this organised. Raptr ? Arkadia Studios ? MindArk ?

    Jun 27 at 4:26am via desktop app by Shadowsniper Viperstrike

    Where things are up to at this point:
    Line of communication now open through to Dave @ Ark awaiting response:
    Updated Raptr discussion with the latest and greatest:
    Shadowsniper Viperstrike1 minute ago via desktop app Hi, I have put in a request on one of the Entropia Universe forums of which a member involved with Arkadia Studios (Planet Arkadia) will pass on this request to the CEO of Arkadia Studios; From there, let us see where it leads. Getting Entropia Universe onto Raptr's initial tracking list with the 32-Bit client was of a project of Arkadia. Maybe having passed this onto Dave (CEO of Ark) will we see this occur at some point. True it is frustrating when most other game companies can get this organised within a week of their product launch, however we are dealing with MindArk after all; So we may have to wait a while. Thanks for replies of support.

    Original OP on EP in the wishlist section:
    Hi Devs,

    What this is all about,
    AMD Gaming evolved program (Powered by raptr) >

    My new profile on raptr > http://raptr.com/viperstrike2611/about or click sig below if logged into EP.

    Entropia community on raptr.

    Wishlist request ...

    I would like to see Entropia 64-bit client being supported. As of now raptr only supports the 32-bit client.
    At this time, the service only supports the 32-Bit client and requires the company to get in contact with raptr to update its stored info.


    PS. A teaser, since it tracks your play session time and rewards you points for playing that you can spend in the store for hardware upgrades, games and other such things. Full new AMD spec computers coming eventually to the shopping list.

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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Not really trying to hide your 'real' identity are you ;)
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  3. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

  4. Hmm, should I be ?

    Sorry think your confusing me for someone I am not.

    I never had the desire to hide my identity. Recreating my character ingame has nothing to do with recreating myself or who I am. It has everything to do with how I approach the game and what my activities will be though :)
  5. Also you probably forgot all about this post, I am role-player. My "REAL" identity as in real name, etc has never been given away in games as toon names or forum account names, too many nutters on the internet :)

    I am a RP player from way back when, even before ... UO/EQ1
    Lost from Lostville, the fateless one enters the room!

    The Thinker...
    Since there are no classes in ESO and you just start with a avatar base to build off;

    What and who to be ... An identity ... From Past or Present ... Or maybe a not too distant Future

    Present ... Shadowsniper VIperstrike
    Shall it be the poisonous Viperstrike striking with no fear ...
    Or the sneaky Shadowsniper who you won't see coming before it is too late!
    Inspirations from a past life maybe ... Firesparkz Lavawalker
    Firesparkz the magic wielding battle mage ...
    Or Lavawalker a man of stone with a fiery heart!

    To be or not to be, that is the question!

    Maybe I will create a new identity ...

    Well same goes for the purpose of Dynamic CareBear!

    BTW, CareBear has many meanings not just a single, the real meaning is dynamic :)
    Not good nor evil. A Care Bear has many shades of grey!
    This character is not only a high ticket value trader, but many other things that were not the focus of Viperstrike.

    I never truely understood these people who want to hide who they are. They are mostly fake in games and real life. A roleplayer is different to someone who is trying to "hide" behind their avatar/keyboard & internet connection.

    Yes, Viperstrike is a closed account ingame and on forums with reference to Entropia due to it being used in other games of interest. I did not withdraw, I trashed and gave away ~ 4K+ USD worth of PED/Items and skill. But at the end of the day, it mattered little. It is only money after all. Not happiness in what you are doing.
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  6. ROFL back, I missed the joke ? Peek a Boo I still see you ;) and your blog. :D
  7. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Thanks, I knew I had at least 1 reader
  8. Wistrel

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    Oh it is ViperStrike I wondered who it was
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  9. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    makes total sense now don't it Wistrel
  10. LOL! Hi Wistrel, I thought you may have figured that one out from the other thread :D

    Anyway Viper is no longer a part of Entropia. He is attached to other multigaming communities.
    As is Firesparkz Lavawalker (Sparkz), Moonstriker and Conquistador Shatterbones :)

    Though I ended up killing off Shatterbones in a sudden moment of recreation of 1 into 6 player alts in ESO, all handling their own identities, factions and crafts. May the divines rest his shattered soul lol as he divided to give life to 6 others.

    Never the less, I will answer to CB now in Entropia, unless you want to be talking about other games of course or outside of game. eg Steam/Overwolf/Raptr, then I will answer to Viper ;)
  11. Ofc :) I have been following your blog for quite some time now :)
    I like how it is progressing. Trying to stay neutral though in some parts is hard, I can understand that.
  12. Hey Dale!
    Long time no see, but I know where you been hiding the last few years.
    I still wonder if Afterworld (Survival/Reboot/Rebooted HD lol) will ever really take off. I have doubts, but you never know. Maybe one day a bigger investor will come along and give the devs a better go of making it happen.

    It has potential granted. But without a TT style mechanism, its fail from start imho.
    Basically a pay to play game without the ability to cycle trash you can't sell and/or is of little use.

    Your dedicated I grant you that! Books I see you have produced too.
    AW survival got boring fast for me, it did not hold my attention too long.
    Same AW systems in a new pretty wrapper.

    Sorry a bit offtopic but is the circus still in AW ? I mean SFF and related.
  13. You missed my welcome back message? :confused:
  14. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    The Viper is still in the house! Welcome back! :gangnam:
  15. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Took me a while to figure it was Viper too so don't feel bad guys.

    Viper, the Raptr thing was an initiative started by Ark Studios a while ago but its not gone anywhere so far....I'll ask Dave and see if I can get some info on why.
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  16. Heya Ewok,

    Thanks much. The Raptr service now comes as a standard part of the AMD Catalyst drivers install now, hence why I started using it from 23rd-May when I updated my drivers :)

    I am happy at how well it performs and how easily it integrates with other services, eg. Steam & Twitch etc.
    It is also works well nicely side by side the Overwolf gaming overlay system too.

    Take care and catchup one of these days soonish :)
  17. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Hmm seems I need to update my drivers! Thanks for the info! :beerchug:
  18. Hi,

    Wondering if there was any new news on this ?

  19. Bumping this again.

    I know MindArk has great difficulty organising a root in a brothel. But really ?
    I also see several discussions on Raptr (One which I have started also) about getting this organised.

    Other game developers can get this organised in under a week.

    Anyone in MA/Ark Studios/etc know what the hold up is ?
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  20. *Crickets, updated the OP and raptr communities x7 this request is posted in with the latest and greatest*
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