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Anyone remember these threads?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Hu ? I only see maintenace
  2. Well I don't remember what I've wrote lol ... still Mc , went on pcf , saw the list of new treads full of Chinese writings , and some links (didn't had the courage to open thread with all the Hacks from the past week around the world) and then it went on maintanace .
  3. Well he writed on Epf that he couldn't give nothing , because MA and the others was aware of this and took precautions... he should do like this , first to record facts and then to put all on the table with evidence and proofs, that we could've see with our own eyes. Without any advertise first . Directly in one day all on table . Surprise surprise !
  4. it were korean writings thogh... :-)
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  5. I can only reach the mobile version of the other forum. Something is defenitely going on.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow all these new people here suddenly! :D Welcome!
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  7. Some new, some just old and just lurking usually :P
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  8. Im 99% sure Stryker (the original Stryker) was American having followed him on Twitch streams :wise:
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  9. Old account, forgot about this site when I took a break long ago :/
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  10. Well not logged since i don't remember when . Funny that I've remembered the password well with this threads of EMW and smigls I returned here . The freedom of speach is above all✌️️
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  11. He he he :) True .... Wish we have a freedom planet with loot.
    I moved to Cyrene after lost over 80k ped in 10 months on Calypso. Guess what: looted shit-load of L weapons etc... Too bad are low level ones, around lvl 20..... (so far.... but hunted most of the biggest mobs on planet). Big disadvantage on loot done by Mindark .... but nice planet. So far I am happy :)
    Good luck all
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  12. All of the non-Calypso planets have interesting loot patterns since there are fewer avatars there to hog it all. I've experienced and read several that loved Toulan since the mining there is nice. I went there to 'graduate' for the rifi armor. What's interesting is since the bps don't loot much for that particular planet it seems every 100 or so clicks you end up with welding wire bps... Enough you have to TT em just since you don't want to haul em elsewhere to sell. Only real bugger about Toulan is it's not a vehicle friendly place... so bring a tp chip... East side of the map can be a little unforgiving if you don't since there's a lot of tall mountains, some of which don't have very easy to see trails leading down from the top, especially at night.
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    btw just a note to say that outing people's RL details from Entropia is not allowed by MA regardless of which forum you do it on. Not sure if anyone has been doing that or intends to do it but if you do, accept that MA might do something to your account.

    Of course, that said, they also have a rule about not keeping knowledge of cheating or exploits to yourself. I forsee situations where these 2 rules might be in conflict. For example if a person were to be running 2 avatars, it would be hard to report this without making allusions as to who the avatars' RL operator was.
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  14. I've had my suspicions about MA for a long time. Things like employee accounts getting most of the big hits is my main worry, like when you see the same names over and over and you message them and never get a reply. All only suspicions, of course.

    I really wanted to believe EMW and hear his final "spill all the beans" or give us some real proof but he never followed through doing what he said he was going to and left us high and dry with no real facts or substance and simply accusations and information I find very lackluster.

    Until EMW follows through with his "final post" revealing the most disturbing evidence he has, I just have to write it all off as yet another disgruntled affiliate.

    On my final note, WHERE IS THE DANG FOLLOW UP, EMW? You made such a big deal of things and yet you just left us all hanging in suspense.
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    He ran away? After bringing all these people here to hear him speak? Boo!

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