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VU 16.0 New Camera & Control System

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I went so far down that rabbit hole (in windows) that I even have the old "death music" play when you cark it, and fade out when you revive. I just need one of those IoT lightbulbs that I can turn red too now XD
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    EU's control system was the best I've seen aside from Elite. What both had in common was that they were highly customisable. Almost every action could be reassigned and adjusted. The only 2 things, control wise, missing from EU were:

    1. Native Joystick support (I made my own JS interface)
    2. The ability to do fully independent (of avatar movement) camera control. i.e be able to put the camera anywhere and have it stay there while the avatar moves around.

    If they had added (rather than replaced) those things, the update would have been good.

    PS Rookie chat is where the people are
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  3. Yes the position anywhere camera would be cool.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    You have some way of knowing your HP level? Really thats the only important one.......
  5. San


    You can only detect when you were killed from the chat messages. I forgot about health above, yes that's the other essential parameter you can't know when playing without the UI widgets. Actually this leads to an idea (I already suggested an ability to re-route chat to an external terminal for streamers with privacy concerns).
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Health and item stats can be viewed externally with a G19 keyboard (which I do not have). It can also be seen with a G19 LCD emulator.
    Is there any way to intercept that info and use it in your own layover?
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  7. San


    Right, now I remember having read about G19 and that Entropia supports it some time ago but totally forgot about it. Superficial search just now yielded the keyword "applet" is used in context and might lead to something. A Sourceforge project exists but is empty. Haven't the time now but might do some digging later, sounds interesting.
  8. Wow, I have never SEEn so much anger on the other foru...wait...I did.
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    No didn't make anything that did that. Only checks for "you are dead" in order to play the old music - just a bit of harmless fun. Things are open ended though, so I can add more stuff if I wanted to. I'm not particularly interested in health level though. I don't think you could work that out from chat log anyhow. I s'pose you could pick up the damage/heal messages I guess... and do some maths,... but that wouldn't take into account starting health or natural revival, so it wouldn't be very accurate.

    I think really the only reason someone would want to know that is so they could script a bot to auto-heal. I consider that to be cheating.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So back on the VU... I remapped my keyboard last night so I could at least MOVE and kinda got a bit more of a handle on what madness MA have inflicted on us. My avatar is now in drunk mode, and will remain so until this shit is usable.

    I'll try and get round to doing a proper post about what needs fixing on PCF some time (since MA are asking) but in short and off the top of my head:

    1. There are a bunch of actions removed from the book we need back (ability to hide the icons [separate from the HUD], allow rebinding the escape key, stuff to move the camera up and down/to the center),

    2. They need to replicate the 1st person movement, in 3rd person (or implement a toggle/option to have it on/off),

    3. Move the camera back and slow the zooming (now only 3 discrete zoom levels),

    4. add an option for the camera to go behind objects, thus potentially obscuring view of your avatar (like wire mesh fences - come on FFS)

    5. Stop the camera auto pinging back as soon as you stop pressing middle mouse button (or add options/toggles)

    6. PUT BACK (they only removed it in a minor patch since the vu) the "2 mouse buttons to start to move, but can release one and keep moving" thing. [Holding 2 buttons to move is really tiresome and it is the ONLY way to analogue steer a {non space} vehicle!]

    7. Make the menu appear on a normal right click not this stupid "long" right mouse click. [I ask you, when in the history of computing did you ever have to long right click something to bring up a menu?!!!?]

    8. Bring back all the missing menu options

    9. make car entry double click again, rather than single click as it is now.

    10. Make the CEO spend 5 hours swimming in Entropia as a punishment for his crimes. THEN he'll realise what an absolute mess was made of swimming in this VU. [I think if they replicate 1st person movement in 3rd person though - see point 2, this will fix swimming]

    11. Add emotes for sit and lay [because these always need adding]

    I may have missed something in that lot. I don't have any qualms about the old autoclicker button being gone and hunting seemed alright from what I could tell. Oh wait! I did forget something...

    12. GET RID OF THE WHITE DOT! [Put back the old option to turn off aiming thingymajigs on the HUD]

    I imagine some people will want the mob highlighting configurable too. I'm not that bothered by it myself though, its just a prettier version of the label that used to appear over mobs you were looking at/mousing over.

    Similarly, I'm not sure I understand why they removed the "double click on the landscape to move to a place" control method. While I'll admit it wasn't my usual "go to" control method. It did have it's moments/uses. I don't see why they'd want to remove something they'd already programmed that works.

    I'm confused about the "dragging a box on the background thing" we have now too. If we could still put stuff on the floor, I could well imagine that would be handy for a "mass pickup" or something. But MA removed that because they were too lazy to fix whatever was wrong with it.... so why the draggy box thing? "Click to move" was at least useful....


    edit: Not been to space to check out the mess there yet btw. I'm kinda afraid to look to be honest.

    extra edit: I noticed the gun movement when hunting is REALLY laggy now. It's like a flickkering nuisance in front of you all the time. No wonder people are getting motion sick. I wasn't that comfortable with it either.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Out of interest, does the keyboard (or emulator) still work? I have a feeling it stopped working for me (and PC been reinstalled since so can't test without reinstalling)

    edit: maybe move this to the old thread
  13. Sorry, Im not going to log in anymore, Entropia finally turned into something beyond crappy bullshit. :)
    (and into an awesome new experience for the new players and the old fanboys...not x'D)

    Mindark fucked up for real this time (for the gazzillionth time), while sOooOOooOoOo many other things were supposed to be on their priority list,
    they decided to rape us once more, with one of their fantastic "out of the ordinary" ideas, that noone ever asked for.

    They even ruined the new player experience in one small step, with something...they thought, would turn out awesome.
    Mindark always thinks, that every of their (noone asked for) ideas will be awesome...and always fail. Fucking always, lol.

    While it was scary and interesting, to learn the keyboard controls back in 2001-2004...some dumbass at Mindark managed to go one step further...to finally scare away the old leechers...AND the new wannabes...gg, ez
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  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The emulator still works, the font is still too fuzzy to read easily.(but screenshot takes clear image of the text......)
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  15. "Posting the truth !? You get banned !!!"

    Another sarcastic comment...but it was meant serious this time x'D (?)...or did he really get banned for "calling some of us old?"... x'D ....

    Anyway, 10 pages of classic embarrassment attached to it...because everybody wants to comment on the epic camera system...like :

    "You suck!"
    "NooOooO, YOU suck !"
    "No, you suck !"
    "NO YOU !"
    "NO !"

    Honestly, I almost feel sorry for the remnants of this once great and mature community...beyond embarrassing...constantly raped by Mindark...they are still trying to spread happiness and talk about a bright future. So did Detritus...but he got a ban for it. x'D

    wtf is wrong with these addicts ? @_@

    So sick and out of control...everyone beeing aware, they dont have the powers to change anything...yet they pretend so...

    detritus troll camera comment.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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  16. This is getting better and better... x'D

    This does indeed show how well tested... *lol*

    space mobs looting f.
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  17. @Wistrel

    This is a good one ! Already spreading across players !:'D
    Placing valid fruit 1st, didnt help either. x'D

    new camera trade bug.
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  18. San


    Just came back catching up and was also rubbing my eyes over the latest ban. Well it shouldn't surprise me. They have lost their marbles. People rage, scheme and spit venom left, right, and center all day, and one of the last persons left with a genuine sense of humour gets to pay for it. This "community" SUCKS.
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  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    What did he get banned for? He did his share of trolling but always controlled and within the rules as far as I saw.
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