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Display important stats in separate window or on your smartphone. (How To!)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, May 13, 2015.

  1. Heya,

    I heard about Logitech G15 and G19 keyboards already. They have a funky display built in, that shows stats and info about your game while playing.

    Now today, while I was adding some input to a facebook discussion, that Id like to SEE the "% left" on my current item used.
    Roni posted that his Logitech G19 Keyboard does indeed display various stats/values from Entropia, as Entropia does natively support the G19 keyboard.

    That would be : (taken form a 2012 thread on "the other forum")

    - Health both in absolute numbers with 0.1 accuracy, as well as the % in brackets
    - Tool currently equipped
    - Condition of the tool equipped in % with 0.001% accuracy
    - Ammo for equipped tool (uses left) + type
    - Profession involved in equipped tool

    As MindArk never ever announced this neat feature, they either forgot about it, or werent aware it was actually working. (?)
    Various people found out about the G19 support somewhere in early 2012...and it then got forgottten it seems

    Now I wondered if would be possible to read out the data that Entropia sends to the LCD display, as it is a "Logitech DLL API" that can be "wrapped into your code" to send data to the keyboards LCD display. This way people wouldnt even need the 100$+ G19 keyboard.

    The answer was already given in the thread on "the other forum". Logitech provided an "LCD Panel Emulator" that can be used without beeing the owner of a LCD Keyboard and it will display the provided informations listed above in a separate window next to Entropia. If you play in windowed mode.

    You just need to download the :

    Logitech GamePanel Manager


    and install it.


    Then you get a new symbol in your system tray.

    Hold CTRL+SHIFT and right-click it. Select "LCD-Emulator"

    You get this new window where you have to create a new Color LCD.


    There you select Entropia (if already started) with the mouse clicking the buttons
    inside the emulator window and press OK.

    Voila. (font ugly)

    Im still experimenting on how to get the font "more clear" and using the software http://www.xtrabuttons.com/ to leave the LCD stats window on top of Entropia, even if you are in fullscreen mode.

    You can also use an external display or even your android smarpthone, to display these informations.
    So its just like having a G19 keyboard. ;p

    install phone.

    SnowLeopard from "other forum" said in (2012/2013)

    I've been using my elcheapo tablet with a VNC app for android and it's great!
    I already had my TV hooked up as a secondary monitor, but it isn't practical to use while playing sinceI'd have to turn my head more than 90 degrees to see it. The solution is to put the Logitech LCD emulator on the TV anyway and use VNCon the android device (which fits nicely just below my monitor). The effect is exactly the same as having a G19.

    I'm using TightVNC. In the Extra Ports tab, I'm using "5901:640x480+1920+0" which tells VNC only display a small portion of the secondary monitor.
    On the android device, I'm using PocketCloud Remote Desktop.

    So, big thanks to Roni for kicking this dead horse again and thanks to SnowLeopard for additonal "external display" infos.

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  2. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Now this IS interesting.... I'm wondering if there is a way to pull that text into something else... will have to have go at it and experiment. Good find, thanks for posting!!
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Can't get it to SEE entropia at the moment... not sure why... but have you seen this?

    There is Arx control in the settings... not sure if Entropia supports it though
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Huzzah! I got there. I think the trick was to run all the apps from the install folder then deselect the G series profile selector.... or something like that... anyhow somehow it now works...

    So the next question is.... can this text be got at somehow...
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  6. You using Windows 7 or 8 ? Did you download the version from my link ?

    Is your font clearly visible ?
    I havent yet tried to use the "ExtraButtons" app, so that it would be a window "inside" of Entropia...did you ?
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    No didn't look at extra buttons. I was more interested in getting it going at all and now about what they are doing. I found this http://www.g15-applets.de/download.php?id=3249 Basically the upshot is everything is done by sending bitmap updates that get sent to the lcd screen. This is sad news as I was hoping for plain text.

    I thought maybe the dodgy rendering was MA's fault therefore but actually the other apps have text render issues too eg the RSS reader. My suspicion is that it is the emulator. Without a keyboard or access to the raw bitmaps though we can't know.

    I think if one were to stick with that emulator though the text could be made readable. I did the following, just by selecting the (single pixel value 47,51,54) grey surroundings and turning everything else yellow (it is a bit rough as I did it by hand and didn't select the middles of all the letters) but it could be better. You might even be able to "text recognition it" at this stage.


    btw did you try pressing the nav buttons?

    Image5. Image6. Image7. mail8.

    I couldn't get mail to do anything though...

  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I've made some more discoveries... I have some good news and some bad news.

    The bad news is, I was wrong about the bitmaps.
    The good news is, I was wrong about the bitmaps.
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  9. I checked the combat log, but not in fight, as the othe rfrum said its not working. Probably they didnt hutn as well while lookign at it. :p

    I was also trying to find out more, liek the font used in the emulator. But the official logitech support also answered its bitmaps that get sent to the display and that it could be indeed MAs "fault". :/

    Ill try to have a closer view at all emualtor files with a hexeditor tomorrow.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ah good luck with the hexeditor. I was looking more from the "middle". I thought I might be onto a winner for a bit but my suspicion is that picking things up in the middle won't be possible due to the way I think MA have used the SDK. I might be wrong, I'm a noob at this game ;)

    logitech might be right. There are actually 2 ways of "sending stuff" to the LCD, text and images. I'm suspicious that the emulator is still to blame though because every applet has the same text rendering issue as MA's and none of them have issues rendering the backgrounds and nor does MA's. The SDK supports "changing backgrounds" and writing titles (big text at the top) and apparently 8 lines of normal text. The bit that is confusing me is that some of those apps including MA's (hunting) have varying text sizes and more lines....

    It would be nice if you have any luck from the the emulator end.

  11. :bowdown: Very interesting nice find
  12. reboot in 1 week
  13. narfi

    narfi Lost

    wow how did i miss this?
    What do you mean by reboot in 1 week mc?
    I would be interested in playing around with this a bit but if you know somtehing changing in a week i dont mind waiting either :P
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Time will tell, I suspect Mr McC is on to something. I really should have another shot at finishing the VR stuff.
  15. I got hands on Ronis "old" G19 keyboard. It should arrive next week. Not only I can delete the emulator now ;) ...but I hope to be able to work on this keyboard with a friend, beeing able to share more infos on this "display item %" somewhere else".
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  16. The (logitech) software involved, or the "software" inside the keyboard itself, does (somehow) "prevent" monitoring the Data exchanged between "game/app and USB port".

    Cool and very interesting ;p
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  17. Hi there bro,
    About the LCD emulator display issue I talked about in game. Check out attached pictures.
    All Screens of entropia are shown black but when i use capture command in LCD Emulator only first screen display every thing in captured picture.
    Also if I move Monochrome lcd window above Color lcd it show some white pixels of the text (of first screen only)
    cant find out way to troubleshoot it.

    Attached Files:

  18. Hey Soul :)

    Hence my statement in the initial post :
    Voila. (font ugly)

    Did you try "older" versions of the emu and/or Logitech Software package as I suggested ?

  19. aye tried but same result. im waiting unit i get external gfx card back. maybe something to do with dx11 or pixel shaders dont know
  20. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    LCDScreen_0501_133925. LCDScreen_0501_134256. LCDScreen_0501_134540.

    From what Abbasi Anjum said I picked up that there was this "Capture" function which saved me the following images so indeed we can now rule out is is anything other than the emulator display being dodge! edit: also if you drag the emulator around in the emulator window you will see different pixels turn on and off

    (you probably already knew that though)

    Other discovery I made today is that if the emulator isn't running (ie colour emulator started) at time of Entropia Start up things don't work.

    Additionally email still does nowt. Even though we actually have email now (can't remember if we did last time we looked at this)

    Last edited: May 1, 2017
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