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The Yog Exploit (2018-2020)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Please stop making it sound as if I personally attacked your feelings with an entropia-meme.
    Are you out of your mind ?
    If this already hurts your feelings, than todays internet is indeed very bad for your mental health.
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  2. That is why i want these 12 Scumbags beeing named. Let at least the community despise and lynch them.
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  3. It is indeed very, very sad, how much energy and effort these loyal patrons put into their writings every year, never SEEing any changes.
    But hey, they fall for the MA tactics since a decade now.

    And as we know, they cant afford loosing their previous, current and future "investments", so they keep "investing". Others are, sadly, just sick gamble addicts, loaning money here and there, fucking up their reallifes, to be able beeing a part of this so called "community".

    They could simply vote with their money...but they cant.

    I do write a lot as well, but I dont pray to Mindark anymore.
    Im aware I wont change much either, but I made a lot of people aware and smile by now. :)

    The outsourced support company in Mexico (Illunova SA de CV) got financed by Mindark with 1.400.000 SEK. Like every other thing they started, it "only generated costs". So it got shutdown in 2014 and sold to Illunova CEO "Thorbjörn Bergström aka. Thorbjörn Berglund" for 1 SEK. Case closed.

    I have a list of many "normal" avatars (including reallife names) that work(ed) hard for Mindark and Planet Partners without any contract and without any kind of payment, to fix stuff or to create 3D Artwork and textures for example. They never got payed a single dollar. They thought they could live their dream one day...like, becoming a game designer at Mindark...some of them learned their lesson...but some are still with Mindark.

    They all approached ME over the past 10 years, with confidence. These names I will never publish and cant thank them enough for speaking out.

    There is a handfull of players that followed Mayhem points/globals/etc.. These 12 names are known.
    But I wont re-join PCF just to contact people, that Im avoiding since a long time. :)

    For now start here...there will be more...promised...

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  4. *edit* dual posting happened
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting you say that. I've been doing some work on the old Entropia Pioneers forum recently and as a result I see random posts and you know... there is something really rather lovely about them. So many are just such nice enthusiastic explanatory posts that are a delight to see. That said... I am looking at a particular subset of posts that might by the selection nature be skewed in that direction.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Spawn if you or a loved one have had a brush with an unfortunate medical condition I have sympathy for you as I too have my own to deal with. That said though, going around picking fights with anyone online who doesn't pander to your (prior unknown) sensitivities and be 100% PC about said condition will achieve nothing.

    I don't go around attacking anyone who says the wrong thing online about something that is personal to me and unknown to them, nor do I see any benefit in doing so and demanding an apology, or that they change what they posted.

    Despite your personal circumstances, I don't believe any good will come of you doing so either.

    Sorry for the hard words
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  7. MA cheaters.

    No, Mindark have always been using and implementing and worse improving cheats & exploits "in this game".
    Hunt & get a ninja respawns disgusting exploit, same when you open the chat and start typing, when you go get your loot and ninja appears right next to it, when you mine, when you get a claim...
    Trees to harvest have been completly ruined lately, designed fat and made sure you get stuck on them, classic MA to improve the disgusting cheats which have been reported since years and for sure, NEVER FIXED since MA get advantage$$$ from them.

    I could list tons of cheats and exploits since 16 years, vu 5.7 june 2004 that I play...
    All I SEE is CEO after CEO who is telling us, "oh I am someone super honnest with high integrity", that's always the same stories about cheats, exploits and dishonnest behaviours, leading myself to really wonder if there is police in sweden...

    In the swedish tradition of cheaters, hypocrits & dishonnest people.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2020
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I was talking to Az about this. He said that when people have been grinding and spending hours and hours in this game... it's only natural that they get very pissy with anyone who they perceive not to be playing on a level playing field.

    I guess he has a point...

  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    People get pissed about that in regular games. This is an RCE, so it's not just time people invested, but actual money. I honestly don't get why not more people are livid at MindArk who have yet to discover what QA is, despite claiming to run a secure environment. I cannot recall a single VU that didn't reveal a plethora of bugs. And somehow people keep pumping their hard-earned money into this pile of shit run by these incompetent Swedes.
  10. Hard earned money or loaned from other players...loaned from a bank...mortgages...
  11. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I have learnt by now that it is just best to ignore Mr Spawn/Mr College
  12. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Yes but in 2 weeks all those crying on PCF WILL be back in full action depositing yayayay. For 99.99% sure some of those fanboys are MA family members. Look at the big Picture = the EMW big reveal we NOW know what it was. Simmonds himself selling/giving away in game items (dodgy dave). hehehahhaa.

    As I keep saying. NOTHING will change. One thing I can say = is often 100-400 ''guests'' on this forum so it IS well read.

    Are the guests ''afraid'' to speak? if so? OMG!
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  13. What I have learned is, that most "guests" get overwhelmed by the compact BIG PICTURE.

    I get asked many questions on facebook...I get told many stories...but by now Im not in the mood anymore to explain it all over again and again and again. Im done.

    "Guests" have absolutley no idea who these societies and people are and why it is so important to know
    whos connected to Mindark, other then using a normal avatar to log into this mess.

    You are right, next week Mindark will post on medium.com or do a twitter and all the crybabies will go:
    "Woah, look, Mindark managed to use new technology ! Hopefully they do it again, so cool !"

    Wuuuuut ? x'D

    A short "Hi, we are still here, event next week and new itamz" and everybody is back at depositing.
    Abusing someones addiction for the win !

    But not only because of Mindark saying "beep" and "boop", but because they invested so much money into this casino...knowing, that selling skills became more or less worthless, a waste of time. So, maybe Entropia gets better next week...or next year...or 2025...lets wait and deposit, even if we dont have the money.
  14. BanMACEOs.

    At first, If mindark was really respecting their rules and EULA, that's years those cheats and exploits would be fixed, so mindark can NOT accuse the players to be cheating in 2020 when all of us know the incredible mindark lazyness to make this "game" a fair place to be.

    1 : Kick the dishonnest CEO who is deliberately knowing he is implementing cheats and exploits, and who is deliberately not respecting the rules he is asking the players to follow (but this is already a lost fight... nothing new since 2003).
    2 : Kick the "coders" who are intentionnally programming cheats which have been approuved by their CEO, giving a stronger reason to kick the CEO who is clearly a dishonnest person as he is hypocrit enough to write threads and display himself like someone with high integrity... Yeah Man, what a fucking joke. (Btw, you plan to suggest another "GreenCoin" system in EU in the future ? LOL).

    Funny to SEE, or I should say, SAD to SEE how all mindark's CEOs are always finding reasons to steal someone by really hidding their full responsability and trying to manipulate the (PCF) forum ass lickers to receive support. The DannyO issue and so many others...
    But don't worry guys, mindark should soon re-implement the "this loot belongs to someone else" feature for another full year and pretend they do not know how to fix it like they do all 2 or 3 years...

    Anyway, behave like totally hypocrit and dishonnest people is really a swedish tradition @ Mindark.

    We all remember the totally pathetic behaviour of its 1st CEO who was crying like a baby and clearly a BIG LIAR, so this will never end...
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2020
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm not sure I agree with this. I highly doubt that stuff like this gets introduced intentionally. I am willing to bet that the programmers are just plain incompetent, and that the entire MindArk code-base and database is a fucking mess. Don't forget that PE started what? 16 years ago? And on a different engine. Then a bunch of suits at some point decided that the proper thing to do was to port everything to a shiny new game engine (which wasn't really suitable for MMOs, but that didn't stop the managers from pushing it anyway).

    Now in itself, that should not have been a major obstacle. Other MMos were developed in CryEngine. The problem is that MA doesn't have any competent coders to do the porting, and thus it turned into the clusterfuck we are witnessing now. Initially, the shiny graphics were able to hide the lack of a coherent storyline and enticing gameplay, but 11 years later, little has happened, and the graphics are outdated, while little to nothing has been done to bring back focus on making the game fun or engaging.

    My daily job involves working with data, and more and more companies have been moving into ways to predict trends by using their data. It also allows for customer segmentation and behaviour analysis. If the MA data was structured properly, they ought to have been able to identify certain outlier patterns. I.e. if the aim is to give players 90% return, you can easily build a report that shows consistent outliers in this, on either side of the spectrum. This in turn would provide you with ways to fine-tune the code to function better, as well as allow you to zoom in on specific avatars who consistently seem to be performing better, and thus see if they might be using specific mechanisms that would hint at cheating or exploiting.

    Instead, MindArk is forced to rely on a support team that clearly doesn't give a shit and doesn't understand what they are dealing with, coders whom are clueless and rather than fixing the root cause of something, they focus on a quick fix (which almost never is a good option). And all of this is being lead by an organization that more resembles a diamond (the playing card type), with a useless chunk of mid-level management (and a board) who know jack shit about games, but are great at sticking feathers up their own ass, without having even the faintest reason to do so. And, in the typical Nordics fashion, they do not dare to hold their fuck-ups accountable.

    If MindArk wants to become succesfull, they ought to terminate all the useless bloat (say, 50% of their staff, and the entire board), and hire competent and engaged people at the base of the pyramid. That's not going to happen, though, as MindArk has this idea they know best. We'll see if this latest fuck-up will be the final nail in the coffin of incompetence.

    The reactions on PCF seem to reflect what I felt after our first Church of Lootius attempt at participating in LandGrab. We were a bunch of mid-level players, with decent gear. We got wiped out by a single uber, who barely had to put in an effort. This game is rigged, and unless you're rich, very lucky, or cheat and exploit, you will never amount to anything in the game, and the clownsquad running it will never ever improve. If they were interested in improving, they'd have a QA department. Instead, they are fine releasing bugged VU after bugged VU and off-wheeling the results on the playerbase of their entirely mediocre game (in absolutely every single aspect).
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  16. *coughmoneylaunderinganyonecough*
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  17. SM.

    Mindark are the first to NEVER respect their own rules...
    HOW DO YOU DARE TO ACCUSE THE PLAYERS TO CHEAT ? (In the swedish tradition...)
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    One day I'll have to get my friend round to look at Entropia who worked on ce3. Be interesting to see what he makes of it. I remember vague comments from way back when like "they didn't use the standard character? well then none of the animations will work" or something like that, which is why we never had that dynamic movement I remember you got in Sandbox 2 with the crysis guy running about on rocks and changing how he stands on things, or adjusting how he falls/lands etc. To their credit he did seem impressed that they managed to make the level based engine into a seemless world. And I myself remain impressed they managed to make space travel function way before anyone else did... (most people do F/T PS OR a space combat/travel game. Not both - and SC still isn't finished and Elite still doesn't have walk about and won't till next year... and even then is looking limited - but at least they have planet landings).

    ... and then made it useless for anyone other than ped a click types and left it to be ignored/broken over time. Which I was highly unimpressive.

    Anyhow. I'm not convinved ce2 is even that bad. OK it was a resource/memory hog that was very poorly optimised from what I heard but it looks fine and has a bunch of stuff in it that MA never used. But... why are we surprised. They never got Gamebryo to look as good as others did either.
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  19. I would love that! Would also be useful if any of these scumbags were in a society other than the obvious Payne Inc.

  20. and another assault exploit!!

    Where is gone your super integrity Mr CEO ?
    Please writte another thread so we can laugh again.

    In the swedish tradition to release cheats and exploits and accuse the players to rob them

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