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  1. Thanks to dozens of "entropians" (oldtimers and newbies),
    it is finally done.

    What ? A desperate try of transparency maybe...
    (Disclaimer : Some stuff is based on true simple facts, you can simply google it.
    Other stuff is based on community know,
    people love to talk inside of Entropia. ;) This is just a picture of it.
    A lot of names had been censored, to avoid witch hunting.
    You decide, you form your opinion. You gather further details.
    SEE it as a start and the possibilities of a community
    and this thing called internet.)

    Have you ever wondered who are the big shareholders and investors
    or why China, Romania and the Ukraine are constantly involved big time
    into Entropia Universe ?

    Have you ever wondered what kind of business Mindark
    runs next to Entropia ? What other "board of directors" they are in ?
    Who left who joined who got "let go" ?​

    Have you ever wondered which avatars are officially connected to Mindark
    and how those "tied to MA" avatars
    are doing business with other "tied to MA" avatars ?

    Have you ever wondered which players are actively scamming
    the community, officially beeing tolerated by Mindark ?

    Mortgages and ingame/reallife loans messing up players reallifes ?​

    Have you ever wondered who got a lifetime ban or who sold his avatar(s) ?​

    Have you ever wondered what kind of sideprojects
    official planet partners are running ?

    Wondered about MindArk partners, that werent even partners ?

    What EMW wanted to reveal ?

    Have you ever wondered about the numbers and dollars ?

    Say no more...everything in one single image.
    Explained as short and detailed as possible.

    "Improved Connections (L)"

    There will also be a mini-game conected to this image
    (some details are already inside of it)
    and you can win 1000 PED !​

    The full image is available as
    "scroll/zoomable map-link" & direct download
    here on entropia-planets :

    With viewer : (05.06.2020)

    Direct Download 33mb JPG : (17.12.2021)
    Datei von laden

    Direct Download : (9mb)

    Latest version : (20.07.2020)
    Always up to date download version (winRAR):

    The following image is just a tiny preview
    of the original 8300x8000 pixel jpg image (32,9 megabyte)
    improved connections L final preview.jpg
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  2. wow BUSY man hehe. gl
    This will be entertaining ^^
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  3. San


  4. LOL :'D

    Its live. Thanks EP !
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  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Holy moly ... :bowdown:
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  6. Kitty

    Kitty Catnip is my kryptonite!

    That's a lot of information!

    Now I know why I wasn't privy to the after hours party at CES.
  7. Interesting what other avatars came forward this weekend, to tell their stories, sharing infos, screenshots
    and photos. Thank you ! :)

    Graphic updated accordingly.
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  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    A good 1 was Spawn ''he paid for his kids because of EU''. EMW big reveal is detailed on there and was surprised (or I shouldn't be) Simmonds himself (in the old days it was 2005 remember....). Thanks for sharing though and good luck vs avators with special items.

    PS: Spawn STOP bumping Marks thread on Arcadia forum. They will NEVER reply to that. Invest in Green fund Finance Spawn :)
  9. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I am sorry spawn they have locked the thread. Now stop bumping difficult questions they will never answer :) eeajjeajeajja (Dylan locked it). TOUGH! hehaheahheahha. Keep the money flowing...……..
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  10. thread locked arkadia.jpg
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  12. wasnt that Neomaven guy from warants also the person behind 711, administrator of planetcalypso and entropiaforum both forums owned by mindark?
  13. Yes, its explained in the red box next to him. ;)
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  15. - the 'previous' big pic thing from a while ago...

    posting it here for quicker reference than doing searches in forum history, etc.

    p.s. would be interesting to see someone do in depth summary explaining all of this for those uninitiated in to what the hell this is all about. Those of us that have been here a while already know but newer folks have no clue the depths of what the hell type of shit they stepped in to...
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  16. Wow, I am in the big picture? I feel honored. At the same time it reduces the picture to a rather small obscure picture. I am just a player, who bought 100 deeds when they were 100 dollars each. Then they went up to 2100, sold them and got lucky with buying ark deeds when they were still around 55 and then went up to 75. Got a good deal on a landarea. I got lucky that's all. Nothing more to see here. Or maybe add not_admin to the list as well. I was in the Church of Lootius when he was... interesting eh? And coincidentally he is an admin here... oww and Lykke as well.. and she's in this thread too. And wrote a nice children's book called Fanny. and that was my first Girlfriend's name!
    The Big Picture reminds me of this video:

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  17. Wow! That was a lot of work you did there! Very interesting indeed.

    Well Done! :tiphat:
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  18. Of course its obscure, its Entropia. Tzzz....

    You exaggerate in public, you have the peoples attention. Its as simple as that.
    Come on, thats what we always loved about Mindark.

    Im still working on it and Im a bit amazed, by whos coming out of the shadows now, to discuss even more obscurity with me.
    Dont be pissed (yet) about 2 single phrases, that you posted all by yourself.

    Hey, nice detective work there.
    Together we could be "Columbo & Columbo" !

    The "smart" people simply ignore this pic, avoiding to stir up even more obscurity. :P

    Others come up demanding my reallife info or calling me "Robert "Bob" Scott Lazar". ^^
    The dogs started barking...
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  19. So what did you get out of the Terminator? Half of 30K usd?
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