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"The Dobson Brothers" - Abandon Arkadia, go for a 39 million $ Ethereum initial coin offer instead !

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. You should go for for the FBI, man :D
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  2. I got informed, that many of todays support-tickets either getting simply deleted or closed without any reply...if you ask specific questions or comment on "Food Rush".
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  3. I got told gametester.gg now offers "limited slots" to be able to test the VR game "Cave Digger"...

    ...a game that got released on Steam in May 2018.

    Quite the professional gametester site Mr. Dobson, not bad ! Not bad at all ! x'D

    cave digger 2018 gametester.
  4. Got this in the mail today :
    "Once again you had to add all the genres you like to play and all the consoles you use. Else...no more (fake) tests for you my friend."

    "Basically they "deleted" all the info you added a long time ago..."

    gg options selector.
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  5. And again...a new "test" arrived.

    The same questions the had to be answered 3 months ago and last month, need to be answered once again.

    What you playin ?
    Whats your income ?
    Are you a gambler ?

    You dont get a reward for this "test" until you give feedback...which cant be given.
    If you click "complete test", you have to do it again...

    This site has seen great development in the past 6 years...not...

    gtiq xxx.

    gtiq test 2.

    gtiq test 3.

    gtiq test 4.

    GTIQ test.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    sad.... very sad...
  7. No updates, no tests, no communications...this site is truly progressing in 2020. ;D
  8. *ka-ching*
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh calling it. Dead duck. Gone. End of story.
  10. Ok, read carefully again :

    For the dozens time the "how much you earn in reallife, how much you play, how much you pay" test arised.
    Yay, another 100 free gold for you...

    You can download the "Sincespace" client at 5,7kb download speed. Takes more than 1 day for 600mb. Even if its on the amazon servers. So lets download overnight. Because accepting this test and NOT participating, will leave negative marks on my gametester account. :O I wonder if they remove your useless gold or your precious diamonds...bastards ! x'D

    "Sincespace", a fancy 2ndLife Clone in VR. The company started in 2ndLife, creating...stuff.

    The game started as beta in 2016.

    The company celebrated their 3rd anniversary in 2019 btw.:

    You can already download the official version from their site or use your browser to play it :

    This test is meant to be a "500 ppl in one place" test...in colaboration with Adesso music...a new company about..music...coming soon...so of couuurssseeee these companies were choosing David Dobson...who else could be...blaahhhhh.....


    I already contacted the sinewavecompany and adesso about this test to learn more...

    They already claimed to have 15.000 active users in 2018...explains the download speed...millions of ppl downloading this test right now... ;D


    blah1. blah2. blah3. blah4. blah5.
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  11. HOLY Jeezuz!!!!!! McCormick you are fantastic
  12. Sadly the download is around 200mb out of 600mb and still says it takes 1 day+.

    It must be millions of people downloading this test and...trololol ;D

    So everyone at gametester.cc that recieved the email yesterday, agreed on testing and downloaded it, will probably have a good chance in NOT participating in this test and will recieve negative marks on their gametester account as a thank you. x'D
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  13. Taken from their linkedin site, they claim 24.000+ ppl took part in their "surveys". ;)
    ...it all makes so much more sense now if you look at all those numbers. ;)

    SEE attached PDF and...enjoy...

    Attached Files:

  14. Arkadia Forum's been dark a couple days now... you can see your user profile but nothing else... nevermind... think it was the browser...
  15. Today arkadia claimed, all deeds got "finally" sold. ikr ? x'D
  16. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    some/most of those 'great deeds' (1 pec every 2 weeks ahha) will get sold to newbies who know no different. Probably some via 'great investment funds' like the great StevieB investment fund(s). Phhhhhh.

    fk em
  17. Fan_boy99 and McCordick can eat my shorts.
  18. Daaaamn, what a bada$$ comment... ;D
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  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, you insisted theyød get a game to test, and they did. And actually, I quite like the idea of soliciting feedback from players like this. Of course, whether most people would answer honestly, or are just doing a quick and dirty run for the rewards needs to be seen.
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