Slayem, Bowles and the reporter from the USA (2014)

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  1. ND just liked Brock's "interview".

    Brock is starting to become truly annoying. (in my opinion)
    He keeps talking for hours and hours and hours, since years, beeing called a mastermind, but without showing true results,
    except for enslaving 400.000 chinese people in sweatshops, calling them his "supply chain".

    He reminds me of MA sometimes...or politicians. :confused:

    Hes no angel that will change the world in a positive way, should he be granted
    the rights to regulate the bitcoin market. (which he wont)

    a.) I dont think there should be any "official" regulations for the bitcoin and most important, it shouldnt
    be Brock Pierce's "
    so called "Bit Coin Foundation". Destroys the whole idea of this niche product.

    b.) Bitcoin is/was a hype, that arises again and again in "the news". It will never die *lol*, just like VR.
    But both wont end up in every humans household anytime soon. VR though, is given another real change again this time.
    But, you know....

    brock pierce bc wont kill banks.jpg
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  2. hate to keep bumping this to top so going foward any more I add here will probably just be additions to this particular as an edit.

    interesting reading links:
    (even though not sure how 'real' any of it is or if it's all a hoax, very interesting when you consider what the facebook and other links in the articles there lead to now... seems someone may be trying to hide some info by changing to another alias later on in fb, and similar social sites, etc. Digging through old archives on way back machine and similar cache sites if they exist might not be a bad idea for some of these links? Page 6 has some xfire info... not really related to anything, but interesting...)
    The Foundation attempted to restore some faith by holding elections to replace the two disgraced founders. However, the controversial placement of Brock Pierce resulted in a wave of paying members walking away from the Foundation. Forums erupted with chatter due to Pierce’s past, which included allegations in 2000 from three previous employees at Digital Entertainment Network, who accused him of providing minors with narcotics and pressuring them for sex. He was not found guilty.

    Pierce refused to step down, explaining in a letter to the Foundation that "it would set a bad precedent for the Foundation, rewarding those who make scurrilous accusations and engage in character assassination, often anonymously.”

    [​IMG]"I am guilty of nothing and have never been convicted, or even charged, with a crime."

    - Brock Pierce

    Later career[edit]
    Media reports claim that Collins-Rector was a silent partner in the MMORPG service company IGE, which was founded by ex-DEN VP Brock Pierce - who is now a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation.[7][8] IGE initially used an address in the city of Marbella, Spain, where Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce shared a villa until it was raided by Interpol in 2002.[9][10]

    no idea if it's related or not, but above article has an alias of mvonphoenix and there's at least one youtube account with that same name and spelling...

    The other links and stuff in there are kinda scary, honestly... like the advice over at

    about making sure to always turn off phones when on dates, etc. Great advice from someone given his history, eh?

    More interesting reading will be added over time, I'm sure.

    Old Info: The original stuff to the entropiarelated link in op has now been copied to
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  3. Thanks for digging that up !

    Already into it...holy shit Mastermesh...holy shit !
    If thats all true and not a gigantic troll attempt...because none of them set the security standards very high by choosing names like Rector & Collins everywhere... *yuk*....then it would mean they are all back together (in business)... + many more names thrown into the story.

    Thanks again for sharing, this is a very interesting and important piece to read !

    Man...already awaiting the 1st comments of people "Cant you let it rest, this is the past." x'D
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  4. Page 6 also has something interesting about "The Terpin Group". The "big" PR company MA use(d).
  5. Interesting stuff McCormick, just now read it all. Are you proposing a connection with SEE? Did SEE at one point buy MindArk and then sell it back? Who truly owns MindArk now?

    And how interesting that the first SEE intellectual property was going to be based on Michael Jackson. ;)
  6. SEE is hollywood. Thats all I can SEE for now.

    MA is owned by....look, I just made this for you. SEE what I mean ? I dont x'D

    shares hinduja bothen.jpg

    I wrote more about it here :


    While Brock Pierce does indeed claim hes not guilty, it made one think, that he got arrested together with "Marc Collins Rector" in a villa in spain and that "Pierce settled the lawsuit in 2008 for an undisclosed amount, according to documents." This bitcoin regulation dream of him + the recent rescued "facebook chats", this really is a mess. I dont want this guy to control anything...but he can talk and sometimes convince (the wrong) people.
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  7. Thanks to you know who you are...the full "movie" of "An Open Secret" :

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  8. Pretty well cut together and the ending once again shows, money is everything.
    All offenders keep doing what they could do best...even after prison...left me speechless.

    Just one thing, at 1:12:56 Marc Rector escapes to the UK for brain surgery and was never seen again.

    The movie shows the photos of the SUN, where Rector and Lee Bowles can be seen, buying computer hardware at "PC WORLD"...then the movie says Rector became untraceable in 2011.

    Untraceable ?

    -No word about Lee Bowles, Entropia or Emma Peel.
    -No word about Rectors Manga kickstarter project (2012)
    -Young Robby van Den Bosch and Rector (Morgan Von Phoenix) playing WOW (2013)
    (both befriended on facebook)
    -No word about the buzzfeed guy that approached Rector, that was living in Antwerp by that time (2012-2014)
    -No word about the "friendships" Rector made by the time living in Antwerp
    -No word of the USA reporter "John Gorenfeld" (2014)


    How often do they need to repeat ?
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  9. The same "Robby (van) Den Bosch" from my initial post, made a comment at the end of 2015 on the buzzfeed site.

    Rector Robby Den Bosch.jpg
  10. This young man, also living in Antwerp, like Rector does/did, has something to say as well about this hollywood scandal on the buzzfeed site.

    "Half of this is not thrue" Man, if only half of this would be true...

    Good job Marc Collins Rector, good job...

    rector mike camps.jpg
  11. interesting...
  12. I updated the initial post.

    I had a several conversations with gamers that played "World of Warcraft" together with Rector between 2011 and 2012.
    The conversations felt legit and I got told some details that I wont post to protect their identities.

    Marc Collins Rector played WOW with his avatar "magejust"
    in the following guilds :
    -In Aeternum (2012)
    -Endeavor (2011)
    -Dreamers (2011)
    His battlenet account was again "Morgan.von.phoenix"
    So was his skype name.
    And facebook name.
    And his name publishing a kindle book on amazon.

    morgan von phoenix magejust wow.jpg

    Rector left "In Aeternum" and WOW because of some discrepancies in team chat.
    It got confirmed Rector was indeed living in Antwerp, Belgium by that time (ca. 2012) where he travled with Bowles to shortly before they "left" Entropia.

    In Antwerp Rector started his last business (2011) Universus Related Holdings (universus, eh ? ;p)
    Address: Schupstraat 9 – 11 Block C Box 24
    2018 Antwerp, Belgium
    Telephone: +32 (0) 488 620 310

    rector universus 1.jpg

    rector universus 2.jpg

    rector universus 3.jpg

    rector universus 4.jpg

    rector universus 5.jpg

    Together with this "Universus Related Holdings", Rector announced DARMITAS :
    rector DARMITAS.jpg

    Rector then tried to lure young male WOW gamers from around that area to his appartment. (near a big library / the museum of fine arts)

    1st he gained your trust (probably by items) and invited you to Skype, where he seemed like a very nice and friendly person, that you could talk about everything with
    and that had an ear for your (sexual) problems.
    He was playing WOW on a daily basis. Rector told stories of a "nice Belgian" female that did "cleaning and grocieries" for him and that he was indeed very ill.
    Lots of seizures and headache.

    According to WOW players Rector claimed he had lost all of his memories of his former life after the brain surgery
    and that his ex-wife took all of his money...

    According do a letter from Dr. Coronna of March 17, 2006, Rector needed brain surgery at once because of a tumor.

    marc collins rector surgery document.jpg
    Rector then "fleed" to the UK, avoiding prison in the USA that way.

    Rector even sent naked photos of his early victims from the 90s via Skype to WOW gamers, telling the recipient how he missed these guys and that those boys sent naked photos to him "for fun" now and then. (Ben L., Ryan G.) Psycho ahoy, still having naked photos of the boys from the much for the "lost all of his memories":whistling:

    He tried to lure with phrases like "I got a super spare computer you can have, just come over to where I live" or "Hey, lets have a drink together and play video games, I pay for the taxi"

    Excuse me, no memories of your former life ? (Last login july 11, 2012)
    marc collins rector 4 elance profile.jpg
    morgan broke handicapped.jpg

    Ya, right...

    I hope to recieve additional images/photos, chat logs and even phone numbers of Rector in the near future, ready to be shared with the public.
    I also shared everything with the lawyer of Amy Berg and already got one (positive) reply.
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  13. I had a chat with "Mike Camps". The guy from post #51 who claimed "they are lying, half of this is not thrue".

    At 1st he was acting friendly, telling me he knew Rector personally and that he was still living in Belgium. He told me that he "cant believe Rector did sexual abuse to other kids". Mike Camps then wanted ME to get in contact with Rector. :thumbsup: Woohoo that sounded to good to be true.

    He was also asking if I am a personal friend of Rector as well. Thats why I went straight ahead and asked if Rector was still living "Schupstraat 9 – 11 Block C Box 24 2018 Antwerp, Belgium".

    His answer was delayed and he then replied with a "No he doesnt :s"

    So I asked if he would be so kind providing me Rectors current contact details then. No answer.
    That was 1 week ago an he did not answer again since then.

    Until today, when I asked again. What I experienced then, felt quite scary :

    mike camps fbc hat.jpg

    The "chat" then ended with a :

    mike camps fbc hat 2.jpg

    He instantly blocked me on facebook then and/or deleted his account.

    It also turned out "Mike Camps" is the winner of "Mister Gay Belgium"
    (nothing wrong with that and probabbly easier for Rector to "get someone known")

    Interview, photos and various videos of Mike Camps :


    He starts talking at 2:40.

    I havent experienced this for the 1st time, that the people I contacted have been very carefull with words or were asking if I am a policeman or something similar.

    Attached Files:

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  14. i've met slayem on twitch :ninja:
  15. The link u gave me has no conversation at 2:30:00 :S
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  17. If anyone is able to help, please share your knowledge.
  18. I decided to let this story rest and removed all personal infos from the present time, as noone ever added valuable stuff to this and noone really cared anyway. Not even the lawyer of Amy Berg...and its impossible to get hold of Amy Berg herself. Which is very sad...but thats life it seems.

    I dont want this to end as Emma trashing only. Most important infos from the past are still available, as it is all the truth.

    I spent so much time and energy on this, with a great success, but without real consequences. But it was worth the time and once again I learned a lot about the factor "human" and how fucked up it can get.

    To the involved hollywood pedos and everyone, that knowingly supported this shit...karma will be a bitch.
    You'll SEE. =)

    If you are still interested in names, adresses, phone numbers etc., dont pm me.
    Google for yourself and enjoy the time wasted on something, noone else cares for. ;p
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