ROFL... Banned WHILE banned!

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  1. Hey Helena - told you I would move :-)
  2. Banned: Excessive complaining (I didn't know telling the truth is complaining)

    Date ban will be lifted: Never

    And its been the best thing that could have happened to me!

    I just love this place and all you people.

    You are those who are proving that not all people are brain dead sheep who will follow in line no matter how big the butchers cleaver is and how bloody it gets...

    Enough is enough though and that point has been reached already..

    I hope most people realize that they are free to leave that concentration camp and that they are most welcome here and they can all come to a REAL EU forum - EPF - to discuss things in a non-censored environment, where the discussion winners are not predefined (especially when talk comes to MA's screw-ups) and no cover-ups etc..

    Basically if you were trapped in that horrible place, you know what coming to paradise feels like when you come to EPF :))
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  4. all this talk of 711... funny pic over on Rocktropia of his current state.

  5. Who was force? Never came across him.
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    If you watch the docudrama about NEVERDIE you will see force is his money man.
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  7. Force used to be married to Pink Pussycat Panther (an old soc mate from way back - she did a lot of weekly events in the old cnd asteroid) before they got divorced several years ago. He was the head of Rock Stars pvp group that was funded by Neverdie Studios back when RT first opened. Quite a few threads from back in those days on various forums.... I think there was even an old entropiatimes article that mentioned him from way back.
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  8. Where can this docudrama be found, youtube? Whats the title? :)
  9. I saw it - it was something to do with Neverdie leaking secrets (I think)
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

  11. Force Merge something or other iirc.
    I think I had a couple temp bans over the years.
    The only one I had any problem with really was that mindstar9 chick.
    Oh wait.. :P

  12. but... when you watch it keep in mind the info over at

    Also, a little off topic but not entirely... considering the lengths ND will go to to seek fame and fortune...
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