Editorial: The story of NEVERDIE. Truth, or fiction?

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    DISCLAIMER: The intent of this editorial is without intention to damage ROCKtropia or Next Island in any way. The author merely wants to point out that the official story as it is told by Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs leaves room for valid questioning as it relates to his press releases and activities. While EntropiaPlanets fully supports his virtual ventures, it’s also important that the public become aware of the known discrepancies. All quotes in the article are from original articles.

    This article is the work of the author alone, and should be viewed as a personal perspective that does not include or represent the opinions of others who are a part of the EntropiaPlanets staff.

    - released December 6th, 2010:

    Never one to take claims at face value, the following statement was investigated through a Google search - "The first documented person to make a million dollars in virtual reality." Note the quotes around it to only look for the exact statement.


    No results were found for "first documented person to make a million dollars in virtual reality."

    Perhaps it will work without the word "documented" in it?


    Again, no concrete results. Some related links returned by Google though, make no reference to NEVERDIE, Jon Jacobs, or even Entropia Universe. What they all do show is references to Second Life and Anshe Chung. Perhaps we ought to dig a bit deeper into NEVERDIE's (the avatar) past, and see if we can find the answer there.

    Back in 2005, Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs bought the virtual nightclub "Club NEVERDIE" (CND) on Calypso for a whopping 100,000 USD, while Anshe Chung was making money dealing in Second Life real estate (that was when Second Life was still a booming business). All of that collapsed after Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, removed explicit pornographic images/actions and gambling from the virtual world. Apparently that was what pulled in most people, as from one day to another, Second Life's popularity ebbed away to join the long list of once-was dotcoms.

    Before 2005, Jacobs had been somewhat of a known person in-game, mostly due to a song he wrote about his (at the time) girlfriend, the late Tina Lieu, called "Gamer Chick," which had been added to the in-game jukeboxes by MindArk, the company running Entropia Universe. Jacobs' resume states he is an actor and a musician, as well as an indie movie producer, but chances are that if you did not play Entropia Universe, you never heard any of his songs, or saw any of his movies.

    In early 2006, Jacobs attempted to create a name for himself as a high-profile gamer by actively seeking publicity to promote his purchase of "Club NEVERDIE." Headlines all over the world documented the purchase, so publicity was easily obtained. Jacobs appeared in numerous TV interviews and documentaries, as well as being featured on CNN and the BBC. In short, he started to build a new career around his avatar, which he later on emphasized by means of his slogan and the accompanying song "I Am My Avatar."

    However, with Anshe Chung’s revenues continually rising, things were looking rather bleak at the time for Jacobs. If NEVERDIE were to have any real claim to fame, something would have to be done fast, and so it was that in early 2006, Jacobs sent out press releases that his avatar NEVERDIE had become the world's first virtual millionaire. Take a minute to note the date on that article, which is May 9th, 2006.

    From the article:
    (emphasis mine).

    It is EXPECTED to put NEVERDIE at a 1.5m USD net worth? Expected by who was not revealed, so we will have to assume that this expectation was made by Jacobs himself. How he expected to make that money is explained a bit later in the press release:
    Less than 5 months, and 50,000 USD? That makes the taxation revenue about 10,000 USD per month, with additional money generated from selling off apartments and shops. What is left out of the equation is the cost-factor of running the club at the time. Especially during the first few months where Jacobs was reinvesting quite a bit of money in order to try and attract gamers to visit the club. The main instrument of choice was organizing events with big cash prizes. Maintaining 20 large domes is also bound to cost a fair share of maintenance fees in the form of fertilizer (which is an in-game resource required to sustain activity in the domes), but alas, no numbers are provided on that either.

    With 10,000 USD in revenue per month, it's kind of hard to imagine how the 1.5 million dollar mark could have been achieved in 12 months. However, here's NEVERDIE doing a video from E3 2006, in which he states:

    For those interested, E3 2006 took place May 2006, from May 10th till May 12th. Seeing that the video was made a day before E3, that would make it the same date that the interview was published. So in the same day the interview was published in which he is quoted having made 50,000 USD, he suddenly becomes a millionaire? Unfortunately, the reporter/presenter of the video who he shares this with does not ask into the matter. This could possibly be due to the reporter being none other than Cheri London (nowadays Jacob's wife). In conclusion, one of these claims cannot possibly be true. Let's continue.

    And indeed, another article detailing the life of NEVERDIE from August 3rd 2006 states:

    And a bit further down:

    Adding up the numbers, 9 months of taxation yielded 90,000 USD, with an additional 100,000 USD from apartment sales, bringing the total to 190,000 USD in August 2009. Impressive, but a long shot away from the 1 million dollar mark from the video above claiming he already is a millionaire by then. Also note the August piece states he could be the world's first virtual reality millionaire.

    A bit later, August 21st, 2006, more press releases: Club NEVERDIE hits 100.000 USD Gross in 8 months.

    So the club nets 100,000 USD, but the man owning it somehow is estimated (again, by whom is nowhere mentioned) to be worth 1 million USD. Again, no references to who estimates this worth, or what it is based on. Not even a mention that the 1 million dollars is the amount he could feasibly pull out at any given moment (i.e. liquid assets).

    Fast forward to November 2006 where there are headlines all over the world again about the world’s first virtual millionaire being revealed. Unfortunately though, it turns out it is not NEVERDIE, but Anshe Chung.

    There's also a breakdown of exactly how Anshe's fortune was acquired in her press release:

    No "estimated" or "expected" there. No speculation, but numbers and assets are mentioned. In fact, while Googling for "first virtual millionaire," almost all of the results refer to Anshe Chung. There was no mention of Jacobs anywhere in the first ten results. Number twenty in the search links to the earlier press release from May 6th, and the remainder of the first 50 results, does not seem to refer to Jacobs at all. (Your local search results may vary.)

    first virtual millionaire - Google Search

    All in all, the statement made by Jacobs in his docudrama (as well as almost every subsequent press release sent out by Jacobs, and the E3 2006 video) turns out not to be entirely true. He might be the first documented person, if you go purely by the press release he sent out himself, or his own statements, but there is no documented basis for his claim, other than his own estimates, expectations, and none of it is backed by any real numbers anywhere.

    Then there was the Space Pirates. For those unfamiliar with the term, at CES 2008, Jacobs was banging the press drums rather loudly. He was going to bring a 5 million USD treasure hunt into Entropia Universe where people could loot valuable items. It was all themed and marketed as "Space Pirates."

    Space Pirates. Jacobs was later on forced to admit:

    Said CryEngine update did not happen until August 2009. Said Pirates were not seen until after the beta release of Next Island in December 2010. Well, they really are regular pirates. And the 5,000,000 USD has not been discovered yet either. Alright, so he hyped things just a tad. Is that so bad?

    Not if you do it once. But lying about becoming a millionaire (perhaps hoping that if you repeat the lie enough it just might become accepted as truth) and then marketing an event that never happens, just might make you look a bit... unprofessional.

    Is that it? No.

    Remember when Jacobs bought Club NEVERDIE? At the time, a controversy erupted in the Entropia user base due to a few reasons. Firstly, Jacobs announced months before it was released that he was "negotiating with the developers to build the greatest virtual nightclub ever."

    Also dubious was that he attended a conference, Digital Hollywood, in the role of "US spokesperson" for Project Entropia (as Entropia Universe was known back then):

    Lastly there was the revelation that the Club NEVERDIE domain name was registered days before the actual sale was announced to the world. Jacobs dismissed all of this as speculation and claimed he was waiting for a new sale, and wanted to be ready. On the "US Spokesperson" matter, he claimed:

    Again, a little lie, with only good intentions, but a lie nonetheless.

    Are we done now? Not quite. Recently, after the planet Next Island (for which Jacobs, through his "NEVERDIE Studios" takes care of development) went live, it turned out that Mr. Jacobs had secured himself a nice chunk of Next Island. In fact, all but one of the default teleporters on it would send you to the "new" Club NEVERDIE; a big "party-island." While Entropians were aware that NEVERDIE Studios was developing the planet, many were disappointed to find Jacobs' alter-ego having his name showing up all over the new planet (including, initially, in locations NOT on his own island). Shortly after, some new item discoveries were made by some people who are in Jacob's inner circle.

    In this particular case, two avatars in the same society as NEVERDIE himself discovered something new after a VU (VU = Version Update). Speculation erupted that these people with close ties to Jacobs might have had some insider knowledge, and a huge discussion arose on whether it should be allowed for a planet partner to be able to have a regular avatar who can trade with other avatars, and conduct regular player-to-player transactions with them, while at the same time having advanced knowledge on what is coming.

    As an example, imagine that you as a planet partner/developer, know there is a new MOB coming that does exclusively cold damage. So a few weeks in advance, you, or others in the know silently start stocking up on armor that protects against cold damage. When the new MOB comes out, you then have a field day peddling the same armor with huge profits to unsuspecting players who did not have this knowledge. And if you want a concrete example of the development team having upfront knowledge of systems, please have a look at the following quote, taken from a Next Island promotional interview:

    This is also the reason that when existing players ended up employed by MindArk, they were to abandon their avatars. Every mere hint at a conflict of interest ought to be avoided, at all costs. Anyone joining them was forced to retire their avatars, without exception. But NEVERDIE, by the time he was actively busy running ROCKtropia (a planet run by Jacobs and developed by NEVERDIE Studios), as well as being involved in developing Next Island, seems unaware of this, and thus, was happily trading, playing, and interacting, until he was forced by MindArk, who runs the Entropia Universe platform, to retire his avatar.

    A press release about being forced to retire his avatar was sent out on February 22nd:
    A witch hunt, organized by an international lynch mob, undoubtedly jealous of his "high profile activities?" But wait a minute. A few weeks prior to this, the retirement had already been announced by Jacobs on his own forum:

    Planet Partner Avatars - "PROHIBITED"

    That paints a bit of a different picture than the one from his own press release where he makes it sound as if he is being victimized, doesn't it? As it turns out, Jacobs either ignored the clause or rule in the Planet Partner Agreement stating that all private avatars belonging to Planet Partners ought to be retired, or never bothered reading the contract. Regardless of which of these two scenarios is true, the press release is based on made-up events, rather than fact. Self-promotion won over being truthful.

    A few weeks later, in late February, a ROCKtropia VU went horribly wrong, and high-level discontinued items suddenly dropped by the dozens, someone calling himself DAManager on PlanetCalypsoForum managed to loot a whole lot of these items (scanners):

    In itself, an innocent statement. But later DAManager followed up with this:

    (emphasis mine)

    (emphasis mine)

    Digital Abduction? A quick search reveals there is in fact a website at www.digitalabduction.com. Prior to the recent graphics change at the website, there was a statement that indicated that Digital Abduction was a “ROCKtropia-endorsed partner”:
    (emphasis mine)

    Luckily, we saved a screenshot of the site prior to the update:

    Note the combination of the last two quotes above creates the exact impression of the conflict of interest that was feared by the community before. Apparently, all the fuss created fell on deaf ears. To make matters worse, after announcing he was forced to retire his avatar, and sending out the press release about NEVERDIE being in digital prison, the very same "Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs" avatar was spotted selling real estate deeds on Next Island and the press release promised by DAManager never happened.

    Once again, the intention is not to damage Mr Jacobs in any of his ventures, and in fact, we wish him well. However, it is hoped that he will stick to the facts when he conducts himself in interviews and press releases. Hyping, exaggerating or lying will not achieve anything good, and in fact, will end up hurting Entropia Universe in the long run. Those who might get tempted by the press releases or interviews will soon discover they have been taken on a ride, and it will be that much harder to convince them to come back.

    There are times when data (for whatever reason) becomes unavailable after initially published. Copies of the YouTube videos, and screenshots of the posts referred to in this article were made as backups. Should links suddenly cease working, those backups can and will be made available on our own servers if necessary.
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  2. While i totally hate the way rocktropia and next island are being "managed", and there is truth in the words you write here.
    I do feel this story is more of a witch hunt out of personal disappointment then anything else.
  3. good research there, I hope alot of people will read this. Then you got some facts to base your own opinions about mr NEVERDIE and his actions around, I got mine clear already and this just acted as a reminder. And I wouldn't visit Rocktropia again but I would visit Next Island again if all his stuff was removed but as it is now I wont go back there, as his crap destroys the whole place in my eyes even tho some of the main island looked and felt alright
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I can certainly appreciate your perspective Harmony, and it quite possibly might seem like a witch hunt on the surface, but I think one of the reasons Peter may have posted this is because there were some who seemed to want to dispute, argue and defend against facts that were presented in other threads (perhaps here, but certainly elsewhere), so he just gathered everything up and connected it all together so that maybe it made more sense. I'm sure Peter will give his take on it, other than what he wrote in the article.

    Contrary to what some may think, I really wish that RT and NI were managed differently (same as you), and that there was more of a level of success that could be achieved to boost the planets. I don't wish them failure whatsoever, but genuinely hope that something pops that will pull them out of the challenges they seem to be having ... especially when there are two more planets launching in the near future. I don't see any major advertising or marketing going on to help either planet to increase population, other than press releases, but I don't think press releases are going to help that much. If there are marketing campaigns going on, it would be cool to learn about them.

    Also, from what I have been able to gather at the forums, it doesn't seem like anything of significance has occurred with RT 2.0 that will help the economy, and that's a shame. I don't understand why more and more content is being added without a clear focus on the basics that are crucial in developing a solid economy. Even some of the oldtimers are speaking out about it, so you know that things aren't going well. I absolutely wish it wasn't the case, contrary to what some think my attitude about it is. There will always be those who don't think my well wishes for RT and NI success are genuine, and that's ok, because I know where I'm at with it.

    My hope is that somehow things get turned around ... because it would be better for EU as a whole.
  5. Great article. I'm glad someone put the facts down and even exposed some of the BS going on. I thought this type of thing couldn't happen--until NI opened up. After the iPhone app and everything else I thought NI would be totaly different from what it is now--a ND advertisement or branding. Oh well I guess that is why I never go there again. It just reeks of "conflict of interest"
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It is crazy how closely the present imitates the past.

    DA looks like a young ND.
    There is also another young actor on the stage and it is amazing how closely his lines match the original manuscripts.

    It is sad that people can be so blinded by disappointment that the MA platform isn't turning out as THEY would want it to be.

    so strange that what was once considered wise is now considered foolish.

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  7. MindStar9

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    Interesting Narfi, that what you've done this time in defense of ND is pull out some of my posts from WAY back in the day (also pre-CE2), and conveniently left out the dates. These have to be several years old, and have clearly been taken out of context for the period of time they were meant for. Do you think we stay suspended in time without change or moving forward?

    The content of those posts were genuinely written and meant, because at the time, I was absolutely a supporter of what ND was doing, and I believed in his vision. I was a first generation CND'er, and was on board with ND even before CND was launched. Back in the day, things were different Narfi ... it was a glorious time, I was working with ND to promote events and moderate his forum ... and it was a good time indeed. I had no issues with ND back then whatsoever. I was also a supporter for a long time, but then things went in a different direction ... especially after he became a Planet Partner, and planet developer for someone else.

    What you have also done, is pick and choose posts that speak to "speculation" ... and in this case, I absolutely agree that people should not judge on speculation alone, because we don't know what the facts are. So it's quite unfair to use those posts, because back then, ND wasn't a planet owner or developer ... nor did we have all of the information we do now that is NOT speculation, but FACTS, and ... the sad thing is, ND has pretty much been the catalyst for all of the facts being available.

    The bottom line is Narfi ... my principles haven't changed over the years ... but as I witnessed a very different ND emerging since becoming a Planet Partner and developer for someone else's planet, my perspectives have changed. Everything that I (and many others) have posted in opposition to what you defend has been supported with links, photos, or some other type of data that you (and a few others) conveniently ignore. There's no speculation here whatsoever ... so your attempt at "outing me" ... if that's what you're trying to do is really an epic fail to say the least.

    You time-warped into the past to dredge up what my perspectives were in a different time and space when the dynamics were nothing like they are now, and thought you could use it to somehow discredit me. It doesn't work Narfi, and I think it's also an insult to this community who has the intelligence to distinguish between fact and fiction, as well as speculation and what is supported by evidence.
  8. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Narfi, i know you're a fan of NEVERDIE, and that's respected too. But I really fail to see why you dig on MindStar, since Peter is the one posting the thread? If you can find old quotes from me where I'm praising Neverdie, by all means post them. That doesn't mean I didnt change my point of view seeing what have happened since I chose to live on CND and serve NEVERDIE and the club by making events.

    Dunno, I think you're way off - a lot of people changed their minds during time because facts are way more obvious now than they were in the beginning.
  9. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I did not intend to dig at or insult anyone. I apologize if it seemed that way.

    I also thought it was obvious that the quotes were from the past for two reasons.
    1. They are all quotes from the thread linked and quoted in the opening post article.
    2. I finished with the line. "so strange that what was once considered wise is now considered foolish."

    I apologize if that was not clear enough. I did not mean to miss-represent what you currently believe.

    I am not a ND fan.
    I am sure I would not like him in RL.
    There are things about the Development of Rocktropia that do not coincide with my desires.

    The OP article addresses 3 specific points.

    1. ND lied about being the first virtual millionare.
    2. The conflict of interest and his 'spin' on not playing anymore.
    3. Digital Abduction

    1 & 2 have been beat to death already. (and honestly basing your first and point about the wording of publicity is about as deep as basing a news article around "MA says they have a bajillion users but we know its not true for the following 5 reasons)
    3. Your research showed me the paralels between DA today and ND then. (A startup LA owner with large asperations of advancing himself(themselves) by publicity and events and helping newer players.

    I had no intention of responding until I saw this, "some who seemed to want to dispute, argue and defend against facts that were presented in other threads."

    So I felt it appropriate to point out those similarities that your article had shown me.
    I am one of the few I know who are "disputing, arguing and defending" against posting of un-founded "facts" in other threads.

    I honestly feel that I am a neutral party here, though I know I am the only one that feels that way about my approach.
    Because I am always seeking more knowledge I initiated an 'interview' with DA to try and answer some of those. I pushed for it to be through EP and have you guys involved, but that will probably never happen because of the approach you have chosen)

    Did I get everything I wanted answered? NO
    Will I ever get all the answers? I doubt it
    Will I get closer to the truth with my approach than you will with yours? I believe so

    (I am disappointed that the website which was the premise behind the interview still hasn't launched :/ )

    We should discuss the real meat of the issue though. All of this is just the surface of it.

    What motivates you and what motivates me?
    The only reason I am here is because I have a firm belief in MA and the idea behind the Platform and System they are producing. I have seen it work, and have experienced it on all but the higher levels.

    Each VU I see MA demonstrating their views towards the future. This troubles some because it is not based on the past. But I honestly think that their view of the future was formed with an understanding of the past.

    For the Entropia Universe Platform to secede it can NOT be the same game PE was.

    There are things I like, and things I don't like, but everything I see shows that the foundations are being laid for the future and for the success of ALL planets currently in existence and especially the ones to come.

    At the heart of it we can either believe that MA has the power and will to succeed even with some mistakes or even perceived mistakes along the way, or we can believe that they have no power and will fail.

    MA is the 'god' of this universe. They have final say in what planet partners are allowed, and which are not. They have final say in each of Planets implementations at each VU. They have the power and are using that power to ensure the success of their business and that their Ideas will succeed for years to come.

    If you believe that a PP has the power to do their will above that of MA, then you can not believe that the system will survive, because a system like that WILL fail.

    My belief in the system and the absolute power of MA is what motivates my positive approach to the game and my enjoyment of it.

    To sum up the idea I am not so eloquently trying to present is this.
    The heart of the issues over the last months are not really about any 1 person or planet. The heart of the issue is do you trust MA to succeed into the future regardless of your own desires for the paths they may or may not follow?

    Although I obviously disagree with peter, lykke & ms9 on this topic, I do have respect for them and in no way mean to insult them or this forum which I have enjoyed participating in for so long. (there are more parallels I could draw there but it would get more personal and not accomplish anything constructive)

    Good Luck everyone and have fun :)

  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for your reply Narfi. As a quick response, if the story about him being the first virtual millionaire has been beaten to death, why is it still being used in every press release or video? That would make things even worse than just using small lies for publicity's sake.


    What approach have we chosen exactly? We have featured Jon Jacobs many times on this site as well as in the EntropiaTimes. While we may be critical of some of the ways he conducts his business, I do not think we have a record of giving him a hard time. The numerous interviews we did with him certainly do not reflect that.
  11. First, Hi All! :)

    Thanks Peter (i assume VF/NVF wrote this?) for documenting all this.

    I think there is a bit a cultural issue here. What somewhere, in certain circles, might be considered "a little exaggeration to help the cause" is perceived as flat out lying somehwere else.

    And "somehwere" and "culture" i don't mean in a geographical sense only, but more like a combination of local culture and industry. I mean, it is hard to deny that in example something that "goes" and is common in the US Media Industry would not work out in some other parts of the world. At least so one would have thought until a decade or so ago, hehe. Please, this is not some US bashing, there are lot of other examples too.

    Now of course even under that light it is up to the individual how far to push things. Exaggerating but not yet lying is a fine border and a art in itself. :) Thats why you usually would hire an expert (i think they call themself marketing folks ;)) for it who understands that fine border. Mr. Jacobs clearly is none of them.

    Also that global marketing has to respect cultural differences to some degree. A press release celebrating yourself a s first "virtual Political Prisoner" in example. It should not be so hard to understand that this crosses some line in some regions of the world.

    Be it as it is, there are in my opinion bigger issues with Mr. Jacobs then lying in press releases and false advertising.
  12. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    To address the "virtual political prisoner" topic ... unless I'm misunderstanding what you wrote, it has nothing to do with cultural differences to any degree whatsoever Hon, but rather the "fact" that ND publicly painted himself as a "victim" in a press release ... blaming what he termed a witch hunt, when in fact his situation was brought on by himself, and was told directly by MA (in so many words) that he was in violation of his Planet Partner agreement. How do you arrive at "victim" out of that?

    All that aside ... I agree with you ... that there are other issues far more important, but ... what also needs to be mentioned here as well, is that what has been presented has happened over a period of time, and I would say, establishes a consistent pattern. Peter already mentioned that even though the "first virtual millionaire" topic has been beaten to death, ND still continues to use it. We don't have to ask why.

    MindArk and FPC certainly haven't been perfect either, and I've been quite vocal about it in the past, along with many others in our community, but it doesn't mean that we can't appreciate the good stuff, and ... there hasn't been an issue of conflict of interest come up with them either like there has with ND and associates. The community has very valid reasons for questioning certain things, because there are elements present that provoke it.

    I doubt whether some questions will ever get answered, like where is the press release that DAMgr said he was going to give us to explain everything. It would be interesting to see what he comes up with that would satisfy this community regarding what happened with the ES500's. Purely by omission, and the content of his own posts, it adds even more credibility to the questioning.

    Quite frankly ... it's not about the individuals involved in these situations, but about the potential impact it has on our universe, and especially as players who have invested in our game play ... some even great amounts of cash. We want the planets to succeed, including RT and NI, but when we see what's happened (including what MA and SDS are/are not doing), it causes great concern. You just have to read the forums of each planet to make a rather quick determination that all is not well ... there's no hiding it, or glossing over it ... it's in your face.

    To Narfi ... one thing ... I understood your ending quote ... "so strange that what was once considered wise is now considered foolish" ... and it was falsely represented, because ... I have not changed my perspective, attitude, or belief about "speculation" ... which is what my "old" posts were referring to, and rightfully so, because the majority of it had to do with the Space Pirates event that ND was promoting, and at the time, we did not have the information we do today, which Peter included in his article.

    However, you found it viable to equate it to the posting I am doing today, and in effect intimated that it's not what I still believe, but ... the "wisdom" you spoke of is still there. What you are not properly addressing, is that my current day posting with any of these issues has come not as a result of speculation, but as a result of facts that have been presented (again) with links, photos, and supporting data. If you're referring specifically to DAMgr, then his own words, and omission thereof, give every valid reason to question his association and dealings with ND/NDS as an RT-endorsed partner.

    I have nothing further to say, other than we can agree to disagree.
  13. narfi

    narfi Lost


    good luck and have a fun day :)

  14. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Maybe this is one giant PR stunt??

    As Narfi put it, I think in the end, if ND and crew are into COI actions MA would most likely pull the plug on them fast. They would have to as to not be associated with bad practices. Since we have no copy of the PP agreement, and everything ND says can't be taken at face value, this could all just be advertisment!! :dunno:

    Besides have you ever heard of political promises!! :nana:

    Off topic I found :rabbit: icon!! Happy easter all!! :loveshower:
  15. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Guess what ... MA was late in doing so, but they did pull the plug (so to speak) when they told ND (in so many words) that he was in violation of his Planet Partner agreement. I don't get what you guys don't get about that. That came directly from MA, and it wasn't the first time as mentioned in other threads at PCF. I personally caught ND operating the Island Girl avatar on RT after ND was told not to by his own admission yet again in a message from MA in a thread that he created himself at PCF (back then was EF).

    The evidence comes from his own mouth ... so why are you guys ignoring that by now using the excuse that you can't take anything that ND says at face value. If that's the case, then who's to say that him saying that he wouldn't engage in any COI activities has any face value. Nice that you openly admit that you can't place a truthful value on what ND says, which is what you actually did, and to me, that says a lot right there.

    Also, to discount the level of perceived impropriety based on the activities we have witnessed and reported so far is beyond my comprehension. So I guess you are ok with ND and his staff discovering new items as regular players, as well as continuing to craft, trade and global/hof, which was all done after he was told to retire his avatar ... HoF list photos were presented in threads at PCF (by someone else, just so I don't get tagged for that too).

    I have no idea where MA's head is at, but it seems that they eventually have to step in to do damage control. Take the ES500 event that truly had the community in an uproar, especially those who paid upwards of 7k PED for them, even just the week before the massive drop on RT. DAMgr from his own posts said that he was the first to loot and sell one, but then went on to sell many more. He also said that it was up to everyone else to find out where they were dropping.

    Then, after the community continued with their upset and started pointing fingers based on what they were witnessing, along with his own words, he told the community that he would be doing a press release to explain everything to us, which then gave an even clearer indication that he had knowledge ahead of time ... the fact that the Digital Abduction website indicated that they were an RT-endorsed partner only added fuel to the fire. Do you not find any of this the least bit suspicious?

    MA ended up making their own statement about this, although they really didn't say much at all, and was rather confusing. I believe they will always play the diplomacy card so they don't blatantly and publicly admit that something is rotten in Denmark, but then we've known this since the beginning.

    Everything adds up Alien, and gives this community a very valid reason to raise the questions they are. By your own admittance, you said that you can't take what ND says at face value, which is something you used in your post while playing Devil's Advocate ... I get that and appreciate your efforts, but even that in and of itself is making a huge statement, so that round-about defense actually may have backfired on you.

    If everything that's gone down is nothing but a big publicity stunt, we've seen what big publicity stunts have done to this game over the years, and unfortunately, it's all at the expense of the players.

    Does any of this raise any question in your mind whatsoever? :headscratch: Are you really that ok with it all?

    *I don't know why we have to keep directing attention to the content generated by those who are being questioned - it speaks for itself*
  16. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    This is a great article, and certainly raises interesting questions about the validity of some of JNJ's claims. However - and this is not to 'contradict' or anything, I personally am in two minds over MA's stance over PP's not being able to represent themselves in-game. As JNJ very logically pointed out; how can one manage one's assets (LA maintainance, estate management, etc) if one cannot actively participate, unless they 'hire' another avatar to do the work for them? How could this be possible, when surely only the estate owner can 'have the right' to maintain an estate?
    About JNJ having made US$1,000,000. Going by the facts mentioned in the article, it doesn't seem that the sale of CND assets (shops, appartments, etc) + revenue from hunting/mining taxes would have achieved this on it's own; no question about it, so I agree with Peter here. However, someone I know, who has played EU for nearly five years, used to go to the asteroid/CND almost every week; certainly when CND was still very new. At that time, CND used to run a whole series of video-ads almost round the clock for various brands, etc, many of which had nothing directly to do with EU. This would have generated a great deal of income...
  17. This was never a problem, Planet Partners have special Avatars to manage such things. MA and later FPC used in example an special Avatar for holding unsold estates. That avatar would even log in and manually add deeds to the auction. Sometimes it seems such avatars would even manually add DNA and fert to land areas before MA / FPC events.

    This had nothing to do with Mr. Jacobs but was a MA thing.
  18. Oh, but that he spit in the face of the community with that press release and that he lied once again was not my point MS9.

    What i meant was this: If you want to address a global (potential) customer base you need to be carefull with some things. Glorifying yourself as "virtual political prisoner" you better come up with a very very good and solid backstory. Using such a terminology is perceived a bit different in example by potential customers from China, certain South American countries, and yes, maybe about 3/4 of the world population then let's say someone in western europe or the US.

    Just saying, it is only a nuance, i know.
  19. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Ahhh ... got it Hon ... thanks for clarifying that for me, and it makes sense. :)
  20. This article was needed. We all know the info in here, but is good to have it all stored in one place. Good job.
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