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    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Seriously, linking from one post to another ?
    I think IF Klaus Moreau was reading this forum he would have seen the other thread as well, this is just unneeded and an attempt to either get your post number up keep a negative thread (that you made of it) active. If you don't have anything constructive to add to a thread then please don't post at all.
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  2. A good morning to you too Razer,

    The post is providing a link to a thread of relevance to some things that should be reviewed in terms of ways to improving Entropia. I do not expect Klas, or his delegated employee to be viewing the forum everyday, so may miss content that is relevent and "I feel" should be viewed.

    If you can not handle people openly discussing the shortfalls of Entropia that need to be given some light in the hope they are one day improved by giving this new person an opportunity in the position of CEO some insight as to why some of us (meaning not only myself) are unhappy with the current state of affairs in Entropia, then I would advise you to close your eyes or just look away, or maybe add something constructive to the conversation yourself rather than trying to shutup those making a genuine attempt to showcase these shortfalls giving relevant examples of "how things should be like" in terms of industry standards, etc.

    Great to judge without having adding anything yourself to the conversation. Oh! I forgot you forgot that constructive has two ends of the spectrum, the constructive critism part as well. Well Razer, at least I provide material that can be used towards positive ends and am not just downing the service saying you all suck whaaa!.

    Seriously Razer, erm whatever! First it is not reposting a post as a tag-on to the end of another post in another thread that it also belonged to, now its not providing links to relevant content.

    The negativity as you perceive in this "stating of facts & bring about awareness of expectations through demonstration" as a customer of the game/service Entropia in an attempt to see Entropia improve over the long term, also including highlighting some of the shortfalls and mistakes of the past that need to be addressed in the hope they are not once again repeated;

    I can not help you in deal with. The discomfort and unease this brings to you is something for you to work out within yourself.

    Again, you are one of the four owners, so you can do as you please with this forum. I know Narfi will support your viewpoint, however maybe talk with the other two about how they feel, Tass & Peter.

    I am sorry if doing this outline makes other PPs shy away with providing EP forums news articles to write about, I am well aware of ths as being one of the reasons why, but you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

    I have not broken any rules or policies;

    I have infact kept as much to your personal request as possible in not reposting the entire content where I can other than where it it is deemed relevant to do so as it relates directly to both threads, eg. Orion - Dino Horde intro thread and again in the what you would imagine Entropia 2 to be like thread being the second time this has occured, or first time sinve your personal request.

    fx: Now to eat another worm from the can and peer once again into pandora's box.
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  3. The videos all demonstrate various aspects of the game that differ, if you had bothered to watch them in their entirity, you will see how each has different aspects that light is shone upon.

    Yes, I agree that some of the content of each video overlaps too, though this is irrelevant to those with a keen eye ability to see the content on display. Or must I provide an "Index: Contents" for each video posted as to what to look for as well.

    I will however remove the irrelevant content as a personal request once again to your nit-picking.

    The rest you can obtain from my reply to you in the other thread addressed to Klau Moreau.


    PS. I have collected 20+ videos from "Onion - Dino Horde" the ones posted "for now" I feel are most relevant and appropriate to show "for now" to outline the defferent aspects available in this game. More may come later if "I feel" that add some value to the conversation. Once again thankyou for your valuable contribution to this thread's topic.

    PS2. I will even go one step further and remove the part stated about OzTwo huskking all posts now that he has done exactly that, probably without noticing this statement himself (lol), I understands he needs an avenue and is one of your friends, so let us allow him to continue with his childishness. I has no impact anyway other than demonstrating this behaviour.

    fx: Now to eat another worm from the can and peer once again into pandora's box.
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  4. I am so sorry that you have lost or stopped working on your game site blog..but it seems that you have moved it here with some great content, but just not related to this game at all. I'm guessing, sorry to say, you have been banned from all other sites due to this same 'spam' posting and this is just the last forum you have full access to post non related items. Please start up your gaming network site and leave this forum. I sure hope you do start up you gaming network site soon.
  5. Hello OzTwo (OS/2),

    I was specifically asked to come back and continue to make contributions to this forum and to not be phased by the behaviour of people like you whom once had an impact & effect on me due to the level of respect I once had for you OpaloMan in assuming you were at least an adult at the age of 46yrs of age with some form of life experience attached (Yes an assumption on my part, I am human too);

    Things have changed and after reflection and putting in some checks and measures to balance things out, to work cooperatively with, helping in understanding, removing blinders and if necessary counter what has now become an obvious ingrained trait you have OzTwo as pointed out here nicely as possible;

    I feel those who made the request were right in saying that it is people like you hold up the process of advancement/evolution (In this case, merely coming up to "Industry Standards" in terms of MindArk & Entropia Universe).

    This unknown blog of which you speak of, in that no such plans were ever formulated, past, present or future as I do not feel blogs offer the things I am looking for in terms of open discussion & debate both positive & negative aspects, I would love to hear more about. :)

    I am always in the mood for another fable, with an adequate response in return or will you change the subject again in pretending to be concerned .... after some insight is given ?

    The MMO Gaming Network site which Peter helped in getting underway started off nicely until my heart attack which present day condition has worsened in dealing with CHF (Which is now well catered for);

    I specified these as to the reasons why this would not happen twice to you now and also posted it on these forums. Sorry to see that your demonstrated ability to assimulate or fathom such information, let alone retain such information to recall and reflect upon later is somewhat lacking.

    Other than this, thankyou for your opinion, noted. I do not need to justify my posts to help you understand what obviously you have either "Thrown in the too hard basket" or "Can not handle the discomfort of" reading as an Entropia as-it-is-now-without-evolving-fan (Which is ok for some), let alone understanding the purpose behind them in simply disregarding them and/or rubbishing them as SPAM.

    So feel free to husk away Mr. Raternator. And thankyou for your opinion on my contribution of SPAM.
    Welcome to the stop before coming to the point of "I can't fix stupid!"
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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It takes 2 to squabble, and unfortunately you have done more than your share of the participation on that front.
    I think we have always got along fine both in forum banter as well as the few times we have run into each other in game, but there are some things you should probably take time to consider.

    What is effective communication?
    You obviously put a lot of time and thought into your posts, but do you consider how they will be received?

    What is the point in putting hours of effort into some posts if no one will read them because they are not formatted in a way that the audience will receive?
    To be honest for the most part I ignore all of your posts, because they are not relevant to anything I care about. What I care about is Entropia, and that interest is what this forum is founded and based upon.

    Contributing factors to why I personally do not read your posts are the length of them (an problem that ms9 also had, but I had enough respect for her gained over time to look past that and read her posts anyways)
    Another contributing factor is your propensity to cross-posting which is normally considered rude and frowned on in most forums.

    Proper etiquette on your part, would alleviate 99.9% of all the interpersonal issues you seem to have here and make the effort you are putting out so much more fruitful.

    While a short line from the wikipedia page, there is a lot to point out in it.
    1. Simple Electronic Signatures (I haven't noticed you having any problems with these)
    2. Avoid Multiposting (you do this a lot and often have 3,4,5 posts in a row even quoting your post from directly above which comes across even more abrasively)
    3. Avoid Cross-Posting (you also struggle with this and do it very often)
    4. Avoid Hijacking a discussion thread (you struggle with this as well, and while not as often as the above items, still occurs more often than it should)
    5. Techniques used to minimize the effort required to read a post or thread. (because of the length, rabbet trails, etc... of your posts, they are very difficult to read, correct that and you will have won 1/2 the battle)
    While not 'rules' per-say, these are commonly accepted as proper etiquette and common courtesy. By not following them you come across as rude and abrasive and have unfortunately drawn down the interpersonal issues upon yourself.

    Hopefully you can understand the points I am trying to get across even though they are in a rather long post themselves :)

    gl and have fun,

  7. Noted, and it takes two to have a open discussion/debate with too, outlining points to backup discussion can be seen as squabbling, never the less, it is good to see that one of the EP forum owners has some sense in pulling another into line.

    Thanks for not taking them out of context thus far in having moved them to this thread.
  8. Hi Narfi,

    This you should included within the rules section on EP as commonly included aspects that will be within the scope that EP will moderate upon, as not everyone will be aware of the such (Assuming people absorb such info out of the ether is a fools errand);

    In saying that some of us do not have 20+ (This my 21st year in November) forums, and prior to that bbs posting experience to work with, nor do they have any prior experience in moderating forums (4 in the past, 1 currently that puts Entropia's 20k+ possible active participants to shame in terms of discussion substance and etiquette) or owned bbs sites, 1 historicaly;

    Until such time, see the following:

    I understand the points your getting across and your perceived reasoning attributed directed specifically at my activity here on EP (Hence part of the reason to why I record all online activity), though will not comment on the reasoning/statements you have made until there is sufficient evidence to backup your points of view (statements) so that we may further indulge on the validity of your opinions in what you attribute them to to give them weight over time (Not issolated events, that have been explained already)

    If I must start turning my posts in to walls of texts in explaining what my posts contain in the content they do, be that for any of the points I have outlined relating these points quoted above, then make this as a request that I can highlight with each post done as to why I am doing so.

    Thanks and you too, gl and have fun also.
    Please do not see this as a defensive post, moreso one to validate your concerns, opinions and request.
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  9. This you may wish to speak with Razer about this somewhat.

    In response to what is highlighted in the quote in red >
    Funny coming from someone who was not even there when the forum was founded and to what principles that were discussed, including the numerous other reasons why this forum was founded, and discussed in the 'Church of Lootius' society chat on occassion.

    You came very late into the picture, as did Razer & Tass as people who offered hope in "possibly" carrying on with EP to maintain its purpose as a fansite through the substancial contributions each of you have made to EP and/OR the acknowledge position which was held within the Entropian community;

    A fansite does not mean everything is positive about and the not wanting of something that is up to scratch in terms of industry standards;

    This being at a time that Peter, Lykke and major contributors that you so easily dismiss and put down lost interest to a great degree, and/or moved on into conflicting roles (Lykke @ Cyrene who also lost a lot of enthausiasm) and MS9 who made major contributions has posted her reasoning.

    Thanks for the laugh but seriously do not get me started on this subject lol.

    Out of all due respect, good for you, some of us also care about Entropia & those involved, including to a much greater degree than yourself having their very livelyhoods now hinged on its future success and I will continue to expend energy as I see fit to these ends to effect change, whether directly or indirectly. Keep that in mind.

    Again talk to your other partners as a starting point, they will make things clearer.

    The too much too fast will be turned down to what level I can manage to restore some form of balance after the opening of a can of worms to eat while peering into pandora's box;

    I too wish it were a flowery valley of bluebells too to look onto;
    Though this is not the case and has not been for many years and needs to be addressed.

    In the meantime, here is a picture of a beautiful scene of bluebells to look and focus your attention on:
    Ignorance is bliss in placing judgement without consideration nor "having read numerous post's content"

    About your other concerns and since you do not bother to read "the majority of my posts"; Feel free to pick away at one of my weaknesses, I am not shy of this weakness and do try my best to accodomate.

    On a final note:

    Do you really think going through this necessary discomfort is easy for me, it is not discomfort that I have created;

    Or that I have no regard for those around me that it also impacts; Including yourself and the impact on those things you like and have invested interest in (eg. Entropia & EP Forums).

    Maybe you will one day understand that only through sitting within pain/discomfort/things that impact you in such a way, living/reliving through the experience will you then learn what is needed to evolve, passing eventually through the experience without judging it too early, in turn procuring the sight to see pass the limits that have held your inability to evolve past that point in life;

    It is a very powerful and unsettling experience to say the least, however it is nowhere as power as that which it empowers you with to progress through and past it, letting it eventually go until you hit the next limiting wall on this path of progression.

    Progress eventually comes to all, sometimes some invest there energy into "potentially" helping this along a little, even if the discomfort of getting that needle in the arm to hopefully "prevent infection from" the next wave of the flu virus is present and needs to be experienced.

    ... Getting REAL and tackling issues at their roots level is never an easy thing to do or experience.
    Feel free to continue living under your rock who only comes out when the right conditions are met.

    You will understand where this came from later, "I wish not to harm EP overall. I will do my best to tippy-toe as much as possible as the mouse with bigfoot's feet can to ensure the negative impact to EP is not long-lasting in this respect"
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I had another idea for forum moderation.

    Automatically block any posts containing the word "you" or another avatar's name ;) ;) ;)

    I predict an end to personal disputes if no one can actually finger anyone ;)

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  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My dear Viper ... love you my friend, and as a writer myself, I have a great respect for your love affair with details, because it employs what I call a "2nd Step Mentality" that anticipates what others might think or question in an effort to disclose full information so that (hopefully) it gives a better understanding of the whys and wherefores.

    I "get you" ... and I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here for a minute and take into consideration that perhaps there are other variables that we are not aware of that might have a hand in driving you to this level of intensity (although I've always known you to not do anything half-assed).

    Meaning ... you have a heart condition (which you disclosed), so maybe medications might play a role, albeit if they do, they have not hampered your level of intellect in formulating your thoughts ... you're just a Mach (fill in the number) starship with a "kick it into high gear" warp drive headed beyond the edge of the universe ... Neil DeGrasse Tyson may appreciate this.

    When we have an experience (or experiences) with one's own mortality, it changes everything. Whether spiritual (me), or religious, we see things differently, and in our own subjective way, our musings may fill a personal need, but may not achieve the level of satisfaction (possibly) anticipated in an environment that has evolved over the years to the point of its own comfort level.

    It is my belief that you have a love affair with words, same as I do, and that we like to give as much information as possible so that maybe there won't be any questions and people will (again) gain some value from content that can contribute positively toward achieving something good.

    We have both loved PE/EU immensely, and in our own ways have made major contributions ... however, no matter how hard one tries (and many have) to be convincing in our ideas and suggestions that would make things better, they will be received and used or dismissed as needed ... or not. It took me a very long time to learn a lesson that eventually discouraged me enough to walk away from making further contributions to a universe that I thought I understood until I lifted the veil.

    I may make a post now and then if I'm inspired by something that someone writes that is in direct difference to what I know as fact, but I'm no longer interested in wasting my time and effort in convincing anyone of anything anymore. I learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and history continues to repeat itself. I am also not interested in riding the infinite loop to nowhere.

    Therefore, I will leave the universe to those who are still enjoying it in some fashion or another, and to those who over time have learned their lessons as well. I would like to respectfully suggest to you my friend ... not to "stop posting" ... but put forth your enormous energies into something more constructive and worthy of your intellect and way with words and connecting the dots.

    Not sure what that would be, but I think it would satisfy you more than experiencing posts that say how annoying you are with double-triple posting (which I don't think you should be doing either, but get why you have done it), and personal attacks that occur because people can only respond according to what their perceptions are. Person perception is rarely accurate or fair, but it is what it is and valid for those who employ it, and something to take into consideration when we interact in the various ways we choose.

    I've known the staff at this forum for many years, and way before it was founded. We have had our challenges along the way, but I believe that this is the only forum where you can voice your opinion and not be silenced or censored so long as you follow the rules (unwritten forum etiquette included). They are good people, and some even share some of the views we have.

    I think this forum provides a great service, but I also feel that there are those who don't take the time to really capture the value of what some members contribute. McC has done incredibly long posts, and he has definitely broadened our understanding of a multitude of things from the past to the present. There are others who "get it" ... and contribute intelligently to discussions, but then there will always be those who, no matter how you present something, will have it in their mind to take you to task.

    Bottom-Line ... take care of yourself my dear friend, and make your choices wisely when it comes to encumbering yourself with efforts that may not be appreciated by those who need to appreciate them.

    I wish you the very best, and I applaud the founders, owners and staff of this forum for continuing to provide a place where we can have an open voice ... no matter how long our posts, and no matter who likes them and who ignores them. In the end, we are the ones who have the satisfaction ... and I know that you'll get that.

    BTW ... thank you Narfi. :hug:
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hmmm you may want to block on use of the phrase "My learned friend" too ;)
  13. *smiles* Gratz on 10+ yrs, you have unlocked the achievement "Iron skin".
  14. Aye, after 20 odd years of online social interaction ... a time before the facebooks & twitters of the world were even conceived .... which has degraded for the most part as we become more connected from behind our keyboards in lacking in ones real-world face to face interaction to give it some form of balance in keeping things in perspective in terms of behaviour, mentality, emotionally, power/ego tripping and the list goes on;

    And with the trend of lacking attention spans, lacking ability to assimulate and retain information - let alone the recalling & reflection upon this retained assimulated information - of each generation that passes after our own ...

    This 2nd step mentality has become a trait that I have learned to incorporate into my activity online in the hope to cover the response from as many angles as possible in having the content not taken out of context or to be easily perceived as meaning something different.

    It has been very hard for me to achieve this with my learning disabilities in language in terms of words, even though I may be perceived as being a wordsmith, is in fact an extremely challanging thing to do for me and sometimes draws upon more energy & time than it is worth at times;

    Which of course adds to a state of being frustrated as a knock on effect as I dislike wasting time & energy unnecessarily or without purpose.

    I come from a heavily indulged mathematics, science, meta/fringe-science technological background along with my long term interests in social and business psychology as part of the interest within the sciences spectrum. Some of these interests I have in the past touch on with you in respect to this.

    I should include forwarding the ability to think in both structured and unstructured ways (L/R brain use)
    And then using a form of synchronicity to incorporate both methods together, giving it a creative concept some form of logical and structured cohesion.

    *smiles* I quite agree that I may be working at a speed (eg. FTL/Warp) which others may not be able to keep up with easily, the posted content as I am sure your more than well aware is intended for a specific audience; And in particular specific people, though you may be right in the point your making;

    I may be over-estimating Klas and some others which the content is intended abilities in this respect also not knowing them on any personal level. I think you will notice this from the PM I sent to you moments before your post here. (You probably received it while posting this)

    Also I am being somewhat inconsiderate to that which I also deal with, a possible language barrier.

    On the other point, I made the decision to go natural (no meds) and also declined the offer of a donor heart by right of moral choice, even though I had to sign book worth of documents about duty of care in making this choice lol.

    Something you may enjoy for later.

    Yes agree, this is not the first, the first was where it took almost a year to learn to walk again after having recovered from a 3 month coma in an accident where I was the unlucky person in the wrong place at the wrong time being crushed by an intoxicated workmate speeding in his car in the underground work carpark, having worked back late that night;

    I have forgiven him for his actions and the outcomes that followed, such is life.
    The money received from this, payout and ongoing is no compensation though to that which it took away.

    However I have managed to move on and evolve past this since it occured. The heart attack is a knock on condition as are a few other minor conditions due to the immense stress my body was under throughout the healing process.

    That is the hope, I wouldn't say it is a love affair with words, more of a struggle still to date in trying to accomodate for as many as possible, ultimately not everyone can be satisfied.

    Yes I have experience the interacting with an unresponsive wall on occassion, however not all is bad, tiny cracks have revealed themselves through the efforts that have been made by MindArk until they get quickly squanded by the 'modus operandi' that surrounds MindArk and those in charge of the decision making process, including those from where they draw their inspirations from (eg. Jan) and what-not.

    Klas is another 'person' and also the new CEO of MindArk - You can't change people, so change people as the saying goes in business with respect to this position in the hope the new CEO's influence trickles down to those Klas is delegating to.

    I believe that every person should be given at least the opportunity to make a positive impact, even if the hope is just a candle flame in lighting the void which has been MindArk's perceived set-in-stone modus operandi without evolving based on passed events.

    Aye, others say the same also, why do I bother. And you know I do reflect on this from time to time since the energy expended is sizable and does detract to a degree to other duties I must perform for other online communities, amongst the other things I enjoy doing in life.

    To further answer this - Something within that I can not touch on quite just yet due to its conflictive and evasive nature gives me the reaffirmation that something is ready to move forward with MindArk and that energy spent will not be wasted in that it is being added towards a collective impact for progressing the organisation out of the darkness with regards to the "dark-spirited" nature by which MindArk has operated over the years ...

    ie. Unethical in cheating those around them, including their own customer base - one of the larger example being Neverdie's nightclub and his connected nature to MA at the time which was well known before MA's mention of its intent to develop a space station resort being one and then those who MindArk incorporates into their structure of a similar nature, Jason/711 ... A topic your aware of and not suitable for the scope of this reply.

    Aye agree, then there are limits as to what can be seen as repetative behaviour from some as well.
    Even OzTwo sent me a PM today (First PM) saying wow you guessed right about OzTwo=OS/2, it was not a guess, just demonstrating that I remember what he posted prior in the recent past.

    Tolerance is there, though may be lacking somewhat, thanks for bringing this point to light;
    I too am human and far from perfect in any respect. (Very Far).

    This may be the case, and I do agree, however I work with what I am presented also and that is not where things were heading ;) Refer to Razor's attempts. I did advise him to take it to PM, he did today and we cleared up the underlaying issue presenting itself as a driving force as to why these attempts demonstrated in his posts were being made. I understand this and of course had it in mind while posting.

    We did agree on the point, too much too fast also.

    It has proven a challenge to work with four site owners for EP (To varying degrees each) all having different viewpoints, 2 on one side, somewhat matching 2 on the other, even if balance has been somewhat achieved, rather than just Peter & Lykke when the forum was founded.

    I know Peter & Lykke had their RL to look after first and it has not all been easy for them on any level in respect to this, employment, emotionally with reference to finances keeping them both awake at night, a baby oin the way, house moving, etc but they put their focus into what needed to be done and have achieved a lot in a short period of time.

    So I am happy they too kept a level of consideration in place for keeping EP going;
    They did not have to after all. Peter's Xeno based business also had some benefit to this being the case.

    Agree, not something that is new to me, and a small part of the reason I started to record all online activity a few years ago. Protecting one's arse within this darkened (negatively geared) environment is fundermental;

    The main reason was to help in information gathering & analysis in contribution to the 3D3C;
    Recording has proven itself to be an extremely useful tool in so many unexpected ways in relation to this.
    Not to mention the time saved alone, cut down to a 1/4 of what it would have taken otherwise.

    The other benefits, well they are now somewhat obvious, to ensure information does not fall through the cracks and remains in tact. (Also it worked extremely well for PCF nazi-over-moderation and deletion/editing of posts by mods or as a directive of the site owner, Jason/711)

    Thanks, I will take it onboard, appreciated as always.

    Thanks MS9, I always value your input and take on how things are going.

    In saying that;
    As I sid to Narfi in my reply to him at the end:
    "I wish not to harm EP overall. I will do my best to tippy-toe as much as possible as the mouse with bigfoot's feet can to ensure the negative impact to EP is not long-lasting in this respect"

    Added: Thanks for the reply to PM, just saw it now and replied. Take Care.
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  15. bluebell pic reminds me of northeast eudoria.... :)
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