What is a reasonable amount of moderation in a forum?

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    Its funny how people always talk of PCF being this wretched hive of scum and villany these days but every time I go there I see 2 things:

    1. Thread OP's copied from VU information or other MA outlets
    2. Threads where people are selling things.

    I rarely see any discussion threads so wonder where all this moderation or drama is coming from that people mention. To me it seems to be a dead forum unless you want to sell stuff or comment on the occasional (and we know how "occasional" MA are) vu thread.

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe my account there has been restricted or something.

    Anyhow on topic... did someone mention Nazi's? isn't there an internet rule that any forum thread given enough time will eventually deteriorate into a discussion about Nazis? If so is it end of topic time?

    Aha!! Godwin's law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law Funny though, I think this is actually the first time I ever saw it happen... but maybe my memory is short though
  2. You can't see them because they've been locked & deleted! :laugh: (Sorry I had to say it!. :wink: )
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    Well in the case of a clearly defined set of rules, once the perp has cleared the last hurdle. For example, the Infraction system in use at PAF.

    Other than that, I would think that after a person has done the same thing 3 times and after being clearly told its against the rules then a temp ban is appropriate. Perma bans should only be used in extreme cases and on a case by case basis.
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  4. Agree, this is pretty much the same system we had at AWF (Afterworld Forum) the sister site forum to EntropiaPlanets Forum at the time which I helped Peter & Lykke out with moderating for a considerable amount of time.

    It was a very hot kitchen to work in at AWF, in that it made Entropia based forums look like a walk in the park on even the hotest of days.

    The 3x infraction system worked well and was not applied unless things were truely out of order, eg. If the purpose or scope of a participants derailment of a subject at hand had no sight to its end or if two participants were at it constantly over a particularly long period of time to a 'no value ends' where it either becomes repeative or childish.

    The system we had on AWF was as such that an infraction was issued for a period of time then would be lifted automatically after the period of time had passed, however if 3 infractions were gained within a period before the first lifted, then a temp ban was issued.

    it worked quite well for quite some time, only one special member ended up getting a perma-ban in the entire time, SFF.

    SFF was a special person though, one had to tune into her neurotic (involving distress) and at times often divulging into psychotic trait based behaviour, in putting yourself in to their shoes in an attempt to see and understand their viewpoint before placing down any form of judgement.

    Sure such people can have a negative impact, though even these people need to be heard and understood. Denying them of this and sweeping them under the carpet so to speak only leads to worse implications at the end of the day;

    eg. In the case of SFF finding other avenues like in game, killing newcomers or other players over and over purposefully griefing and harassing them or other things that gave her the required outlet she so desperately needed, in turn having these people come to the forum to post their daunting experiences;

    And here we are again, not only back to square one, but also with a greater workload to deal with in this ongoing cycle ....

    This is where a bit of foresight and forethought is needing to be applied outside the square we are so used to living in, in tackling the real issue at hand (root cause) became very much a balancing act in the end to create and maintain an equalibirum of accomodating for co-existencing with others, including the SFFs of the world and ultimately respecting that co-existence to bring about some sort of balance.

    Moving along;

    In the case of recent going on here on EP whch imo was very lowkey and timid to what I have seen over the years; And like I said earlier before replacing its content:

    I have no issue with someone making an issue out of something, even if I do not personally agree with it being an issue to begin with for whatever reason;

    However with that being said, if a person comes onto EP for the sole purpose of such a thread without prior participation or contribution to other subject matter on EP, in that they want to hang out their washing that other forums deny them of doing, which is fine, then do not set the scene to have other offer their opinions with the intent of steam-rolling those with differing opinions to make a stronger case through belittlement, intimidation etc in turn demonstrating bullying, even if it is in a passive-agressive form;

    Tolerance in allowing it to occur once, twice or thrice is fine, however if it goes beyond this point it becomes repeatitive. Do expect someone within the community to stand up to this at some point in your life to give you a mirror to have and to hold, so that you may experience the same medicine in return; Taming the (inner) bully.

    Pretty simple when it comes to expect others to treat you the same way you treat them.
    Moral being, do not dish out onto others what you can't handle yourself in return.
    Reflections work in the same way. Into you see me, into me see you.

    Other than that, this was not done without a value add; Maybe awareness was gained of certain things throughout the experience, maybe not. I for one am willing to share such experiences only once through such demonstration with another.

    PS. I am sure some wonder why I edit many times, Firstly, english and grammar was never a strong point in my childhood upbringing or education thereafter. Secondly I have a disability to deal with relating to this.
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