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    Yes, but latest statement is this one:
    Hm, Daikiba is not a "shared" creature anymore? Also that would be a little unfortunate for those who had different pets and then would end up with 3 of the same. As far as I understand the quote above there could be some kind of DNA model kit with uncertain outcome.
  2. Cool, if I get 3 "One of a kind" Exokiba, Snablesaur and Daiksnot that noone else have, I will of course forget about the past 10 years. Why cant I have back 1 Daikiba, 1 Exarosaur, 1 Snablesnot ? Why fuck with their DNA ? Would that be the special status ? Can I have some concrete worms instead ?

    I wonder what else they wil come up with in the next and int the final announcement.
  3. Tass

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    Ok, some info from Cyrene:
  4. Im sure this will take our breath away...and our peds. Good night. :)
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    FILE114 (2).png
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  6. if it's unique enough, I might have to have em fish my ol pet out of tt?
  7. NotAdmin

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    So, I played for a bit today. I hope that that the fanbois will agree that allows me to voice my opinion again.
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  8. Only if you played on Cyrene or Toulan :)
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, I have to admit my playing was not due to any words. I mainly logged in to claim my deed revenue, and figured I'd shoot a few mobs. That got boring pretty fast, and I ended up sweating a bit instead.

    The one thing I did like was the temporary skill boost. Other than that, gameplay still is pretty boring, and loot stunk.
  10. Those awesome "skill boosts". Out of nowhere you become a god for some seconds. ;D
    Thats at least what the symbol should make you feel.

    Instead of hunting I always tried exploring this new world. Doing some mining inbetween,
    because even exploring turns out to be boring.

    Hope is on its way, since 2009.
  11. Wow, I didnt know Cyrene and Toulan became the flagships of Entropia. :wink:
  12. Yeah, you should really play more as well :)
  13. I miss real diversity here.

    -All planets share some kind of "Far Cry" feeling. (palm trees, beaches) = lack of design = boring
    (or a simple set of a volcano area, an standard ice world, deserts, all in combination with earth like trees and bushes etc. etc.)

    -I really want to feel it, when I visit another planet. An arabic theme (buildings) is defenitly NOT enough to lure me there and do all the things that I can do on other planets as well. Which is, hunting, mining, crafting. And I have seen videos and screenshots of Toulan. *yawn*
    (do you believe Toulan will survive MA tactics?)

    -Cyrene has one or two nice desigend, empty towns and some orange flying domes, without any interactions. Many buildings on every planet cant even be entered and are just one thing...decoration
    (just like on every other planet) I was there. Exploring it, was boringĀ³.

    -The story of each planet has started, but never really continued. There is text (promises) on the forum, but no immersive gameplay.

    -I really liked the design and feeling of the starter town of "next Island".
    The rest of the planet turned out to be bullsh*t. So EU has not lost my interest.

    -Lysterium everywhere. I wish each planet would have its own ores and enmatters only, so we really would have interstellar trade groups. But that wil lnever ever happen.

    -Planet Calypso of 2004 was able to suck you into an alienated, immersive gameplay.
    (No, I dont say everything was better in the past, but that creativity is gone by 90%)

    -And those stupid mobs, that we have since 2001. A dozen times MindArk announced that the mobs will become more clever, use group tacticts...and so on.

    -A hundred times MindArk promised stuff. But I guess you had a short look at my blog already.

    I dont have a problem with it, if you still enjoy your daily gameplay routine. Go for it.
    But to suggest me to play more, isnt the solution, to forget about all the misshaps and problems.
    I DO know how "planets" look&feel. It isnt enough and "this game" offered way more quality in the past.
    Thats not whining, thats a fact. A fact that many "newcomers" will never be able to understand.
    They will just take the game "as it is". Im fine with that, as long as those guys dont try to prove me wrong, as they will fail at it. (and probably vice versa)
    I wont just close my eyes again and fall back into this state of "Im full of hope".
    Some (high) depositors are still afraid that MindArk could read their complains on the forums. So they never complain.

    Also, lets get back on topic, which is taming. Taming that might be introduced this year, as promised (once again), or not. Noone knows.

    Will it fullfill our anticipation ? Will it be boring after some days and turn into a skillfest again ?
    Will I have weeks of fun with my "special" mutated mobs or not ?
    WIll taming be more expensive then ever, or not ?
    Will taming controls and menus change so much that the community will complain about it ?
    Will there be bugs and exploits that will come with taming, that wont be removed for a long time ?
    Will MindArk remove taming asap again because there is noone really left to actually test it ?

    Just some questions, after like 10 years of developing taming (on paper).
    Without ever involving the community again !
    I already have a bad feeling about this "new" taming. :p

    And if it actually turns out bad, I will not be allowed to metion it, becasue I usually only step forward when MA is doing bad. ;) *trololol #insider*
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  14. Wistrel

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    Bit in blue about the community. Yes. I can never understand a dev who doesn't want to know what it's customer thinks of it's product. What kind of weird system is this?
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Taming has been delayed again. Saw that one coming a mile off.

    I don't know about you... but I read that as "Someone stole all our chairs and now we can't sit down"

    We could open a sweep stake on how many tameless days will be the final number. How many are we up to now Mr Admin Sir?

  16. The typical MA show. And they enjoy it.
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  17. Tass

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  18. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    So, I just ran into a Daikiba on Arkadia, so it seems that any pet can be on any planet.
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  19. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    And the first images of the Tamed Nusul
    Tamed Nusul 03.jpg Tamed Nusul 02.jpg Tamed Nusul 01.jpg
    As with some other creatures the image of the creature does not fit the scan window, but you can see that the info in there is a bit different, it tells you you are dealing with a Tamed Nusul.
  20. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    OK I have to correct this. Nadie over at PAF said "My Nusul won't spawn on Calypso. My Ancient Snablesnot won't spawn on Ark but my Ancient Strong Daik and Exa wil" So this makes me believe that the Universal Creatures, in the case of tamable creatures, Daikiba and Exarosaur, can go to any planet and the others can not.
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