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    As reported in a previous front page story, the citizens of Arkadia were put on alert that a new enemy was coming, but very little info was given other than a distorted video published by an official of the planet. Caution was given that danger was lurking, but we have since learned more details about the mystery.

    Apparently, the Oratan are rising up and preparing for a different level of battle with the inhabitants of the planet, and it is feared that many locations will be affected by this regrouping. Their strategies have been refined, and wave attacks seem to be the order of the day. The Oratan appear to have a renewed aura of energy, and Arkadians are warned to be prepared.

    Through diligent exploration over time, many Oratan camps were discovered, and data recorded to assist the locals in their travels across the planet. In light of an alert that Oratan are lurking, we felt it prudent to list the coordinates for the various camps:

    11425, 11485
    17860, 14400
    17665, 14800
    18215, 14970
    18410, 14580
    19020, 19125
    20825, 19825
    17980, 23260
    26830, 22420
    28340, 22870​

    There is more news however, that may help to prepare the local Arkadians to deal with this new uprising. It seems that while it is unknown just what Oratan will appear at what camps, at least we were able to uncover the strategy. There are varying strengths of the Oratan at each of the camps, and apparently, an Oratan Lancer Boss shows up, but only after certain other Oratan exhibit wave attacks on locals brave enough to take them on.

    At some camps, pure Oratan will challenge the locals prior to the Oratan Lancer Boss appearing, while at others, there are pure Oratan Slashers, or a mix of Oratan and Oratan Slashers that challenge the locals with their wave attacks before the Oratan Lancer Boss appears. Whatever the case, we learned that the Oratan Lancer Boss shows up riding a Kamaldon creature and presents a higher level challenge in combat.

    Once again, Arkadians are cautioned to navigate the planet with care, especially since it is not known what Oratan camps present what levels of difficulty. It may be wise to travel in groups, or hunting teams to help rid the planet of these creatures.

    The time of reveal and reckoning is almost upon us. Proceed with caution.


    Article banner created by @Cyrus Chen - CRM | Arkadia Community Manager

    Graphic of Oratan Lancer Boss provided by @Cyrus Chen | Arkadia Community Manager
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