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    Citizens of Arkadia are quite aware that there are dangers to be mindful of while traveling the planet, especially since new discoveries are being made about its history. There is definitely a mystery brewing in the colonies after an official released quite a distorted video showing what looks like a human, or humanoid riding some type of large creature.

    We have learned that taming of creatures took place in the past, but could this be a resurrection of sorts, or is the distorted video just a means to throw everyone off from something more sinister. One thing is certain, whatever it is, Arkadians have been warned that it is indeed an enemy that lurks with ill-gotten intentions. Please proceed with caution, and … never underestimate the Oratan.

    Have a closer look at the distorted video and see if you can make something out of it:

    If we learn anything further regarding this alert we will report it immediately.

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