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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by BobaFett, Dec 16, 2021.

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  2. Maybe I'm wrong here, but why do I get the impression that JNJ knew about MA before EU became big? I like AltspaceVR btw - just had a good look at it.
    Also, JNJ seems to have made a game of his own well before his EU days that he sold to Engage Online (??), whoever they are. I wonder what the game was called. It's also worth noting that the interviewer Ivan Lobo seems completely dumbfounded...
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    Jon indeed was involved in PE/EU before Treasure Island was sold. His story is well documented on the EntropiaPlanets wiki.

    I haven't heard of him creating and selling a game, though. I do recall he had some crypto-crap driven game with dragons at some point, but have no idea how that went or what actually happened with it.
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  4. I was aware that he had bought the asteroid in 2005 - since I started playing EU earlier this year anyway, but didn't know he was playing before the TI sale. But according to the video he knew of MA back in 2000, and PE started only in 2003, and this is what I really meant when I said I had impression that JNJ knew about MA before EU became big. He was therefore maybe more than just another player, but hasn't revealed certain things. At 3:05 into the vid he does say 'I made a game...'.
  5. A never ending repetitive show, beyond embarrassing.

    Neverdie died long ago, just face it.

    He was the "US spokesperson" of Mindark 16 years ago, even owned MA shares in the US...but failed so often by now.
    (also thanks to Mindark for raping him hard, ND always beeing ready for more) -_-

    Its mostly a combination of repetitive words and awkward moments, nothing to brag about anymore, seriously.
    He always tried to jump on various scam trains...always too late. Just like Mindark. Perfect partners.
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    I didn't watch the video, due to being busy with IRL. I'm only aware that he also was in the race for buying TI. I just tried the first 5 minutes, but am suffering from poor sound quality, and got annoyed with the random sound effects spliced into the recording.

    For what it's worth, I'd not put too much weight on him using the year "2000". According to Wikipedia, the game was started in 1995, went into public beta in 2002 and went gold in 2003. Based on experience, I'm guessing Jon didn't remember the exact year, and just picked "2000" as a baseline. It is of course possible that he did manage to get in early, but him being American and the game primarily being developed in Sweden makes that somewhat unlikely.
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  7. The big picture might help here a bit, for example...(far to the right in the image)

    ...Deathifier tried to purchase the "Space Resort" as well.

    Who would have thought ND would win...having phoned Carl Uggla days before...having talked to Simmonds weeks before...winning the bid war...ya ya x'D


    Funding by swiss Benny Iggland started shortly around the "development plans" in 1995. 1st tests started in 1999. In 2000 about 50 swedish (and soem international) ppl were "playing" a beta.
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    A completely different kind of person than me, I have always liked Neverdie and felt he was genuine... He has made plenty of mistakes and frustrated lots of people, I think a lot of that has been because his head is always in the clouds, he dreams big and doesn't always see reality, which is also his greatest strength.

    He self identified as "eccentric and egocentric" in the interview, which really sums it all up.
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  9. ND was iconic in 2004 and did something nice with "The Thing".
    I give that to him.

    But he lured in the SEE scammers, promsied tons of lies and even a Michael Jackson Planet.
    He ran away with crypto investments, fucked ppl with his dragon crap and teleport tokens, jsut to become silent.

    I think it is wrong in so many ways, to still hype such a human, just becasue he "returns" for the gazzillionth time,
    talking repetitive crap (and handing out free excuses now and then).

    He left long ago...this is only a sad shadow of himself...but he cant stop to smut his name, because he became addicted to it, still believing hes the president of virtual reality or something like that.

    Let it go. Hes is not worth it (anymore).
  10. Next thing will be to replace The Thing with VR President world (true story) if MA ever let him release the package
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    The one thing that really stood out more than anything with the CND sale was how the servers went offline. Allegedly, Deathifier was about to make the purchase at that pretty much that exact time. When the servers came back up, ND had won.

    For the domain name registration, I can buy into his explanation that he simply wanted to register it proactively, just-in-case.

    For what it is worth, I also initially really dug Jon's enthusiasm and his vision. But he made some bad decisions over the years, and showed very poor judgement on more than one occassion. I'm guessing not all of that was his fault, and some of it was caused by the people he chose to surround himself with.

    And yes. Hunt The Thing was great. It was a small glimpse into what could be done within the game. Too bad that MindArk keeps frustrating every other effort to come up with something even moderately nice.

    As for SEE. I still don't think they were the scammers in all of this. They got lured in, drank the initial coolaid, and then found out that they were being tricked. I can't really back that up, but the times I engaged with their crew, they all seemed enthusiastic, professional and humble in their approach. The other side has almost never shown any of those traits.
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  12. Just one example...SEE had an epic fail with an amateur Startrek/Titanic project in germany in 1998.
    "Scamming" the german government of 60 mio. Euros. :)

    All infos and names here :€.19080/

    Once in 2010 I had a very personal conversation with ND. We wanted to do videos with him as actor.

    This is how it all started...and I regret it...but I (he made me) believe(d) in it. He could still talk, still convince you. :P

    He then started talking :

    ND himself lured SEE into MA.

    MA (Timkrans) was close to "dismiss" ND for the so called "SEE incident" then. (as if) ;D

    Thats what ND told me in private and I promise he wouldnt deny this, if you'd confront him right now.

    In the end noone cares anyway...

    In short:

    SEE met a nice rival this way...both sides prepared to scam the fook out of each other. ^^

    But...there can be only one !
  13. Right, so he had shares in MA. Makes sense. As for MA making his task difficult, that maybe the case, but I just don't believe he played the game like anyone else and just decided to risk $100k on a virtual asteroid by mortgaging his house. I think that this and other parts of EU's history, so including the TI sale and other things, were part of a clever marketing campaign to make television viewers think they could achieve the same things; to get ppl to sign-up to EU.
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  14. Geo


    The irony of this statement! :lolup:
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  15. He may have been in the US for some time already, but apparently was born in England and his father was a financier in the 60's!:eek (2):
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    He's very much a part of Entropia's history. There is (or was) a statue or plaque of/about his girlfriend's avatar in the game somewhere in Amathera IIRC. She died unfortunately. Her avatar name was Island Girl. The surf boards are also named after her. John wrote a song about meeting her in the game featuring clips from Entropia and sound effects. I seem to remember this was all before I joined in 2004. I think I went there only once probably in 05.

    Best way to sum him up is that he is the real life version of Zaphod Beeblebrox. A dreamer, a believer, an enthusiast and a doer, but one who seems to lack one foot in reality at times. I genuinely believe he always thinks he's doing a great thing but yeh... I suspect he's been a victim of his own crazy ideas over the years. Even his crypto stuff, there was some genuine money spent on the website and the development and back end stuff, an API etc. Not sure if it warranted the amount of money he brought in with his ICO but I'm no expert on these things. AFAIK though the ICO/value of the coins plumeted to zero when no real use materialised. Much like the Anshe Chung Dreamland stock exchange stuff did years before it. Dragon King etc was meant to be a sort of example use of the currency in a game. There was meant to be another one with a bigger player in computer game dev but it never came about AFAIK.

    But yes from what I hear he's been a bit AWOL in recent years post crypto fail and I have no idea what the situation with RT is these days. Then later he's been on the conference circuit talking some kinda metaverse or VR ideas or something. TBF I expect he'd make an entertaining speaker even if he comes over as having smoked the good stuff. People who don't know what he's talking about love that kinda stuff and those who do know what he's talking about wouldn't pay attention anyhow - so win win there.

    With recent snowploughing of FB/Meta into the world of metaverses and VR (Feels like they Read Ready Player one and didn't pick up that IOI were the bad guys... is Palmer Luckey the good guy?*) and them buying everyone on to their platform with a cheap headset, we see metaverses being the new buzzword at the end of 2021. I'm sure Neverdie will be right alongside for the show. He's been dreaming of this for years so is bound to want to get involved. I don't think Neverdie ever truely dies. Not while his dreams, however far from reality they may actually be, are still alive.


    * last I heard though Palmer Luckey had something to do with security cameras along the Mexico border of the USA... morally dubious? Might be... dunno. Might help with some stuff (drug smuggling?) again, dunno...
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  17. Wasn't Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhiker's? Parts of EU are a bit like that movie... The original radio broadcast was funnier though...
  18. NotAdmin

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    He is. The book is hilarious. I have listened to parts of the radio broadcast, but didn't manage to get the full set of audio clips. The movie was terrible, and I still don't get how anyone can think Martin Freeman can act. He also ruined The Hobbit for me.
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  19. Yeah the movie was a very pale animated version of the radio play and didn't do it any justice at all. Remember it like it was yesterday in the late 70's; 77 or 78 and on BBC Radio ... I forget which channel. Never read the book though.
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