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Event: Baby Trox Sunday, 15 May 21:00 - Free entry, 350 PED prizes

Discussion in 'Entropian Events' started by Oleg, May 13, 2011.

  1. Entropian Events, Manuel and NZR present
    An Atrox hunting event at OLA-02

    Sunday 15 May, 21:00 to 22:30

    OLA-02 is located northwest of Nate Valley TP:


    The spawn on this LA has recently changed to small Atrox, mainly Young-Old, perfect for the Iron Challenge, so come and check out the new mobs! There are 4 DNAs for a dense spawn.

    • Free entry
    • Highest Single Loot wins
    • 1st prize 200 PED
    • 2nd prize 100 PED
    • 3rd prize 50 PED

    To take part, register via the in-game Event List (Right Click -> Settings -> Event List) or at the land marker (25200, 36000) any time before the event begins.

    The tax rate on this land is 4%.

    You can also win some PEDs in the ongoing 10k competition on this LA and OLA-40. See this thread on PCF for more details.

    Atrox at Entropedia: Entropedia: Creature: Atrox

    Atrox at EP Wiki: Creature:Atrox - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe


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