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    The 2012 Entropia Universe World Boxing Championships is about to get underway, and kicking off with the Launch Party on Sunday, Nov 18th at Fort Zeus on Planet Calypso. Participants aren’t required to attend, but if you’re interested in knowing who your first opponent will be, then it is suggested that you join the festivities. Friends, society mates and others are also encouraged to attend to support their favorite fighters, and give them encouragement and motivation to do their best and go the distance.

    The Launch Party will be broadcast live over MindStar Radio, and you can connect with MSR either through the MSR Web Player, or through other stream options offered in the drop-down menu under “MindStar Radio” at this site. MindStar9 and The-Onciest (artist of the article banner and MSM Staff Graphic/Visual Artist) will host the MSR event and introduce you to the EUWBC participants, but also will be revealing who their first opponents will be when the event starts the weekend of November 24th & 25th.

    As mentioned in this MSM article, EUWBC is a PvP boxing tournament designed to determine who has what it takes to go the distance as a fierce fist-fighter, and come out at the end the champion of their weight division. This is the fourth year running, and up until this year’s event, Oleg, Leader from the Skillin’ Villains society has done an exceptional job of being Master of Ceremonies, but he’s taking a secondary position this year and allowing his right-hand man center stage.

    Thierry “Rag” Of Grimbergen from the Perseus society will become the 2012 EUWBC Master of Ceremonies, and will lead the contenders through their paces in this knock down, drag out fight in the ring toward winning the coveted weight division titles. The big question is, will the reigning weight division champions be back to defend their titles? We’re looking to interview a few on-air.

    MindStar Media will be following this event with live broadcasts on MSR as often as possible, and we will be covering the details with articles to keep you updated on who’s advancing and who’s out.

    See you at the Launch Party on Sunday, Nov 18th at Fort Zeus at 18:30 game time.

    We wish all participants the best with their efforts to come out winners of their division.

    It was July 12, 2008 when Oleg “Oleg” McMullery announced the first Entropia Universe World Boxing Championships, which has grown into a very popular annual event. This EUWBC event is produced by Entropian Events, an event management, promotion and design entity that has presented many engaging events since its creation in February 2008.

    Sketch and article banner created by Onciest.
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