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Entropia VU News: Entropia Universe Version Update 14.3

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. UPDATE 6: Potentially costly hunting issue

    If you the hunter are aiming by yourself and using the left mouse button (in aim mode) to attack it will feel and behave somewhat the same as before.

    If you are are in third person clicking a target and use your auto-use tool or right/left click to attack you will see that your avatar is moving around oddly.

    Q: Why is this happening?
    A: After implementing a better hit detection there was a side effect, when targeting a creature it chooses the closest thing hittable. So if it is a robot like a Warlock attacking you, the avatar will aim for the head since it is closest to you, then the creature does the attack animations and during that time the avatar tries again to pick the closest valid thing hittable, resulting perhaps in a shoulder or something else.

    Till the fix comes around, use aim-mode and left click to attack.

    UPDATE 5: Login issues

    For users still having problems to login, follow my steps below and see if it works!

    Download setup here - http://www.entropiauniverse.com/download/ -> run setup -> install under current entropia folder -> success

    (Don't worry, it will not remove any content)

    UPDATE 4: Using the 64-bit client

    To ensure you use the 64-bit client start the client loader and click the "Tools" button:


    In the Options tab make sure the "Use 64-bit client" checkbox is checked.


    Click "Ok" if necessary.

    UPDATE X: We'll be streaming 've streamed the new VU:

    Offline - back later this week.

    UPDATE 3: It's back - you can log in!

    UPDATE 2: Info from MindArk

    The new Entropia Universe client is experiencing validation issues. MindArk's development team is working on a solution as quickly as possible, which will be deployed as a client update.

    In the meanwhile, please disregard the "Obsolete installation" error message some of you may have received.

    Please do not re-install Entropia Universe before the next client update is released.

    We apologize for the extended downtime, and appreciate your patience while Entropia Universe is brought back online.

    UPDATE: The download is now available and you automatically get the 64-bit client.

    Download . . . . .64-bit client
    Entropia Universe VU14.3 Download. Entropia Universe VU14.3 64-bit client.

    VU 14.3 arrived. It was first announced in Developer Notes #6 then delayed according to Developer Notes #7 finally scheduled for today in this announcement.

    Servers went done and after some delay the VU became available for download. Below you can find the release notes.

    You like the update?

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  2. Entropia Universe Version Update 14.3 Release Notes

    New Features
    • Major hardware and software infrastructure upgrades. More info available in Developer Notes #6 .
    • Entropia Universe now features a 64-bit client, which is able to make use of the much larger amounts of RAM on late-model PCs running 64-bit operating systems. The additional RAM availability will increase the overall stability and performance of the Entropia Universe client for many users. The 64-bit client will be run by default on compatible systems, though it is possible to switch back to the 32-bit client via the Tools menu in the Client Loader.
    • Automatically triggered skill bonuses. Duration and strength of the triggered bonus is dependent on the level of recent activity.
    • Customizable skill progress indicator.
    • The “Confirm Sell” auction dialog now displays more information.
    • The auction interface now shows an alert dialog listing all attachments when trying to sell an item with attached attachments.
    • New sounds when equipping or activating pistols, rifles and support weapons.
    • Improved text filters in the auction and construction interfaces.
    • Learning period Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) has been extended for several levels after mastering an item.
    • The manufacturing progress bar has been integrated into the manufacturing user interface.
    • Loans in banks can now be created using Calypso Land Deeds as collateral.
    • The tiering cost formula for items with cooldown or upload timers (mainly MindForce chips) has been adjusted to bring the costs in balance with other types of items such as weapons and tools.
    • There is now a progress bar displayed when waiting for a dynamic area to load if the avatar is unable to take any actions during the wait.
    • Windows 8 is now fully supported.

    Clothing / Avatars

    • An issue causing client crashes when switching from third-person to first-person view while wearing the "Stum Shirt (F,C)" item has been corrected.
    • The Radar Jacket (M,C) has been updated.
    • An issue causing some male hairstyles to display oddly when equipping a cap has been corrected.
    • Textures are now mirrored correctly again.
    • Avatar appearance settings are now saved correctly in the face sculptor and hairstylist interfaces.


    • Spaceship summoning dialog has been adjusted to prevent accidental acceptance of requests. A cooldown timer has also been added to the summon interface to prevent spamming.
      Corrected an issue that caused flood damage to vehicles when colliding with vegetation.
    • The correct error message is now shown when trying to spawn a vehicle in space with items inside its inventory.
    • Fixed an issue with the Sleipnir VTOL wobbling in space flight.
    • Space vehicle speed is now displayed correctly in the vehicle HUD.
    • It is no longer possible to destroy and repair a vehicle with zero TT value.
    • When opening the Vehicle Guest List in a mothership, there is a new button available - "Public Access".
    • Motherships seats now display the correct animation effect when in no access mode.
    • All mothership gunner seats are now available for use.
    • Mothership seat names are now more descriptive.
    • Motherships have been upgraded with more turrets.
    • Mothership turrets have improved pitch/yaw movement and have less constraints making it easier to defend the ship from different angles.
    • It is now possible to view item info on items inside the mothership engineering terminal.
    • Corrected an issue causing motherships to enter restricted mode unexpectedly in certain situations.
    • Removed collision box when a mothership is destroyed.
    • Mothership health bars for exterior and interior are now displayed correctly.


    • Mindforce Strike chips no longer go into cooldown when you receive the message "The target is out of range".
    • Weapon scopes now zoom properly when entering scope view.
    • Auction orders now display the planet on which the order was placed.
    • Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) and Level 9 Finder Amplifier (L) are now placed in the correct auction category.
    • Mindforce Regeneration Chips now display their Skill Increase Bonus information correctly.
    • Tridenite has recovered its missing texture.
    • Estate Terminals now update properly when changing the terminal settings.
    • Corrected an issue causing camera shaking and restricted movement when avatars revive at a revival terminal.
    • Corrected an issue preventing some disciples from being able to graduate and rate mentors.
    • Disciple progress is now updated correctly when the disciple kicks a mentor and gets a new mentor.
    • Corrected an issue causing mission messages to continually reappear at login.
    • Corrected an issue preventing the user of mining finders after crossing a server border.
    • Corrected an issue causing avatars revived with a Mindforce Resurrection Chip to fall through the ground.
    • The Friends List now updates correctly when adding or removing friends, without requiring a relog.
    • Corrected an issue causing movement to be aborted when switching to a different keypress.
    • Achievements now unlock and display correctly for disciples who have changed mentor.
    • The PED card balance displayed in the Trade Terminal now updates correctly when making transactions.
    • Firing a weapon at a Revival Terminal no longer decays or consumes ammunition.
    • The default sort for in the Auction (time left) now displays correctly.
    • The ‘Strong’ posture animation has been corrected.
    • An issue preventing the navigation window from appearing when using a several Teleportation Chips has been corrected.
    • In the Manufacturing interface, checkboxes for residue types are now enabled only when the ‘Use Residue’ checkbox is ticked.
    • An issue causing unintended falling damage in some instances has been corrected.
    • The Society Terminal now updates correctly when the “Accepting Members” flag is switched.
    • Land Area markers now display the correct tax rate.
    • Dropping items in underground areas now functions correctly.
    • Underwater creatures no longer get stuck on the ocean floor.
    • The camera will now return to its original position after playing the Hall of Fame animation.
    • Reduced freezes when loading vehicles.
    • Corrected an issue preventing the sale of empty blueprint books to the Trade Terminal in certain situations.
    • Corrected an issue causing weapons with skill requirements above level 100 to display incorrect damage interval in the item info panel.
    • Voice indicators no longer become frozen above an avatar’s head if proximity chat is disabled while talking.
    • Avatar collision logic has been improved to prevent blocking.
    • Manufacturing attempts from previously loaded blueprints are no longer visible after changing blueprints in the manufacturing interface.

    Known Issues

    • The 64-bit client can crash in certain situations due to old installations. Running the client repair tool will usually resolve this issue.
    • Targeting with auto-use tool can behave strangely in some situation.
    • Loading progress bar for dungeons not working correctly.

    MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Reading through the release notes it looks like a great VU (well, probably not for everyone... :evil: )

    But where/how can we download the 64-bit client?
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  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    interesting to see if the 64-bit client will work any good
  5. Is any of this downloadable yet? I tried an uninstall and reinstall the downloader from their website but it just times out. I assume the update is not ready yet??
  6. Zya


    Download worked, still login time out stating 'down for maintenance'. Rolling restart maybe depending on where one last logged out?
  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Attached Files:

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  8. UPDATE: We'll be streaming 've streamed the new VU:

    Offline - back later this week.

    The new Entropia Universe client is experiencing validation issues. MindArk's development team is working on a solution as quickly as possible, which will be deployed as a client update.

    In the meanwhile, please disregard the "Obsolete installation" error message some of you may have received.

    Please do not re-install Entropia Universe before the next client update is released.

    We apologize for the extended downtime, and appreciate your patience while Entropia Universe is brought back online.

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  9. managed to download, but yeah servers offline
  10. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    well I was willing to stream the new update, but unfortunatelly I need to get some sleep now. Let hope it will be here tomorrow after work :)
  11. Razer, I know you have a gold card and all, but please keep in mind this has happened before.

    Streaming your login credentials - username and number of characters in your password is a bad idea.

    Someone may try to use a hard cracker to keep trying passwords over and over for your credentials locking you out of the system at some point.
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  12. ...Just blank out the login credentials???
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Tyvm, but the login "EntropiaPlanets.com" is of course completely made up. ;)
  14. Entropia Universe 14.3 update delayed. We estimate that the servers will be made available again at 2013-09-24 23:00 UTC.

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  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's back online - you can login.
  16. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    If you can't log in with the 64-bit client (like me) then you should know this:

    And if you don't want to loose PEDs while hunting due to some strange effects you should know this:

    And if you are MA you should know this:

    Please keep your platform business separate from your planet business once and for for all - please refrain from nepotism.
    Please put important universal information first and only in universal official place - please don't put it in a place that by its Terms of Service ensures people sharing that information are breaking laws (like I did above).
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Skill progress panel

  18. Another fine mess. It's a bit like Windows - every successive update things don't improve they just get worse. I waited nearly an hour for the download & install, etc, etc, to finish then it does eventually finish but when about 30 seconds was still showing on the timeline. Now the login time is much longer than it was before as a result of which my screen capture tool won't work properly. I suspect that the download/install finishing prematurely is the cause of this, so sent in a support case...
  19. I tried to download the update for the client loader and am of course having trouble, the problem is that it starts to load and stops a 11% (5.18 MB) exactly every time , then restarts and does the same over and over, always stopping at 5.18 MB. I have a good internet connection, have updated my drivers and have performed all maintenance on operating system ( windows 8 :( ).
  20. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    If the installer from the eu.com website is the problem... it's attached to this post.

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