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  1. This happened to me today november 13th 2018 and to many other players...
    What stability are you talking about Mind Dark ?
    ahhhh the stability we had BEFORE you modified all to become what we got today ? k, I got it now.

    Btw, how can you talk about an ignore list on my ava since I ignored noone ?
    And you know why I don't ? Because I find INCREDIBLY DUMB to see a msg saying I ignored some people each time I log, because I'm going to share a secret with you Mind Dark, if I ignored people that's not to have a dumbish msg reminded me i did...
    Which btw tells me there are certainly a lot of brainless idiots in your office to think we need this msg.

    Entropia 2018-11-13_01.jpg

    And also we have the 10+ year msg "Error: Unknown error" which is displayed each time to announce we're gonna have a lost connection. Just in case you @ Mind Dark did not notice the msg was tagged along with a lost connection each time (where may be you will understand this error is not so much "unknown").
    Honnestly Mind Dark, HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO ACCUSE the players that lost connections of the game are a player side and have the huge hypocrisy to ask people to contact the support department, when the evidences that it is a problem from YOUR SIDE are so BLATANT ????
    In the swedish tradition of... (please remove this sentence from your website so much it tastes like total fake).

    EACH TIME a so called lost connection is gonna happen, it lasts 1 (one) minute, exactly the time we need to wait to log off, where it is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR for me that it is you Mind Dark who are booting off people from the game.
    Will you again DARE to accuse the players of their ISP like you did for miss shots we had in 2003 and more ?

    Entropia 2018-11-13_02.jpg

    I feel i need to ask again...
    Damn, there is no police in sweden ???
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  2. Entropia 2018-11-14_DC My Ass.jpg

    Funny to see how all people who logged off here are all well known players :). And particularily Hunters lol... the big joke.

    There is no personnal loot pool i heard... but is there a personnal lost connection preference ?
    LOL... welcome to EU.

    In the swedish tradition of... ...your persisting problems.
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  3. The rich ones get disconnected before a decent loot and can kill the very same mob twice after login...oh wait, this is an old glitch...maybe snablesnots looting imp pistols ? They were all in an instance looting too much of the good stuff maybe ? MAybe MAybe Maybe...
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  4. Entropia 2018-11-15_Stuck.jpg

    Ahhh but that's true, add a msg "I'm currently away from keyboard." or label avatars with "Away" was a priority for mindark managers, where honnestly nobody cares again and again and again....
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  5. I'm not a hunter and probably not a well-known player either. :P

    I lost connection (not only to EU but internet connection generally) and for a moment struggled to recall if I've paid my ISP. In two minutes or so, it was up again.

    Perhaps there was some trouble affecting half of Europe (the people in the list are all Europeans as far as I can tell).
  6. AND AGAIN !!!

    Entropia 2018-11-15 18-20-27-55.jpg

    May be Mind Dark is stacking for my personnal ATH
    for all money i've been ripped off for the last 15 years...

    Btw, don't forget to call the guiness book, thanks !

    In the swedish tradition of... Bluuuuuurp !
  7. Hey Rimmer and your dear Daddy, are you counting the number of players who are getting ripped off ? There call the Guiness book.

    Another fucking loss day for me...
    1st run 700peds on aurli, 2nd run 500, 3rd run 400
    Total cycled 1600 peds
    Aurli killed 327, NOT A SINGLE GLOBAL
    Number of ninja exploits : countless (no need to ask mindark to respect their own rules, they never do but excel to accuse the players)

    End result, -500 (+all repairs and L items used), loot kept 210 which is just tt crap...
    Fantastic RCE you did (and no this is not a manipulated* gambling game where the makers are not big cheaters implementing tons of exploits, and not big thieves)...

    Yeah I can say, i'm MORE than tired of this fucking scam game !

    There is really no police in sweden ????

    In the swedish tradition of robbing people.
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    Entropia 2018-11-19 21-15-33-32.jpg

    More than bored, support case submited...

    Support Case 364549.jpg
  9. I had to check in my archives,
    This "bug" was indeed already happening since last july, so at least 5 months ago
    And is OFFICIALLY known by MindArk as a known issue, since I know it have been reported hundreds of times until today.
    How can it be possible that still nothing is fixed today ???

    When bugs are affecting mindark, THEY fix them IMMEDIATELY.
    When bugs affect the players, we can wait forever....
    and continue to be STOLEN / SCAMMED.

    And after they DARE to lock people's accounts and accuse for cheats or exploits.

    Yes Mindark, In the swedish tradition of excellence and a very high bar for quality...

    Entropia 2018-07-19 15-17-43-45.jpg

    Support Case made by Rocky.
    I could have done it also as I was in the team.
    I did not because each time i did in the past, mindark never compensated me...


    I'm really sad to ask again...
    There is really no police in sweden ?​
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  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    A serious word to my friend:
    Akbar, old boy, just leave this game of scams'n'bugs! Even if this loot-bug will be fixed one day, a new bug will arise. Or more worst: another old bug will appear again. Revive old bugs is a special skill of MA.
    At least don't pay any more money to them!
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  11. I was really hoping this disgusting feature to be removed, and i can't believe those guys are such fucking low scammers.
    It happened to me again today.

    There is really no police in sweden ? Never in my life i saw people beeing such fucking dishonnest...
    In jail you should be...

    Entropia 2018-12-19 19-23-08-99.jpg
  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Just to be clear... I'm assuming when you found the cow and started shooting it, it was at full health already?

    If so, I'd guess the bug relates to the regen that some mobs have these days. Guessing say mob has 1k hit points, someone takes off 500+ and dies, then the mob regens but MA have already got it on record that > 50% of the mob health was taken off by another player. So when someone else kills it from full health, they can't claim the loot.

    I wonder if it would be possible to test this theory with a smaller mob that doesn't cost much to kill? If it can be shown to be true multiple times and videod.... and that video were posted on a high profile games site... MA might do something
  13. I kill mobs 100%, and i get the msg "loot is claimed by someone else"
    read above this happened to me in july this year when i was in team with rocky, so 6 MONTHS ago
    and it happened to me like 8 times already since july, even mindark told us they are awared of the "issue"
    but NOTHING is fixed => classic mindark behaviour, leading me to wonder if there is police in sweden as scammers are free to behave.

    Mindark gave me back peds when I reported it.
    I asked them if they planned to fix it in my support case, but for sure i had no answer, and closed the support case.
    No, mindark are always great to accuse people or lock their account,
    but when we ask them to remove their digusting features and to be honnest people, that's full silence.
  14. Sure mindark can refund people who complain when doing a support case,
    but imagine the HUGE profit for mindark from people who give up and say nothing.
    A bug whatever it is remaining for months, even years, is NOT a bug. That's a feature.
    When bugs affect mindark, they are fixed immediately.

    "we have checked our logs" Oh really ? But you checked nothing when you locked my account in 2005 and cursed my ava for years making me impossible to hof even i was depositing MONEY, band of liars and thieves.

    And yeah, remove your hypocrit rules about cheats and exploits. YOU are the only ones cheating in this game.

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  15. MindArk Support are like original space invaders game where you can pick off aliens easily at first but as things get more hectic you (I) just stab at the fire button fairly randomly as fast as possible and hope that you wipe them all out to move to the next level.

    I’m drinking cheap blended whisky so this analogy makes sense to me.
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  16. By Mindark request, I post this screenshot of this still unfixed so called bug remaining since now 8 months !!!
    Absolutely unadmittable mindark in a RCE game where people are getting robbed by your lazyness or should I say your inactivity to fix your own bugs which after so many months unfixed are more looking like real features made in purpose than anything else.

    When bugs affect mindark, they are fixed immediately !!!!
    Blueprints of 1 ped, player register telling the right number of accounts (yes what a joke). I can list tons of others...

    Some bugs unfixed were even improved to behave worst on the next update, like the avatar going up and down at revival, which lasted over a year (when the rextelum mob was released). Yes improved as mindark who are not in lack of creativity in this particular domain strangely, made us unable to come back in 1st view so this bug was happening 100% all the time in the next patch. Come back in 1st view was THE WAY TO SOLVE IT. Bravo mindark !!! Who know how to solve bugs but prefer to improve them to behave worse, or simply tell us "this is a known issue" and "we are working on it" but.... we still wait, and we continue to be ripped off.

    "In the swedish tradition of excellence" and "a big bar for quality"

    Entropia 2019-01-18 17-20-25-90.jpg
  17. And again...

    Text will come later, I did an enquiry about all this, and gathered some info...

    Entropia 2019-01-19 12-51-35-08.jpg
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