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Errors, Lag and Bugs

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. This started as "mining sounds went misisng ?" thread and turned into a collection of errors, lag and bugs.
    (feel free to check each single pos tof me in here)

    -Since some time the probe entering the grounds, does not do its "ssheewwww BOOOM" sound anymore.
    -The Claimrod does not make any sound anymore.
    -My Cyrene Excavator has no sound at all.

    One would think such basic stuff would be fixed/return fast...takes away some atmopshere...

    TT value bug of colonist jumper :

    Pick failed, item stays :

    Quad starting to "lag" in midair : (2m forward, 1m back)

    Avatar left, random item stays :

    Auction : You got the PEDs for buyout ? You cant have it !!!

    Jetlag ? Heavy Chatlag !

    What about a nice "Failed to save client chat settings to server" ?

    Blueprints white stamp :

    Swimming animation after getting revived (active since 2004):

    Attach scope and lasers to Cyrene flamethrower :

    Login Errors :

    Error: Unknown Error !

    Internal "Chat stopped starting":

    Not all mobs on radar ("available" since 2004)
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  2. They are too busy trying to find a way to scam $125,000 , that leaves very little time to fix bugs. :wink:
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  3. Start bid is 5000$, with 3 weeks auction, so be sure they're gonna win more than $125,000...
    Btw, when you know that MotherShips were sold for around 70 000 peds, 50 000 for a fast quad seem a bit expensive...
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  4. Just...a bit... ;D

    There is tons of stuff unfixed since years...like Hiruyus flying in the ground.
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  5. that's years that hyriuu fly on the ground, and be sure that all possible cheat will stay unfixed for years (making them become real features). nothing new.
  6. I have serious doubts they be able to sell all 25 at that ridiculous price. There's what 4 on auction and only 1 with a bid? over priced....
    I could be wrong...I guess time will tell...
  7. there is no hurry to bid today, most people will wait the end days,
    this also certainly too because the SB is stupidly high.
    * and to bid people need to do a 50 000 depo, not all have such depo limit opened :)
  8. oj 86.
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  9. Try to pick up objects just after someone else picked em up...denied, please try again xD
    Item stays there until a relog.

    oil denied.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Their testing must be non existant afaict. I didn't report the mining sounds bug yet. Thanks for reminding me. They did at least seem to fix the "things rendering in blue or green first" bug that was introduced a few VU's ago. I noticed there is a bug with auction stats distplay on the 1 year view too I need to report.

    I wish I had a one button press way to take and upload a screenshot then put it's URL on the clipboard.... hmm that could be a little project....
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  11. flying fap.

    Remnants of an avatar, that is no longer at this position...but his FAP is.

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  12. insufficient.

    You want it ? You cant have it !
  13. What about jetlag (chatlag) ? Takes like 1-3 minutes to send messages...

    Or u got a :

    failed message.

    Because it doesnt know who you just selected....

    unknown chat.
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  14. Failed to save client chat settings to server wasnt the only thing I got today.

    -Rubberbanding like in 2001.
    -Mobs shot half way down jumping back to their original position
    -Lots of non looters
    -Nearly no skills
    -Lots of evade/miss from mobs
    -Lots of "fail" messages from shooting

    failed to save client server.

    Or what about some fancy "has left joined" ? Happened over hours. Sometimes like this...and not it werent people on same server areas.

    has left joined.
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  15. more we play, and more the interface is incredibly bugged.
    Relog and notice you are not in team anymore,
    or you are in team but the team tab disappeared,
    and i experienced this yesterday at CP : i get the globals like in team, but i can not loot, saying the loot belongs to someone else...
    And there are really tons of bugs in the new interface...
    I just wonder if mindark will wait until nobody can not play the game anymore to decide to fix their bugs...
    Saddly classic, mindark are doing profits from letting bugs alive for months, even years,
    but even worst, from improving those bugs.... like the shaking ava when reviving, that they "improved" by disallowing us to come back in 1st view, which was increasing this shake "so called bug".
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  16. not sure if pvp zones are supposed to work this way, but anti-toxic shot got refunded as peds after going in to a zone and logging out and reviving. If that's the way it's supposed to be, I might have to go in more often, lol.
  17. Swimming animation after getting revived.
    Active "bug/glitch" since 2004 :

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  18. Maybe because of...naaahhh....
  19. Login errors ? Weekly ? Daily ? Here you have em :
    all errors aio.

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