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  1. Steadily decreasing robot excavation of DSUs (Data Storage Units) has been reported at the Hadesheim crater this year. Recently, this excavation came to a complete stop. It appears all DSUs have finally been extracted and depleted — there are simply no functioning DSUs left. Without information from the DSUs to guide us, the precious technology in the hidden RX caches is unreachable. For now.

    Instead, the CDF has a new plan of attack: tap into the heart of robot communications at Hadesheim - the Base Matrix.

    The Grid Theory formulated by Archibald Levetnik (A.K.A. 'Grid-Man') identified the significance of Base Matrix ‘node areas’. One of these node areas was secured by colonists via the successful repulsion of Steelbirds and Attackers. Once the general area was cleared the CDF established the node’s precise location.

    We now plan to deploy a specially designed communications array directly above the node’s location: a Data Interceptor. The Data Interceptor will tap into the Base Matrix network and gather intelligence data. The operation will begin immediately after the Data Interceptor has the been given the green light for deployment.

    Of course, the robots will return to eliminate it.

    Knowledge is power. We must know our enemy.

    That is why — when the time comes — we must defend the Data Interceptor.

    /Brig. General de Souza

    Event Dates

    • Mar. 29, 13:00:00 UTC - Easter Mayhem 2018 begins.
    • Apr. 09, 13:00:00 UTC - Easter Mayhem 2018 ends.
    • Apr. 17 - Final event results announced. Prizes awarded in the following days.

    Head over to the Easter Mayhem 2018 event page for full event details, prizes, rules and info.

  2. Dont get me wrong MindArk, I did not even register to the event...

    Apparently i have been reading on some channels, that people already found a way to cheat the event.
    A simple relog inside the instance, and the timer stops !
    More details on how this cheat is working will probably be explained on PCF forum, if one does lol...

    Funny how a simple relog seem to bring easy cheat process (wasnt it a relog that made buff staks to become another cheat system ? ),
    and noone ever tested this before ?
    I mean before releasing this new timer feature ?

    In less than 5 hours after the start of the event that was very fast,
    may be it is a good thing to call the guiness book...
    "the swedish tradition of excellence" and "very high bar for quality", damn, where did i hear about this ?

    Btw, you can reward me for this info,
    before Vodka wins the event and do a video after.

    But sorry, I am not swedish, this you noticed already...
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  3. Yup, its is simple as that :

    exploit mayhem.jpg

    And you can even go further...mobs wont attack all...which works in the whole universe btw.
  4. Thank you Mc & Maiden

    Exploit explained (like I posted above) : Stop the timer + pre-damage mobs...

    Hey MindArk, I have found in my archives,
    proof that I was 4000 in Sweat Gatherer MONTHS before Mega,
    Just in case you planned to give him another named teleporter + outpost (+ suddenly give him incredible luck hunting)..
    He should not have been rewarded with it... I SHOULD.
    Mega must be swedish, or explain me why ?
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  5. Mega is British.

    As for your other questions, I have no answers.
  6. I know I did not report the exploit to mindark directly to their Support Dpt,
    I avoid this "support" Dpt who clearly BETRAYED me during the years,
    I did so much for them and I have been treated ABSOLUTELY UNFAIRLY,
    but I want to point the fact that I was THE FIRST to publish this info in a public forum, ie here on EP.

    This exploit was explained to me by a player, and this is how I decided to publish it, with his agreement.
    I knew that at a time or another, someone would talk about it on PCF, or/and send official report, see my comments on Post #2.

    I dont hide my questions and comments, I AM and have always been someone HONNEST, but MA showed me they did not care.
    but by respect of privacy for the player who explained the bug i deleted his name :

    Mayhem 2018 Exploit .jpg

    Chronology :

    2018-03-29 19:48 : I asked to be explained how this exploit was behaving (21h48 my time)
    Only 6 hours after the start of the event

    Easter Mayhem 2018 posted by Akbar (post #2), 2018-03-29 22h49

    Rocky sent my link to the livesupport, indirectly means to the support Dpt / Mindark (23h04 my time)
    2018-03-29 21:04:34 [FROM: TheRock Animalcommander RockY] i sent the link to some livesupport

    Enigma riddle posted by Maiden (see post #11), 2018-03-30 03h53

    Easter Mayehem - "Features" posted by Maiden, 2018-03-30 17h13
    EDIT : * Thread DELETED by PCF. (I was smart enough to keep pages in my archives)

    Mayhem Exploits - What Should MA Do? posted by MsPudding, 2018-03-30 19h17

    Easter Mayhem Update Posted by BerthaBot, 2018-03-30 - 20h55

    Easter Mayhem Infos posted by Maiden, 2018-03-31 10h05

    Info - Easter Ring 2018 posted by MsPudding, 2018-04-01 10h25

    Selling - Easter Ring 2018 posted by MsPudding, 2018-04-01 10h37

    Easter Mayehem - "Features" posted by Maiden, 2018-03-30 17h13
    EDIT #2 : PCF restored the thread (I must admit I had never seen this - An order "from above" that's sure).
    Thread restored in the afternoon 2018-04-01.
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  7. Easter Mayhem Exploit - Anihilation 354751 2018-03-29 21:30:00 2018-03-30 08:19:32 Closed
    Easter Mayhem Exploit 354737 2018-03-29 15:42:19 2018-03-29 15:55:34 Closed

    This is when I sent them. 1st I reported to live support Aphrodite. Ofc I had the stupid copy-paste reply which means we don't give a crap on that so I made all public to force em do something. From what I see seems others found em 1st :))) but meh ... I didn't started the event when it begun I had a 5h delay at least or around.... From what I hear there are other exploits too but seems ppl don't wanna talk about it..... MA doesn't care and protect their chosen ones so .... we all must have the fun we can.
    Anyway nice work Akbar for sharing this infos on other sites (I know the Mega story.... but well he did braged about it and .... but what do I know...).
    I use only the caly forum not the global one. MA hate me anyway so I don't care "_".
    Have a nice time all.

    (This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors. : in case this post will be approved) The thread on PCF was deleted where I posted the exploits, so yes what Akbar described is what you can do
    1. Annihilation
    Go instance, activate timer, suicide, log-off(while dead- you must be dead),re-log, pre-damage mobs, activate timer, loot, suicide, repeat
    2. Defence
    Go instance, gather mobs on you and suicide, revive only when new wave appear and gather mobs. Once mobs hit you they never hit the generator again. If you manage to gather enough around generator just lie down since others can't approach. Each 10 min (10 waves) you get free box and token...
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  8. Yes,
    More than bored of completly bugged updates once released.
    More than bored of so easily cheats and exploits found almost immediately on Events.
    More than bored of favoritised players who can cheat strongly and are never worried since years, and worse who are rewarded after.
    More than bored of HUGE loots given to noobs while real players who contributed heavily to the game are fucked (fake advertising).

    After 15, 16, 17 years of activity since Project Entropia, How can it be possible that all this can happen again today ?
    "the swedish tradition of excellence" and "very* high bar for quality" yes MindArk, we would like to see it alive.

    2004-2018 = 14 years in game, and I continue to YELL the unfair behaviour I received, but I am still with you.

    You MindArk should show the example.
    Instead of all the time accuse the players to hide your responsabilities
    and your lack of respect of YOUR OWN rules and EULA.

    I can list so many cheats and exploits from the game itself.
    My archives are filled by tons of those...

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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Please post them. The only way to get change is to initiate it. Apparently support cases don't matter, but having the exploits out there in the open might finally do something. And at the same time, it helps to prove how "solid" their system really is, and show how much they really value quality.

    Oh, and for what it's worth, things won't be deleted here.
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  10. That's to MindArk to do the 1st step in the right direction.

    Once they show "the right" way to do, I will bring the necessary.
    But I won't take them by the hand...
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    I'm not sure what triggered that, but have approved your post.
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    Well, the way I see it is that maiden posted, and MA shortly after announced they would take action. Apparently putting them on the spot by exposing exploits publicly forces their hand.
  13. Easter Mayhem Infos
    Well... I did more test. I am not sure if they are bugs or not, maybe I am nuts or not. I see them as just normal improvements to get a better loot for example.
    I will start sharing. They are only advices you can use or not or just ignore or MA can delete this thread too.

    1. Changing instance each 10-15 minute improve the loot you get or bonus points. I saw (during multiple tests) that "luck" change based on instance. I will link some screenshots I took. I maybe be totally nuts but meh.... Is quite simple, you have 3 cases: a) nothing, shit loot; b) swirl; c) bonus points. From what I saw or u get swirl or bonus never both. I did longer runs too and didn't saw the same thing as I did on changing instance each 10-15 min.
    2. If you start event, camp (10-15 min as I say till u hit 1k bonus) or 1h till 5k bonus (or maybe u get it in 10-15 min) you continue, if not you just reset event to 0 points. This way u're assured with a 5k points start in 1st h.... 99% players start with prolly 200 points in 1st h.... so that make a huge difference. After which you may or not apply what I posted on point 1.
    3. Is better to camp same respawn point (left side/ middle/ right side) not picking mobs from all parts....
    4. A cheap hunt can be (I talk for cat 7 now) [Adjusted Harrier Assault Harness (M)]+[Hermetic Ring Augmented] as items and weapon : [ArMatrix LR-70 (L)] (lr-65, 60,75, 80) + [Mayhem L-Amplifier Beta (L)] and you can hunt em easy just walking backwards. (add a [HyperStim 10mg] and a [AccuStim 10mg] will make some wonders too) and ofc the [Ares Ring Improved]. No need of anything more then that. Same setup apply for lower categs using lower armatrix and an alpha amp or higher categs using up to delta amp.
    5. Free heal ? ... ummm enter instance with no heal and exit it.... poof u full hp
    i think I forgot some, I am too tired atm [​IMG] but will post if I remember , now the screens [​IMG]

    (This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors...... )

    screens on PCF:
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    Nope, they cannot. MA does not control this forum in any way, shape or form.

    For what it's worth, for anyone reading this, keep in mind that whatever is posted might or might not be considered an exploit, and thus might or might not give you an unfair advantage. This means that as long as these conditions exist, MindArk might choose to label the use thereof as an exploit, and possibly take action against anyone using it. Or not. It is MindArk, after all.

  15. Sniching 2 more :
    1. Increase defence time with medstims (depending on budget) put u kinda in god mode
    2. Better use acc + hyper instead acc + hyper + deva (1st combo trigger more crtis then second)
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