NEVERDIE News: Discover the Future of Gaming with NEVERDIE at Gam3rcon in San Diego

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    Kill two Birds with one stone this year and visit Gam3rCon and ComiCon in one wild escapde to San Diego. NEVERDIE will participate in a sure to be fascinating panel on the future of gaming, so be sure to stop by and say hello!


    FRIDAY 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM

    Look into our crystal ball and see the future of the video game industry! This panel takes its inspiration from the new feature film, Video Games, The Movie, by Jeremy Snead. We’ll view exclusive clips from the movie with live director commentary, featuring the creators of the industry, icons of classic gaming and celebrities. We’ll take a look at video game history and current trends, and we’ll talk to visionaries and industry icons about the exciting possibilities in store for video games as a culture and an industry.
    David Baxter is Brand Activation Manager and founding staff member for Wikipad Inc. which manufactures a premium Android tablet with a detachable controller that enables immersive mobile gaming. David has worked in the Entertainment industry for over twenty years as a development executive, screenwriter and comic book writer. His history with video gaming dates back to the day they wheeled the first PONG arcade cabinet into his local hobby store. David is also an avid Cosplayer, so you never know when he might appear in costume.​

    Rick Sanchez, VP of Product and Marketing, OnLive
    Rick was a co-founder at IGN, where he served as VP of publishing for, GameSpy and Rotten Tomatoes. He launched GameTap for Turner Broadcasting, where he headed up original game development, including American McGee’s Grimm and the first two seasons of Telltale Games’ Sam & Max episodic series. Rick was also formerly VP of Digital for Trion Worlds, where he helped to launch RIFT, and General Manager of Rick has reviewed every game platform from the SNES and Genesis through the PS3 and Xbox 360, and has written for Next Generation and Ultra Game Players magazines.

    Cliff Michael Bleszinski, popularly known as CliffyB, is a video game designer, and former design director for the game development company Epic Games. He is most famous for his role in the development of the Unreal franchise, especially 1999′s Unreal Tournament and the Gears of War franchise.
    Cas Anvar is best know to Comic-Con audiences for his role as the legendary Assassin Altair from Assassins Creed Revelations as well as his roles in Call Of Duty:BO2, Halo4, Command & Conquer and Star Wars Clone Wars. Cas is Also an accomplished film, television and stage actor, Most recently Cas enjoyed working opposite Ben Affleck in the Oscar winning feature film Argo and currently is awaiting the release of the highly anticipated feature film Diana in which he plays boyfriend of Princess Diana Dodi Fayed opposite Naomi Watts.

    Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs is the creator of the MMORPG Avatar Neverdie. Jon founded Neverdie Studios in 2008 and developed Rocktropia, an increasingly popular zombie infested virtual World with Horror and pop culture iconography. Jon is the Creative Director of Zombie Kong in partnership with NBC, a mega shared loot mob boss game with real cash prizes. Jon was also the originator of the official Michael Jackson Virtual World. He sees the future of gaming inextricably linked with the future of our species.

    Jeremy Snead is the founder of Mediajuice Studios, an award-winning film production studio based in Dallas, TX. Jeremy has directed many commercials video game trailers, short films & music videos for triple A video game and consumer products companies like Hasbro, Activision and many more. Video Games: The Movie is Jeremy Snead’s first feature film.

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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Wonder if it will be streamed somewhere?
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  3. I was thinking the same thing when reading it..I sure hope so!!
  4. ~sigh...ya know, I told myself a few days ago that maybe I was being too negative about EU and I would try to be more objective and be less negative...but after reading the above paragraph, all I can say is...Really??
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  5. Most of the small shows are not streamed to make ticket sales, though usually allow people to record stuff that attend. I am sure something will crop up at some point on the show, video footage wise.

    Nothing new there, marketing hype is the norm, even if the facts are twisted to suit their needs or if it is vague enough to be correct, leaving out the finer details;

    For example on the finance aspect which Neverdie's so called fame is hinged on primarily with little to do with games/gaming experience itself, the costs that offset these so called "mega" prizes being somewhat more than the prize itself and that only a few who participate get any part of the "shared loot" while the majority involved miss out and lose entirely in their gamble to obtain a share of the "shared loot" prize, etc the list goes on.

    Personally I do not mind hype and enthusiasm, though the content of what he has to say to support this hype and enthausiasm needs to fit the reality of how it is.

    This we will see from what he has to say, "this time around".

    I do understand where your coming from Steve based on history for both Neverdie and John Bates lol.
    Nothing new in that respect, but maybe something may change "this time around".

    Too early to comment for now.
    Note: Notice no mention of Entropia or MindArk in the marketing.
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  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    With the mention of the Jackson planet I wonder how much Neverdie knew about this piece of text, I mean why would that be named if it just does not exists?
  7. Well, this wasn't written up by Neverdie but by the people at Gam3rCon :

    So yes, the people there who probably did some research didn't do as good as they could have since yes we do see some errors here and there. But who knows, we just may have a MJ planet out there somewhere!! :)
  8. Yep agree to an extent.

    Keep in mind that throwing in a few famous names and relating it to something as interesting as SEE's intent on making Planet Michael once upon a time can always draw in the attention of that famous person's fanbase which is by no means small, even if they are doing it to just make ticket sales.

    I am sure, if you click on Source in the article, Neverdie himself having reviewed it would have corrected this if it was unfounded and untrue without the facts to back it up and not just hot air. (Then again, as in my previous post *smiles*)

    Ref interview with SEE >

    This forum's (Entropia Planets) Wiki entry >

    More info on SEE's attempt to buy Planet Calypso and make Planet Michael >

    With correct SEO on the site and search engines picking up this information, extends the advertisement reach to those people whether directly or indirectly referring them to this game show from whatever site they are looking at at the time.

    It is all part of marketing, no matter how "unethical" it may seem, even though as OzTwo said, writen by the gameshow's PR department with being somewhat (Though I doubt it with google at hand) clueless.

    How this relates to ND, well who knows;
    He may have had a finger in the pie, he may just be taking credit for it in the hope it does not backfire.
    We do not have any hard facts to work with, and ND probably does not either, it is just hot air for now.

    As far as where SEE and Planet Michael trail somewhat ends >

    And XPEC >

    Going slightly OT to OP,

    Grab this of which you then throw the new artwork to reflect Entropia's ComPet
    Whola, MindArk's next revolutionary big thing is now done and dusted lol :D

    MindArk could even reword this too to save time :rofl: I will stop after this one :tongue4:

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  9. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Looks like Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs is still working hard to promote the universe. And as owner of CLD he kind of work for me so I am happy he is working his ass off to make me more money. Work, little bee, work, daddy need more cash.
  10. Most of what I am going to say here is before your time joining Entropia Universe Axe, be that somewhere in 2010+ IIRC from your blog.

    Yes, Neverdie invests the energy, but I am not sure how you define the word promote in that some promotion is actually counter-productive (a bad thing) long term if done in the way he has promoted PE/EU "on many occassions" historically.

    Whenever I see Neverdie or John Bates used in promoting Entropia Universe, it unsettles me and many others who once cared (some still do in part) for Entropia Universe.

    Even though this is from the opposite end of the spectrum, yet conceptually holds the same meaning;
    You do know of the story of the boy who cried wolf ?

    People's awareness of Entropia Universe and what it is about from media & game site sources is growing and has done so for many years. In saying that, a lot of it is negative & factual, the reality of what is really on offer;

    Granted some of it is positive too outlining the positive aspects of Entropia Universe, though these facts are so far and few between all the negative aspects to give it any sort of balance. This deters a lot from experiencing Entropia from the get go.

    The gamer is becoming more weary these days in looking at what games have to offer and what others have to say about a game.

    A lot of this negativity regarding Entropia is in fact purely through the efforts of John Bates and Neverdie's marketing/promotion efforts (Hype) ... Like that good old used car sales man style of promoting the car with a no refund warranty that will break down a day of being out of the car-yard as being a gem that you will only find once in a life time ;)

    Anyway as unsettling as it is to hear and see, maybe something has changed in Neverdie over the last few years. Maybe Neverdie is even reading today and is taking notice of what is being requested of Klas Moreau at MindArk and may apply this to himself as a new way to approach things, who knows if he is following that discussion, post # 23 and onward ;)

    Neverdie has been humbled quite a few times in the past by the community, so he may put a bit of thought into the words that come out of his mouth about Entropia Universe when he speaks next for all of its invested customers and the product/service rather than gloating about CND which gave him his fame and so called gamer expert status.

    A lot of hidden facts there too from the horse's (Neverdie's) mouth, though a certain interview he did with a reputable press organisation before the "estate sale" very announcement from MindArk to the Entropia userbase was made (Oops) which was quickly removed, yet not all is lost in that respect. ;)

    Without going into detail on the Neverdie CND interview incident before its sale as it still presents itself as hitting a raw nerve with some to date, we do remember how this all went down, and continued to go down and down ..... Check with Mesh to see if he has a copy of the bio stored as I only have a backup (Not online, digitally stamped backup)

    IIRC the above interview incident (Which was removed soon after being published) also crops up in there somewhere in the linked blog entries as well (Maybe in the comments) as a link at some point. I could be wrong.

    So before saying oh goodie he is promoting Entropia and seeing the cash (temporarily, since there is a sucker born every minute) flow in in the short term on your CLD investments, consider the possibilities of Neverdie's promotion on the long term impact of your CLD investments rather than a smart crack (Pot Shot) which to me (My opinion) is being short-sighted in that this promotion made by Neverdie once again may be counter-productive in eventually adding more shit to the shit-heap (If history repeats itself) that MA (Who also continues to add massively to this shit-heap on a regular basis) & planet partners now need to push uphill to positively make ground in getting anywhere with the Entropia Universe product/service on offer, including the attraction of future participants and the retention of these future and existing participants alike.
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  11. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    The time of the panel :)
  12. @Axe, I put in a bit of effort to reread those blogs. Here is the relevant info on the interview:
    The point being that there is more than meets the eye as to how things have turned out in Entropia.

    Quoted ----------------------------------->
    Derek Worly says:

    Just to add a little fuel to the "Neverdie possibly being connected with MindArk" fire, this article from the Telegraph was once referenced on EntropiaForums (not affiliated with MindArk) and the thread was quickly deleted from said forums.

    The relevent quote comes from Jon Jacobs, where he says: "I'm negotiating with the developers to build the greatest virtual nightclub ever,"

    That article ran on January 9, 2005. Jon "Neverdie" Jacobs supposedly won that virtual nightclub in a fair and legitimate auction in October of that year. He may have "negotiated" with them, and gone through the pretense of an auction for the publicity, or it may have happened as all the press releases say it did. However, it is not libelous to say that his quote doesn't necessarily jibe with those press releases and makes one more curious about the transaction.

    However, and I believe this was part of Dan's original point, the mainstream press seems to have no such curiosity. Hype sells. Pointing that out is nothing to apologize for.

    End quote -------------->

    You can find more info too on the EP wiki >
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  13. Other than what I wrote earlier in response to OzTwo about adding famous people & SEO;
    One must also consider why in particular Michael Jackson ....

    That is where one starts to look at things like demographics and the relationship to the said person.
    Easiest is to read the wiki entry, so much info >

    There you will find your answers :)

    Official home, Neverland Ranch, CA up to 2005.

    Neverland 1988-2005
    Bahrain 2005-2006
    Las Vegas 2006-2008
    Los Angeles 2009

    Place of passing > 100 N. Carolwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077
    So this would definitely grab the attention of those within the proximity of where the show is being held.

    Lots of tactics, including but not limited to psychological ones are often exploited in marketing.
    Keep in mind this is all pure speculation as to "potentially" why this may be the case.
    Anyway it is now 1am and even trolls must sleep, good night and have fun!
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  14. I was wondering that as well...but it's actually a link on the Nerverdie Studio's page...with pics..
    So I guess it's ok to show work you've done as a studio even if it never made it to finished
    The other thing that stood out to me was the phrase "real cash prizes."
    I dunno...that just seems like an odd phrase considering how EU works..
    By the way I wasn't kicking at ND...I'm pretty sure he didn't write it or really have much to do with it. Probably they just grabbed the info off Wikipedia and his websites...
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  15. The Neverland project on his portfolio came after the media mention of Planet Michael which the Jackson estate has ties to with SEE as being the official Michael Jackson Virtual World. I looked for the IP acquistion for creating the Neverland project via the Jackson estate and came up empty, so maybe this is why we see some artwork and no further mention of it than some pics. Probably better to title the project, fan art.

    In the mass marketing for the gameshow it gives people the impression that his studio is building such a virtual world with having acquired the IP rights. Correct me if I am wrong having come up empty on this, maybe I have missed something.

    From what I can see Neverdie has not acquired the IP rights to do so.

    I will take another look into it, for now, this stands as the official Michael Jackson Virtual World >

    Here is the timeline of events since >
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  16. Well colour me blind if I have missed something. I may still have.

    I have spent the better part of the last few hours using a multithreaded search engine program that utilises over 100+ search engines to search everything from websites, from within social media sites like facebook and twiter, photo-storage sites for image tags, newsgroups and the list goes on.

    I also used Ubuntu 12.04LTS VM with VPN client to circumvent geographic restrictions in searching sites overseas from within that country, where my IP would be seen as originating from within that country.

    Still ocming up empty on anything that can be used to certify Neverdie & Neverdie Studios as holding the IP rights to create such content on or about Michael Jackson either past or present or with future intent to.

    The only thing that I did find rather interesting was this topic of discussion :)

    It caught a few of the search queries I used :)
    "Piracy is one of those issues that will absolutely never die, ..."

    Did anyone else come up with anything ?
    If not I think it is safe to say he does not have ownership of the IP.

    I realise it would be easier to talk direct with the estate, however that may have implications for ND depending on what the facts are, not something I care to be a part of.

    Time for this dynamic carebear to get some rest.
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  17. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I can tell you from personal experience working with Jon in the beginning pre- and post-CND, that he is very much involved in his own PR, and feeds information to the press the way he wants himself to be seen. However, to what extent he was involved in this current promotion, I couldn't say, only that he revels in his own PR, and since this is a big deal, and I'm sure was quite involved in the planning of it, then it wouldn't surprise me at all that he had a hand in what went into the press about the events.

    I can tell you that when I did a very extensive interview with him for the December 2010 issue of the EntropiaTimes magazine, that he wanted to write his own bio (history beginning as a kid) and what brought him to his current day involvement in virtual world activities. I agreed, and then did my own "MS9 thing" with it as most interviewees would say to me (just add your MS9 magic to it), but ... I wasn't going to let him get away without answering some questions, so I made a rather long list and sent it to him, which he graciously took the time to respond to and is included in the interview. The interview starts on page 26.

    You might find that one interesting as well, but since the ET magazine doesn't seem to be available through the forum, then Peter or Tass or someone will have to tell you how to access them. As another option, I could always email the PDF's to anyone who would like them, but let's see what the Admins say about gaining access.
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  18. Most of the panels talks are on Youtube already;
    "The Future of Gaming" panel with Neverdie in it I have not seen yet. I thought it rude that Neverdie (2nd from the left) did not even get a mention (Mouse hover over names at the bottom to see).
    WikiPad & CoHosted by Onlive @ Gam3rCon 2014.


    With David Baxter, Rick Sanchez, Cas Anvar, Randy Pitchford and Jeremy Snead at Gam3rCon.
    (See link above to see who is who via Facebook)

    Media wrap-up on the panel:
    The Future of Gaming Panel Recap – Gam3rCon 2014

    Highlighted in red is potentially the reason we may not end seeing a video recorded version.
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  19. Having "Michael Jackson" inside a text can neve rbe wrong.
    While Planet MJ is not (yet) existing, it is never wrong to mention his name in combination with (your) Music-Planet. :p (what a naaammeeee)

    Also the text says "Jon WAS also the originator of the official Michael Jackson Virtual World".
    (he probably no longer IS, but of course only Neverdie knows)

    Neverdie was/is heavily involved into Planet MJ development and the screenshots defenitly have the look&feel of Rocktropia. The planet might be dead (for now), but "Jon WAS the originator of the official Michael Jackson Virtual World". So I dont SEE a real problem with the research of gam3rcon.

    And as the text sounds indeed like standard MindArk propaganda, I think someone threw indeed an eye on it before it got released to the public.
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