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Crystal Palace Deeds

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator


    Multi-world massive multiplayer game offers opportunity for players to invest and earn convertible currency

    GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – Dec. 20, 2018 Timeless virtual multi-world Entropia Universe continues to break boundaries between video game and real world, with an all-new opportunity for players to own part of the game’s evolving universe. In the first half of 2019, new and existing users will have an opportunity to invest in a piece of the long-running massively multiplayer online (MMO) game by purchasing shares to the historic Crystal Palace location. This pilot investment opportunity marks the first time that a private owner of virtual property is selling shares in a newly created virtual company in Entropia Universe.

    The 500,000 available shares equal 100% of the Crystal Palace land area and will be sold in Entropia Universe for 10 Project Entropia Dollars (PED) or $1.00 USD each. Anyone interested can purchase shares for Crystal Palace using an Entropia Universe account. All shares pay out in convertible in-game dividends and are available to be bought and resold throughout Entropia Universe.

    The now 13-year-old Crystal Palace consists of four different dome locations, featuring two unique creatures, with 10 varying levels of difficulty, that Entropia Universe players can hunt for loot. When the Crystal Palace was originally sold to the current private owner in 2009, it was one of many times Guinness Book of Records recorded a sale in Entropia Universe. Shareholders will get a proportional cut of the total loot collected across all four domes in the form of PED and can then choose to convert their earnings into real money.

    The upcoming Crystal Palace shares are one of the many ways that investment-minded players can earn real-world profits from Entropia Universe. With more than a billion microtransactions taking place in Entropia Universe every month, Entropia Universe boasts a yearly Gross Domestic Product of more than $400 million – equivalent to the nation of Tonga. Entropia Universe property sales in the past have broken world records, including the very first virtual property worth more than $1,000,000.

    Over this past year alone, the Crystal Palace earned an approximate return on investment of 17% for its current owner.



    Further info:
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  2. And the milking continues...with an out of the ordinary idea...even more deeds ! x'D

    Gamasutra even calls it "pilot investment opportunity"...ya, epic.
    I was hoping for the camera deeds though...

    So, what happened ? Did Erik approach MA, or vice versa ? Is he cashing out this way ?
    Did MA force him to ? ;D

    Lets go...Wonacott Communications for MindArk !

    "Buzz Erik Lightyear" aka. Erik Novak from Canada, is now the 1st private owner of virtual property, selling shares in a newly created virtual company in Entropia Universe. It says on Gamasutra.

    Photos and info about Buzz removed,
    on request of Buzz himself.

    Just another crowdfunding inside of Entropia...because nothing else matters.

    10 PED per deed ? 100 ? 1000 ?

    So, no word from Buzz about it (yet)...gg


    crystal palace deeds 2018.

    Today Mr. Wennergrund posted this on facebook :

    crystal palace deeds 2018 2.

    While I remember Erik as a very friendly person aka. "one of the good guys", Im quit baffeled, that he got even deeper into Mindarks business. I hope he used this opportunity to "cash out"...but I dont think so...and Id love to read the NDA...

    Anyway, good luck Buzz, you'll need it...
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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's just a press release that Gamasutra is displaying. A result of just another dirty game: shiny PR agencies promise to create press releases with a lot of impact generating immense sale of games using their 125 years of industry experience and relying on thousands of journalists on their friendslist as a result of decades of intense networking, of course that will cost, let's say 1500 bucks per month, but all they'll ever do is sent press releases to well-known and outdated press email lists and upload the press releases to max 2 or 3 platforms that interested journalists check regularly and from one of these platforms Gamasutra is fetching all press releases automatically, in general those make little to no impact, whatever, MindArk has the best partners... Once I'm CEO this will change too, guess what, I have a business account for the press platform too, I could easily add such press releases, just better and almost for free :)
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  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's crazy to think that something that sold for 330k in 2009 is now worth 500k while in the meantime interest in EU has decreased, various planets have launched and a couple of more high end properties have been added. But in the end I guess human greed will win :)
  5. People pay what they think its worth....no matter the price...
    They will have all the time to complain later or stfu 4ever, because it wont be worth it. ;)

    Zynga, Bitcoin, Star Citizen...while those examples DID work, Entropia is still rotting in a drawer, that noone ever heard of before...until the next PR-gag gets pulled out of it...and the drawer gets closed again...repeat...

    It is always the same handfull of people cheering and only now and then temporary, rich retards, that spend/scam huge sums inside of Entropia...while it slowly crawls back into the rotten drawer...

    Embarassing :)
  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I wonder what this means:

    "This pilot investment opportunity marks the first time that a private owner of virtual property is selling shares in a newly created virtual company in Entropia Universe."

    Can we soon (MindArk calendar) all create virtual companies inside EU and sell shares? Would it also work with off-game assets? Like EntropiaPlanets company selling shares of EntropiaPlanets inside EU? (don't buy, it's just a money eating black hole :) )

    Hm, terms like "company", "shares" and "property" sounds like the conjuring of a regulation nightmare.
  7. the whole crystal palace area, yes? two unique creatures, yes?

    i really suggest MA to learn about their own fucking game, or was it skynet who developed the broods? :bigsmile:
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I also wonder what this is about:
    My understanding of economics is really limited but isn't GPD the sum of the value of newly created consumer goods? Then how exactly is a value of 400 Million produced inside EU? That's multiple times the value of deposits as per MA's annual report. It's also over 100 times the revenue of Planet Calypso as per MA's CLD revenue audits.

  9. Hold your horses !

    Buzz: "Let me sell shares...just like Arkadia !"

    MA:"Grrreeeat ! What an idea, but this means you sell Crystal Palace..to..deed holders...making millions....having to pay some pecs every month...and we want some too !!!111"

  10. You clearly forgot about their Educational sector, NASA, their Virtual Office Meeting App, Mobile Game section...man, the list is endless ! x'D
  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    :) But is says "Entropia Universe boasts" not "Business VR, IP Exchange, DeepTech, Mobile Game, Vegas to Macau Casinos, Empaticus Hong Kong Ltd's Human Flourishing Universe, AmVRrica, Real Life Banking, NASA Educational MMO and the 7 Million concurrent users of Cyber Recreation District (C.R.D.) boast"
  12. EU is everything ! :p

    Diversity, you know x'D
  13. Yes I think this extract from the C.R.D. lie sorry link that Tass posted (above) was responsible for the massive inflation in hangar prices?

    The new project will permit up to 7 million concurrent users logged into the virtual universe with an overall aim to attract some 150 million users from all over the world. Entropia Universe, a 3-dimensional universe on the Internet intended for entertainment, work, commerce, community building, culture, and much more, is expected to generate over $1 billion annually in commerce from this partnership.

    David Liu, the CEO of Cyber Recreation Development Corp. says, "It is estimated that the project will generate some 10,000 qualified job opportunities in China. An important aspect for this project is also the positive effects on our environment that we foresee. People will actually be able to work from home inside Entropia Universe, as many people do today, even from rural areas, thereby decreasing the amount of pollution generated by travel.

  14. Thats how all the bullshit eventually started. Sadly David Liu died...and the whole CyberRecreatioDistrict got canceled...because of 1 single human.

    I would have loved to SEE the outcome...150 million...1 billion...work from inside Entropia...decrease pollution...thats old neverdie bullshit btw...

    Their mouth was always full...and it usually ended up in ugly puke...a nice shower for fanboys btw...sometimes they even swallowed that puke, to prevent...you know the story.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So... my mind immediately turned to the numbers... MA claim a 17% ROI in the past year for the current owner. Discounting what he spent on upkeep (unless MA included that in the 17% - doubtful) and looking at your linked article claiming he spent $330,000 on it, if both are true, that means in the last year he got $56100 back. Let's imagine we'd all invested in his 500k shares at the start of 2018, we'd be seeing a 11.22% ROI which is OK.

    Keeping in mind the cash is tied into Entropia, when considering as an "investment" one should always contemplate these 10 things.

    1. If you want to sell, you have to find a buyer
    2. The future share value isn't guaranteed to go up (but this is Entropia so it probably will... if [big if given MA's recent track record] MA deliver the code/system that is...)
    3. MA are not being clear about that 17% figure (I'd accuse them of deliberate vagueness in fact) and it isn't guaranteed to be true, and hasn't been audited - there is no proof
    4. There is a minimum withdrawal limit
    5. When removing cash from Entropia, MA "taxes" it (remind me how much?) on the way out of the game.
    6. Your bank will likely also "tax" it as you transfer the USD to your own currency
    7. The value of USD against your own currency may fluctuate for the better or worse.
    8. What other high percentage/high risk investments are there as an alternative to Entropia, that might give similar returns? For example I hear nutmeg can give out 7% or so on a good day.
    9. Mindark may take the money and not get round to implementing the code to support it either ever, or within the next 6 months as they vaguely indicate they might
    10. There may be bugs or something go wrong to mess up player activity on the space station.

    I'm trying to decide if I should invest some of my CLD dividend peds in some CPDs... I didn't get moon deeds because:

    a) they are not (and may never be - if they never all sell) tradable
    b) consequently you can't buy them for PEDs
    c) the moon was being sold for WAY more than I felt it cost to build (and we had no idea of the ROI)
    d) I personally believe Arkadia should be developing things without needing to ask players for extra investment in order to fund them
    e) there was no guarantee it would be delivered, or finished
    f) adding more areas further dilutes an already diluted player base. I don't support this or feel it is a good idea
    g) MA might screw something up about the moon (pirates anyone?)
    h) even CLDs were not as profitable as MA originally claimed they would be (but still useful none the less)
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Few more thoughts, if all these deeds get sold (by which I do mean ALL of them) who manages the property? Who buys the dung and DNA and sets the tax rates?

    I also think someone might rock up and buy the lot (or at least a lot of them)
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  17. I guess its a made up deal between Buzz and MA (if he didnt cash out, that is).

    So, SEE Crystal Palace as Arkadia now...or Calypso...with deeds...nothing else.

    Rither Buzz gets his share (and payed big time in advance to realize this crap) or he sold CP to MA...then you know who will manage it. x'D
  18. Update :

    -CP got sold.

    -Buzz would need to buy deeds, to "own" parts of CP again.

    -He cant (is not allowed to) give more details.

    -Buzz wont quit EU.

    -As already mentioned, I hope he can cash out a large sum and that MAs deeds sale will fail.

    Guess that answers your questions, Wisty :)
    Riddle solved. Case closed.
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  19. Where is the NPC trader to convert compet deeds ?
    After the Arkadia Moon, time to save mindark epic fails (Dumbpet and DeepTaken) by buying CP deeds !...
  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Wait, what? Got a source for that?

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