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    "Buzz Erik Lightyear"
    with a winning bid of 3,300,000 PEDs
    (That's 330,000 USD for those unsure of the rate of the PED)


    After the announcement that Crystal Palace would go up for sale, discussion in the community broke out instantly. "How much would it go for?", "I wonder what the taxrates will be set to. What do YOU think?" and "Who do YOU think will win it?" were heard everywhere.

    Once the deed hit auction (Dec 14th, at 19:02:58 Calypso time), a 1 PED bid was swiftly made by "Sunab Kal Naverith". The bid was doubled the same minute by "pajjaz kamala azk", and went to 3 PEDs the next after a bid by "Seth Zozma Alexander".

    "Minken minken Forsberg" then interfered and made a slightly more daring bid of 10,000 PEDs, followed by another bid for 11,000 PEDS, which he promptly outbid with 11,001, 11,002, and 11,111 PEDs respectively.

    "pajjaz kamala azk", not to be outdone, raised with one more PED, which was outbid again by "Minken minken Forsberg" with a 20,000 PED bid. The next person to enter the bidding war was "Shogomad Shogi 1st", raising by 1 PED, only to have Minken overbid with 1 PED as well. Shogi raised by another, but was promptly overbid once more by Minken, who raised the price to 21,000 PEDs.

    6 minutes later, "Qetesh Qetesh Qetesh" rasied the price to an even 500,000 PED. At that moment, the auction had been running for roughly 15 minutes. It remained at that price for over 3 and a half day, when "Ringo DRDoom Pow" raised it to 567,890 PED.

    Argus in the heat of the moment - picture taken by Darkaner:


    Fast forward to today (almost 10 days later) when "joe jeff xXSqUaLLXx" bid 570,000 PEDs, followed twenty minutes later by "Michael geats Platzgummer", who added 1 PED. "joe jeff xXSqUaLLXx" set him straight 5 minutes afterwards, and set the price to 600,001 PEDs.

    "Eugenio Anhithe Wilde" followed with 600,002, but was outbid by "Qetesh Qetesh Qetesg" a few hours later with a bid of 1,000,003 PEDs, 4.5 hours before the ending of the auction.

    More and more people started logging in at this time in the hope to witness what would be the exact moment when the world's new record was set for the most expensive virtual item of all times.

    With 12 minutes to go, "Zachurm Deathifier Emegen" made his entry into the bidding, and set the bid to 1,010,000 PEDs. A bidding war erupted, with Qetesh raising to 1,111,111. Deathifier raised to 1,121,111, with Qetesh raising to 1,234,567 PEDs. Deathifier took the bid to 1,244,568 PEDs.

    Like a true sniper, "Jenna Star Mercury" showed up pulling 1,300,000 PED out of his pocket, and reset the auction to last another 5 minutes. Deathifier rasied to 1,310,001, which Star raised to 1,400,000. A frantic bidwar broke loose between Deathifier, Qetesh and Star, which was interrupted briefly by a single surprise bid of 1,510,001 PEDs by "Eugenio Anhithe Wilde".

    Further pushing and pulling mostly by Qetesh, Deathifier and Star saw the price pushed past 2,000,000 PEDs, more than doubling the previous record set by Club NEVERDIE, with Star and Deathifier continuing all the way up to 2,550,000. With less than 2 minutes left, Deathifier suddenly dropped out of the game, but just when everyone thought Star had won the auction, "Buzz Erik Lightyear" made a first bid of 2,700,000 PED.

    The threesome of Deathifier, Star and Buzz kept up the bidwar, this time also pushing the auction past the 3 million PED mark.

    The auction finally ended with the final bid of 3,300,000 PEDs made by "Buzz Erik Lightyear" at 23:01 Calypso time, thus finalizing an incredibly exciting auction.


    The last five bidders:

    Bidder|Final Amount|Time
    "Buzz Erik Lightyear" | 3,300,000 | 23:01
    "Zachurm Deathifier Emegen" | 3,210,001 | 23:01
    "Jenna Star Mercury | 2,700,270 | 22:43
    "Qetesh Qetesh Qetesh" | 2,260,002 | 22:09
    "Eugenio Anhithe Wilde" | 1,510,001 | 21:51

    For those keeping track of such stuff, the total amount of the final bids made by the last 4 bidders adds up to well over 13,000,000 PEDs, which will ensure a nice financial closing for the books over at MindArk HQ. We could swear that we could hear the opening of the champagne bottles in Gothenburg all the way over here.


    Further information:

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    Of course, a well-meant congratulations goes out from all of us to "Buzz Erik Lightyear", the new owner of Crystal Palance, and the new holder of the world record for"most expensive virtual item".
  3. FPC congratulate avatar Buzz Erik Lightyear for acquiring the Crystal Palace Space Station for the amount of 3,300,000 PED (USD 330,000).

    The price also surpasses the old world record for virtual property previously set with the purchase of Club Neverdie - The Virtual Space Resort and Nightclub, for 1,000,000 PED (USD 100,000).

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    I tried to keep track on the auction for some people on Skype. Heres what I wrote:

  5. What an epic auction and it couldnt have gone to a better person.
  6. amazing, glad to see there are still people with faith in EU :)
  7. Gratz to Buzz, another one of my friends LOL it pleases me that buzz got it. He wasnt big on the CND parties and stuff, managed to get him up to CND once for a party and good time. LOL I would realy nag him from CND sending him PMs planetside to get him up there with the crowd.

    Now Buzz my friend has no choice but to frequent space more often than usual. He sure knows to crack peops up with jokes like, pissin in your armor and rust LOL. Very aproacheable dude. Vey sociable too:) He will bring a great vibe to CP. Rest assured his ownership will not reduce CPs popularity and dynamics.

    Damn! if I was still ingame, I wouldve gotten him to sign up here too:)

    For 330 000 USD, I hope FPC will assist and accomodate any architectual changes to CP, that buzz wants implimented. A size increase greater than CND would be in order ofc, taking in considderation the purchase vallue diff between the two.
  8. NotAdmin

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    The second press release or announcement made it quite clear that CP would be sold "as is". Other than ensuring some nice drops to generate additional press, I'd not be keeping my hopes up for the above to happen if I were you.
  9. When they did that second press release, they didnt take in account that it would sell for that much.
    Thats too bad tho. O well. At least we know Buzz artistic talents in-game when it comes to shop-dress and stuff. Might make CP a little more "colorfull".

    if I pay over a quarter million USD for something like CP, having some ideas and changes, I would certainly go to Gothenborg and sit around the table with them and pitch my ideas. I would ask a revamp simular to CND ofc. Not exactly same, just simular for client comforts:)

    We shall see what the future holds:)
  10. its amazing how much people are willing to invest in some that doesnt exsist.
    hell i could buy 2 small houses for that, then rent them out.

    amazes me more after that whole bitching thread he made on ef.

  11. in a way I have to agree Deano. I mean who has spare 300 000 cash in real life to throw at a game? To think things like this happen in a world where peops die of hunger.

    it also sais for example how filthy rich a person is when he can pay so much for fun and entertainment. I suppose MA employees are assured of their high salaries for the next 6 months. If i had that kinda money, I would buy a big house in South Africa and turn it into a backpackers Lodge and make good money. IRL you can feel, taste, smell, etc and certainly assured of a retun in your investment. IRL no-one needs to be in an exlusive closed little club to enjoy what I have invested in and it is REAL. No decay that robs you clean. Cheaper effective guns and ammo if thats your thing. Just a lot more freedoms without a need to run from RL.

    Then Jenna Star Mercury Gratzed Buzz in his way LOL Just wonder how the heck he got Buzz to go into a PVP zone very funeh.
  12. :rabbit::whip:
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