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    I'm pretty certain it's less. It also wouldn't make sense to spend everything you raised as a fee. Most of the money would go towards paying staff costs for actually developing content.
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    They have some weird blobby baymax style robot now with autoloot. Who cares? MA seriously missed the point with pets. They made them stupidly expensive for virtually no benefit or fun factor. People give them away now. I know, I've received two as presents, one from someone I only just met!

    I really don't understand why, for all they cost, they couldn't be an alternative to FAPing or an Amp.


  3. After seeing the commotion with unresolved bugs during halloween mayhem 2019 and the lack of comm/dev, I'm once again pretty much ensured that EU is in "maintenance mode". MA only runs it as long as it brings profit and keeps the lights on in the building. Once it's no longer profitable (ofc after stealing much of player's money using their crafty ToS), I'm pretty sure MA will either try to sell the platform, or close it entirely.

    New mission system is a fucking joke and imo, only serves as another stale, pathetic attempt on creating extra revenue sources for MA. MA refused to transfer progression from old system to the new one because they know they can get more money by just resetting everyone's progress. I bet when the system comes to planet partners, MA will enforce the same rule as Calypso: to entirely abandon the old progression. The system is years behind other MMOs, but MA wouldn't care anyway, as long as there are suckers keep putting money in the game. Just throw a couple more (buggy) mayhems and they'll get extended dying time.

    When it is time to close the game for good, here's the order in which people get "compensated":
    1. Fucking CEOs with exit bonuses
    2. Actual investors (Bridge, etc.)
    3. Close buddies that has MA's direct private number. You can be sure that they will have heard the news far far away before the actual news come to the masses. These people will ensure that everything is alright while silently selling off their stuff and withdrawing.
    4. Close friends of close buddies from no. 3.
    5. The rest of us, most won't even see a fraction of their money back anyway
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    1. MA can't do it anymore since their devs seem to only be capable of turning on/off the maintenance and mayhem switches
    2. Even if MA can do it, it will not end well due to incompetency
    3. If pet is an alternative to FAPs, people who have invested a huge amount of PEDs in FAPs will be upset, and some of them may be MA's close buddies
    4. If pet is an alternative to amps, people who have invested a huge amount of PEDs in amps will be upset, and some of them may be MA's close buddies
  4. p.s.
    Back in the 2004/2005, I was quite easy, to become a part of the well-informed circle.

    Deposit a fucking friends with the "early birds"...and then the private messages did the rest.

    Axe 1x0 Ina Sugarbabe Gokibusaki EMW undecaying lasers fix mod items in snablesnot Deathifier....*drumroll*

 todays Entropia, first hand informations became rare along the loyal patrons.
    Many of them got fucked hard instead, but their phat wallets made em usually recover quite easily...again and again and again.

    And the rest ? The rest makes a steady pretty penny of Entropia, cashing out every weekend, using their cash cards'n stuff. ;)

    And of course someone purchased 12mio $ of deeptokens, as it was 200% secure and the buyer would have become rich instantly !!!11 ;)
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    So did the mission reset happen now then? I can't even remember what I was on... had a bunch on the go for whenever I was in the mood to do something walking to some specific places... or fly past a mob cause like hell I was ever gonna be able to stay alive otherwise!

    ah well... I guess maybe if bored enough will start some again... but the control system is so borked I struggle to move without running backwards or to the left or something, and even 1st person has my arm constantly in view and a wibbly gun waving about my screen if I hold one so that isn't an option either.

    With such a bad control system. I might as well learn/play another game... and that is exactly what I do in fact. Back on 999 PC version again at the moment mainly and local co-op games with friends. Entropia not getting a lot of lookin.

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    That allegedly happened before. My memory fails me at the moment, but I think it was Linzey who sold out when Jan fucked over his partners and investors when MA rebooted in the early days. Somehow a few people got word of it, and sold out their stuff in order to avoid losing too much.

    I might be wrong on the name, but I'm sure someone is able to correct or confirm it ;-)
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    No. Originally, the plan was to have a 1 month grace period (or was it 3 months?). The community was outraged, and thus MA extended it to 1 year. Meaning you can (try to) finish the old missions. I've been doing exactly that; wrapping up old ones, while simultaneously doing the new ones. Based on what I have seen so far, you can finish the old ones you had open, but cannot start any new challenges (which makes total sense).
  8. EMW's thread
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  9. :loveshower:

    good EU drama at its best. somehow i miss this, it should happen way more often. hell, i fucking pay for it every month! :bigsmile:
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    Yup, found it. Kerham posted the juice of it here. Original post here. WaybackMachine/ copy here.
  11. Thx for the 2nd link. I felt disgust reading it. His thread was more to boasting his incredible luck and connection rather than ranting.

    I regret the day in Feb 2019 when I decided to go back to EU after 5 years rather than playing Destiny 2. I'm literally just waiting for AMD to be tradable so I can sell mine and withdraw any PED that's left in my acct.
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    When does the year run out? I remember people were annoyed at the original short deadlines but I'm losing track of time. Is it end of 2019?
  13. Never too late to play D2! :clap:
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    That was what I thought when I started and put on hold another scifi MMO. It went offline 6 months before I tried to go back to it.
  15. *bump*

    Are you prepard for the 2020 fails ? :)
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    Where to start....?
  17. Mindark using the Corona-Crisis to pretend its the reason of lag ?

    Mindark using the Corona-Crisis to pretend they are communicating ?
    (about the lag) x'D
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  18. Mindark's announced new female community manager? :dodge:
  19. My PED Flow Center says "Loading..."

    Probably because the internet got destroyed, right ?
    Or am I the only one ?

    So I was staring at this guy instead.

    lighty gorilla 3 2020.jpg
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