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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. *major EDIT*

    Payout happened on 25 Feb 2018...and noone expected to recieve only 35 pec ...after so many years : @_@

    It is now official. As soon as beta will end (?), Compet Deeds will make you recieve additonal PEDs inside of Entropai Universe.

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  2. San


    Latest I saw was compet deeds being offered at 90 ped.

  3. I already own CompetDeeds. Dont want to sell them. :)

    Question is :
    Whats the revenue inside the game Compet per deed ?
  4. Email now verfied, without receiving a mail...so, question remains, how and when do I recieve incoem form my Compet Deeds ?
  5. San


    So I gathered. I can't answer your question nor SEE into the future, just tried to give a hint.
  6. I wasnt aware you have to SEE into the future 1st...with promises like "100 ped for every deed holder" I thought the system is now up and running...gues not enough ppl here playing compet xP
  7. San


    No, I'm not playing it and I didn't -cough- invest in it. Was there an actual promise you would get your 100 ped back as soon as the system is running? I missed that bit entirely.
  8. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    well the android version would be Compets (ON Fire!!!!) anyways. different thing for most people
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It will fizzle out and there will eventually be a lame broken and unmaintained game in the play store. Much like the Entropia Companion and probably (in due time) the new sign in program. I think if people see more than a few pence in return they will be lucky.

    Just another MA idea that seemed a good plan at the time but will eventually fizzle and die. Stick with the bread and butter


  10. btw. Google does not allow the use of PEDs in the android version of Compets. Just saying.

  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Not exactly related but this Brexit thing is "sortof" good for my CLD returns. OK I never actually "withdraw the money" from the game but I do make an equivalent payment into a savings account every time I do a "PED flow to PED card" transfer, for the currency corrected amount (USD to stirling). Generally I gradually whittle away these PED amounts over time in game so I see the transfers as a way of logging that I just "saved on depositing x amount" into the game.

    At some point I plan on reviewing how much this has saved me and therefore what my actual ROI has been since I got the CLDs. OK I appreciate this doesn't take into account anything like deposit or potential withdraw fees but it is only meant to be a rough estimate. Would be easy to fix the calculation though, what is it? 20usd buying 192ped? I've forgotten now, it has been so long... I hear you can avoid the deposit fee by using the webshop to buy ammo too?
  12. as far as the 100 ped goes, if you haven't logged in to the forum, do so over there, and send a pm to the princess (Kim?) over there and if you had the deed before a certain date you get the ped in the game... can't use it for much other than buying speed up diamonds that you can use to increase stable size, etc. but they did hand em out in game. Sad that you have to bitch on a forum to get em, but that's typical MA strategy... they did the same with the estate upgrade deals more or less a long while back.
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  13. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    I did as @mastermesh mentioned above, got my peds into my compet account without any problem, just some patience.
    Also the game receives updates now and then, it is turning out to be a great game to spend a little time on daily.
    But so far nothing I will spend shit loads of time on, mainly due to beta phase and low player base, so it is hard to have any player interaction.
    Right now it feels like I'm playing against a computer only, which is boring to me.

    There is right now a cool pet you can buy for gold, which would fit your style @McCormick !!
    It is limited and available for another 6days and 16hours, so get in there asap :)

    As for the limited amounts of beast fights, I think that is good!
    You should upgrade your veterinarian house to get more beast fights and faster beast fight regeneration!

    I'm 99% sure that our deeds will pay us in Entropia once it is time for that.

    There is an web interface in place already to withdraw peds from Compet itself if you don't want to keep your 100 peds there.
    If it works, I have no idea...

    Overall I like the game, it has some potential.
  14. The problem is, I dont get the forum activation mail to my email account.

    Spam checked twice, resent again... and its germanys biggest email provider.

    Facebook Connection doesnt work on their site and it once again asks for all reallife data about me...*sigh*

    If registration is that annoying and time consuming already, I dont feel it is that important to log into that game/forum any time soon for "100 PED" (as I cant) x'D

    I bet you cant cash out below 1000 PED from ComPet, just as inside EU.
    Also not having PEDs in the android version is like...useless...ah whatever. ;p

    My opinion ?
    I played/tested the 1st beta to destruction. Its a monster battle game that asks for "gold" a lot. After beta you cant play for free for hours...but trust me, thats what the addicts want...without having to pay every 15 minutes...its not the worst game ever, but seriously, potential ? This will slowly die somwhere between andorid, PC and apple and stay unrecognized for as long as its servers wont shut down.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
  15. w000t great news x'D
  16. *major EDIT in initial post*

    It is now official. As soon as beta will end (?), Compet Deeds will make you recieve additonal PEDs inside of Entropia Universe.

    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
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  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting to see Kim as boss of Compet. I thought no EU resources would be used for Compet development.

    Interesting to see they are using the cheapest dated forum software, unveils their confidence in the success of the product ;)

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