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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So glad I never touched them with a barge pole
  2. Has anyone worked out the likely payout please?

    For example assume 1 pec per deed per day then anything above will be a nice surprise.
  3. 1 pec per day ? You think it was as successfull as Arkadia Deeds ? x'D

    That would be 3.65 PED for 1 deed for 1 year.
    imaging recieving that amount x3 years =

    -10,95 PED total if you own 1 deed (initial investment 100 PED - or 120 PED if you bought them later)
    -54,75 PED total if you own 5 deeds (initial investment 500 PED - or 600 PED if you bought them later)
    -1095 PED total if you own 100 deeds (initial investment 10.000 PED - or 12.000 PED if you bought them later)

    About 11% ROI within 3 years.

    Money back within 30 years. Guaranteed.
    Not bad, compared to the 8 years for CLDs. x'D

    Also interesting the facebook post of this russian guy, who know exactly it would be february, as his dev friend from Arkadia told him.
    (While the Compet forum claimed its not true and the guy deleted his post...which he didnt.)

    Strictly business. Full trust ! x'D

    I leave this old graph to you now :

    They were talking about 30% revenue and 15% for refferall link users and 55% to MA, back in the days.

    Lets wait...for awesome news and announcements, that will sound as if Compet will become
    the most played game in the universe...one day...in our universe. x'DDDDDD

    Would be foolish of MA to NOT to announce something spectacular on the 1st payout day...something that will include Compet and Entropia...so that the Compet Deeds will raise to infinity and beyond...so I can sell them...just to SEE no update at all. :'D
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    In other news, it is February now... so we might get a state of the universe within the next few weeks.

    Breath not hold should you not hmmmm?
  5. Something like “Your Compets can now be spawned within the Entropia Universe and be able to fight players’ avatars in the ring for peds”?
  6. doubtful... That would require actual programming... probably something more along the lines of "Deep Token ICO is now available in the webshop for a mere 10k peds per token, but you must buy a minimum of 5 at a time."
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

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  8. Clds and auds had a way shorter roi, due to sale prices more than doubling within 4 years for Clds and 160 percent for Auds.
    Ofcourse this won't happen with compet, but try to buy some for 100 ped now..
  9. Today it happened, the long awaited compet payday !

    Princess today mentioned :

    Clearly, the level of revenue is significantly lower than hoped for when initiating the ComPet project. Longer than expected software development time resulted in the postponement of the majority of planned marketing efforts, which in turn adversely affected player recruitment and revenue.

    Sadly, there was no marketing...at all. I guess noone at Compet realized that (yet). ;)

    This is what I call a great pyramid scheme and Im more then proud to send out another FUMA, for wasting your last ressources on this gigantic pile of shit...I also feel sorry for "Team Compet aka. N-IX"...but Im sure there are still some fans left, who will try to convince me again, that Compet will now start and become the most epic combat adventure on the mobile market...sOooOoooooon.

    compet payday 2018.
    So, you wonder how much money I made ?

    An amazing 35,xx PEC (yes, pec) per deed. Within 1 year. JESUS...FUCKING...CHRIST !

    Not bad, for having to wait so many years, with an initial price of 100 (later 120 PED) per deed, right ?

    So, if we gain 35 PEC per deed after 1 year aka 2 years (it will become less then 35 pec soon)...you will have your money back within the next 300 years aka 600 years aka. 1000 years. :)

    1 year aka. 2 years = 35 pec
    10 years aka. 20 years = 3,50 PED
    100 years aka. 200 years = 35 PED
    300 years aka. 600 years = 105 PED

    MindArk, in the meantime, made 2 million US dollars, by grabbing the money of their loyal community + additonal deposits of the hardcore addicts. (if all deeds got sold, that is) and payed an undisclosed sum to team N-IX in Lviv Ukraine, to create...Compet...

    The following example is based on past anouncements and is probably WAY OFF !

    Announced with a 30% return rate, this means 35 PEC = 30% (maybe) =
    the total income per deed would have been 3,3 times the value. 1.155 PED per deed.

    So 1.155 PED * 200.000 deeds = 231.000 PED aka. 23.100 $.

    They made an estimated 23k $ since you could deposit in mid/end 2016.

    Based on my experience with compet, 3 or 4 rich, hardcore addicts, spent some nice sums there over the past 2 years, to become the "strongst pet" in there. They must be more then happy to have recieved those 35 pecs now. :'D

    Anyway, I could be way of and the 35 PEC could be 100% return as well. x'D

    Next stop...Im not sure anymore...but...
    There's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems


    compet posts feb 2018.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow.... that's.... that's.... a special er... kind of special.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Jesus fucking Christ. They should have pulled the plug on their stillborn fucking months ago. What a waste, and what an absolute shame that EU suffered when MA's focus shifted to Compet. And all for a measly 23k PED.

    But hey, no worries. MA is like the government. It's not as if anyone actually paid for this pile of shit, right?
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  12. At least I bought Compet Deeds with my "free" ingame PEDs...from someone, who actually bought em from the webshop.
    So I supported this mess...more or less... :'( x'D
  13. Well... I kinda expected low payouts. The app had only 50k downloads in the play store. Kepp in mind the worst games ever have at least 1mil. This is like 20 times worse than the worst games out there. I think the compet team has no idea how marketing works. I really want to stay positive about the game but to be honest the very second I saw the beta I knew I've burnt my money on this crap. The game is targeted to 5-7 year-olds and we all know that those individuals don't deposit. Instead of some fast pace combat game, we got some retarded, unbalanced, boring and buggy fight that take ages to finish and the pets don't even hit each other.
    P.S. To the compet team... guys just take some notes on how to write games and how to do your marketing from the developers of "Clash Royal" and "Clash of Clans"
  14. Wait a second, you bought Deeds? OMG. I didn't even buy the deeds knowing the outcome. lol..but anyway..just came here to see you gloat. :) I said it before and will say it again: you need a Pond :)

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  15. For now the devs havent spoken out on their forum. Only princess...Kim is gone long ago.

    I bet MA didnt pay the N-IX guys enough, to "finish" this project...then again, MA has never done any marketing...but claims to raise their marketing efforts several times per year. Da faq ?
  16. Well, what happened most likely is MA had no idea how to do such a project and when they went out to look for other companies to do it for them the other developers told MA that anything was possible. So yes, MA got scammed I guess you can say.

    Anyway, it's not all that big of news as you will make it out to be since even I knew MA wouldn't be able to pull it off. But sure, Gloat away..you love doing it. :)
  17. At least I can laugh about it.

    Same old song.

    Should’ve done that 20 million ped ATH. :)
  18. Wow, calling those N-IX guys scammers ? Thats low, even for you OZTwo x'D
    Id say MA payed em 250.000$ for a decent game...tied em to some ugly NDA...and here we are. :'D

    Btw. : non of you read the full post, eh ? :)

    compet plan marketing 2018.

    -Once completed
    -the plan is
    -to relaunch compet
    -alongside coordinated marketing push
    -more info over the next several months

    Honestly...FUMA ! x'D How can they be still serious ? Jesus, what a show...

    Buying Compet deeds !!!!11
  19. RL question: How much did YOU profit from the Republican Memo? I did post a warning on Facebook about it. I sure hope you cashed in the day after as I did. :)
  20. hmmm ? I dont care for "political" USA news ? :)

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