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Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Read our exlusive interviews with the guides part one and two - I find their work to be awesome and I also think it's about time it gets some recognition and appreciation. NOt meaning a lot of other people are not doing anything - because we know they are. But the guides is one group who's been there day and night for very long.

    Grats! :woohoo:
  2. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Yes, and newbies are a big part of the community. Quite a fitting place to begin, from the bottom up, I think.

    Who said she wasn't awarded for things "OUTSIDE" of the "guides program"? Also it doesn't seem like you know Alice when you say "Alice is a guide now? i doubt it", considering that is basically the only thing I've seen Alice doing for the last couple of years.

    Oh definitely. I agree, Lykke should definitely be recognised by FPC, but as they already stated, this is not the only handout of CRA. The Guides were just their first rewardees. Lykke still has a very good chance to pick up some FPC recognition in the (near?) future. As for pitting people against each other for prizes, that's pretty much as bad form as the other day in the car handouts. Alice and the Guides have been doing this for waaaay longer than 90 days by the way.

    Tip: I didn't.

    Why, do you want help or something? If you want to meet the Guides, you go to the newbie areas, I thought that was pretty obvious. As for "personal reasons", well it doesn't even seem like others believe that, after all I'm only trying to inform you about the Guides when you seem oh so skeptical about them. Using EU as a big chatroom, that sounds like you have something against using EU for anything other than personal reasons. Chat is what makes EU, and in order to Guide people, you have to chat. I would rather we were all on the same page than certain members of the community feeling like you evidently do about someone being Recognised by FPC. In other words, I just want everyone to understand and be happy about it :)

    Well, talking of personal dislikes, I would appreciate if you actually stuck to your word on that. I'm just trying to point you in the right direction (as I would with anyone, MistressArwen - who I've never said a word to - included) because I saw that you had a few misconceptions about this Community Recognition Armour. As for "derailing" this topic, I am trying to discuss the Guides, who got the CRA which is actually the point of this thread. Personal issues aren't.

    How do you know who will "NOT" receive something? Check out Marco's post here: - View Single Post - Community Recognition Award Armor

    I would say that's pretty damn clear about their plans.

  3. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Cmon guys cant we all just get along somehow? How can we miss something that wasnt truly there and active ingame? We can talk about fiction and non-fiction but still....some of us actually know that newcomers assistance ingame was and is at a minimal and at times non-existant.

    A proper guide has love and compassion for his nubs under him and a feeling of responsibillity. Instead of goin through PVP areas you go the long way around. There is for example no need to familiarize newcommers so early with PKing and pvp at all. There is a lot to be said about guide lazyness, but I wont elaborate on that. In fact i have all the Tps, yet never had a need to go through a PVP to get any of them.

    Who are you trying to convince, us who are extremelly active in-game and all over the place, or yourself?

    Its like you are making liars out of us when we say what we saw and experienced ingame with relation to guideless nubs. Are you going to convince me and others that we were hallucinating those guideless nubs ingame? Thats pretty insulting you know.

    I am sure these guides exists ingame, just that I feel you are exagarating their activities and job way more than it actually is or was for that matter.

    But hey if the powers that be feels it neccecary to reward them, there is absolutelly nothing we can do about it at all. To set things straight, I dont care about being rewarded for helping others, I do so without any expectations whatsoever. Doin it is reward enough and a hope that that person would do the same for someone else one day also.

    Perhaps there should be some kind of commision that police the guides in a way to make sure they do their job properly. for example, when you should be out helping newcommers, absolutelly no, hunting, mining or crafting to be persued by a guide who has a responsible job to do. dedicated people bound by an oath and rulebook.

    Better yet, Simon & Emma were great active guides welcomming newcommers before the New golden Age. I for one would love to see them train all the guide wannabes in a capacity as being official virtual teachers. seperating the wheat from the chaff. Mabe a graduation ceremony for those who passed the training and then recieving special gear and uniforms to do their job.
  4. Dalas, Freja, narfi... you want to have a big debate - that's fine.

    But i just wanted to state my opinion and that's about it.
    I am a bit tired of the lack of respect for my opinion - if you want to supress opinions, fine, but i will not take part in these little forum fights... if you got nothing better to do, well, try to find someone else to entertain you.
  5. KiriHime

    KiriHime Natural Born Killers

    You have their jobs misconstrued. The guides for the most part have taken emma and simon's job. They welcome new players. They are not mentors. They explain how to talk, move and what they should consider doing.

    Some like faye hold events for new players. Most of them wait at newbie starting areas. Some in PA, some in corinth. They are all in different parts of the world. You only see a few online at any given time of a day.

    So I don't know where you get being virtual trainers. I spent time at the pre vu 10 NAZ and only once or twice a week did I see emma or simon run people to swamp camp and explain more in detail how to play.
  6. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    It's shocking to see people display such arrogant disdain whilst proclaiming and demonstrating their utter ignorance of the subject matter.

    Practically everybody who is negative about this award has fired from the hip based on preconceived assumptions after reading the title and first four lines of the announcement. Pretty clear to see, in their own words.

    Your sense of smell may be at fault here.... check the links Dalas posted, then reconsider your underlined section.

    Check the list of guides who were awarded, then read your comments further in the quoted post about how much Alice's guide helped you.

    You obviously did not read carefully enough, or your lenses had a layer of assumption clouding your view.... it was players like you and I that were awarded, not FPC staff.

    ..and you want to be involved in deciding who gets a reward? I would prefer a more informed electoral college, thanks.

    Anybody who asks that question clearly knows very little about EU.

    Again, a bit of research will show that Alice was invited into the guides program EXACTLY because of all the effort expended OUTSIDE the program.

    It would be wise to be LESS sure of your position until you have MADE sure of the facts.
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  7. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    I can't believe this, either.

    Magyar, I appreciate you are giving us the truth as you see it, so thanks for that. I can understand how you come to these conclusions. Others, like myself, who know the Guides personally, know exactly what they do and this is our perspective.

    However, since you've been around, I've met Faye, Alice, Aandar and Jot at Swamp Camp and Port Atlantis plenty of times, like at least once a week I see at least one of them. What I think has gone on here is the difference in time-zones affecting things. The Guides are, as far as I know, European. You're in America, so that could easily have an impact. Perhaps that's not the best setup of a Guide system, but I didn't personally create it.

    The most recent sightings I've had have been Aandar running newbies between PA and Swamp Camp while explaining the basics of Entropia. I've noticed him doing this twice in the last week, I'd say. One important point is that Port Atlantis isn't their more common spot, the New Arrival Zone (NAZ) is. You can find that by running South from the TP at Port Atlantis and following the bridges to the end. Nearly every time I've been near there, including underneath at the Leviathan spawn, I've seen a Guide (recently Jot comes to mind) helping newbies there.

    What I'd suggest for people in doubt is that you familiarise yourselves with the names of the Guides and if you really are interested in meeting them and seeing what they do, be on the lookout for them and arrange a time to tag along while they guide and just observe what their job involves. I think this would make a lot more people appreciate them and be glad they didn't have that job :D

    Anyway, I think I've been all the help I can be here. I don't see how, after actually reading all the links and information I posted about the Guides, anyone could doubt their significance and how much they deserved this Armour set.

    Now let's hope some more equally deserving people get the future ones :)
  8. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Listen all, I like to do this rather for constructive purposes and its been real. Why cant we just get along? In peace? :grouphug:
    There is something like game-karma, do well unto others and it will come back to you someday. Its realy dynamic. You might HOF.

    We should all realize and be content with the fact that the Entropia Galaxy with all the solar systems and planets of the FPC Federation, shall never satisfy or meet the expectations of every single collonists on a individual basis.:wise:

    It is realy like the real world on Earth. Have any of you won the Lottery lately? Exactly! Point made!

    The bells and whisles of this game makes you feel special, yet no-one realy is truly that special, mabe we shouldnt get that carried away by it all. Just did a 20 Mile Bike ride, helps me think, and the weather is great.

    And Dalas, what you just posted was well said Thankyou for that. I shall look into it myself. It Means I will have to stay up late here in the USA.
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  9. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    It is great to see a group of people who have been working on helping others in game for so long, finaly to get some acknowledgement!

    I am not the one to judge wether they deserve it or not - I have a very strong feeling they do though, but am also aware that others might think differently. That's because we are humans, with different needs but also different points of view.

    Just remember, the guides didn't ask for this armour, they did an in game job by their own free will - and now they got rewarded for that.

    Marco said this is only the first round of people getting something for doing some special things for the community! And I actually find it to be a nice thing to do.

    I'm amazed to see how many are pointing at themselves and favorism their own products as instead of the guides-work. It shows the game in all it's greed and glory!

    The amount of members a site got/all the people who are supporting and talking nicely about you - THAT's the real reward. I'm sure the guides feel the same - but it IS nice to see their work being appriciated.

    I could personally choose a person or two who would be my favorite for a reward :) maybe later on it will be possible to hand in names of people who deserve it :D and then I will definitely point them out!
  10. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Woohoo! A fellow biker! :D (I'm sure there are many of us around here... Or are there? Maybe I should make a thread about it) Hope your ride was awesome. The weather here is ridiculously hot, too hot for a sweaty betty like me to be riding (although I did cycle to work as usual today, about 15 miles total).

    Thanks for reading and wanting to understand, MiistressArwen. I love it when a debate turns out like this. I just thought though... The Extended Guide II Program just ended :D So right now probably isn't the best time to find a Guide at work! Maybe there will be a third Guide season, and maybe they'll get the support they rightly deserve :)

    Let's do that :grouphug: :thumbup:
  11. Lol, you say others are arrogant, yet you think you can call out everybody on their opinion? Sheesh, you might want to rethink that.

    And, my alledgedly "preconceived assumptions" were totally correct - your point?

    There is nothing to reconsider, Witte didn't get paid for the hours he spent on entropedia, Jdegre didn't... if you stop following Dalas' twisted interpretation of my posts you will see that what i claimed is still fully valid and that there is nothing i have to "reconsider".

    Alice... got nothing for all the work done outside of the guides program - again, what's your point?

    Guides are not FPC employees, except Emma and Simon - yeah, and?
    Again, what's your point? You totally miss mine once more...

    No, i never said that i want to decide that, i just stated that they "forgot" to thank people who spend way more time on supporting the community IMO - i am entitled to have an opinion, you know...
    And again, wtf is your point? It might help to actually read what i wrote before jumping on the bandwagon.

    You sound like you think you are the one to decide... hmm... funny...

    Thanks for all your work, here have some more unpaid work as a reward... does that make sense in your strawberry universe? It clearly doesn't in mine...

    It is not the first time that you think you are the one to tell others what opinion they got to have... dunno if its a wise thing to tell people what's a wise thing to do if you lack wisdom yourself...

    Don't bother replying - i can imagine what it'll look like, and i've heard the whining too often already - always the same old "omg, somebody is wrong on teh internet!!!!11one" drama... there is nothing you can "prove wrong", because it is my opinion... and you will for sure not change my opinion with your childish attempts to insult me.
  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    There were some suggestions that Peter & Lykke should get a set of armor beause of all their efforts with

    Instead of giving them that shabby set of armor there would be another quite easy way for MA/FPC to express their gratitude and recognition:

    - getting their officials to post on EP too instead of posting on one single other forum (that is a commercial website perverting the whole purpose of forums anyway)

    - not linking from the Planet Calypso start page to one single forum and calling that one "the community forum", instead they should just link to a list of community sites

    - putting on their list of community forums

    - putting on their list of knowledge sites (instead of listing an outdated ad site for example)

    (Maybe we should go and tell them. Copy the text above and put it in a support case lol).
  13. That could explain quite a bit, and its something I suspected might be true.

    Aandar is a guide?! I see him all the time, but theres nothing to indicate he is anyone special. His name is just Aandar, he has no special look about him, and that guild name: Oink! Oink! Oink! --- well.. haha.. yeah if I were a newbie (and I still am in quite a few ways) I wouldnt consider this person a guide, or even a person worthy of my attention! I might even go so far as to consider him a potential prankster! Dont get me wrong, Ive seen him helping people and all that other jazz. Ive even been alongside him helping out the exact same newbie. I figured he was just another player doing what he could to help out.
  14. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Thanks Tass :) THAT indeed would be awesome! And definitely something worth more in my world!!!
  15. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hahahaha, so you have seen a Guide! Funny that it ends up like this :D

    Well I'm glad you now realise that Aandar is a Guide. He doesn't seem to wear his uniform and Guides are not assigned a certain soc, so it's their choice. I personally love the Oink Oink! tag he has, it certainly makes him stand out to me as he's the only member of that soc I've ever seen! You're correct when you say he "does what he can" to help newbies.

    Indeed, you can see his ugly mug on the link I gave a few posts back, which I will give again here, just incase anyone missed it:

    Planet Calypso - Guides

    Now you can say you "know" a Guide :)
  16. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Why dont you?:dunno: I back this.:thumbup:
  17. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    So am I to understand this was merrely an event? Sure sound like it. So much for real dedication. In fact if they were any good at it and liked it,I see no reason why they shouldnt just keep doing it even in protest to the Company for that matter.:dunno:
  18. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    My guess is that they will continue to do so, but they're not bound to do so by duty. These people seem to do what they do out of love for helping, which has turned into their normal activity. I expect you'll find them easily. I mean I'm typing this while standing next to three of them (for the record, not on duty, but WoFing).

    They're really not hard to find :D

    PS. I just linked them to this thread.
  19. Ty Ty Ty Ty .....:woohoo:

    Thanks Dalas for the support. Thanks Lykke for putting up with me sometimes.

    ANd like Marco stated ... itÅ› not only for guides it's for all ppl that do something. Anyway it's up to FPC to reward who.

    Alice wrote a nice summary CRA armor, Guide Program II and my thanks
  20. heh, oki, time i join this conversation i guess
    was busy enough with EF lately and the complainers and whiners, but i think i got that covered
    so now to the problems here :D

    so you know a guide, and actually what I have done, although not guide wise, but to that i come during this post i guess

    our main place of activity (where we also were supposed to be by the way)
    was the newbie arrival zone in swamp camp
    now, i haven't seen you there that much, and especially the first 5 months i was there daily for 2 hours at least (partially at TI when the PA servers got so full that the ppl got sent to TI castle, so we moved to the new newbie spawn spot)

    we weren't nor are pvp stuff, nor _official_ guides, but extended guides
    normal players pretty much, no fancy blue chat or something

    jep, i was in guide program I and guide program II
    and i prefer "known by a few", not famous indeed :D

    considering the guides spent from 2-14 hours igame, i figure we were decently active for that

    both guide progams were announced in client loader and i guess bertha in EF or the pendant here cought that up
    most ppl however don't really read post about "guides", "newbie help", etc
    since they find it timewasting and nothing to gain of it
    thus, not many new

    considering partially my threads were quoted, you obviously thing i am a liar
    that is your opinion then about me, but now again, i didn't see you at the NAZ to help newbies either, if i can recall it correctly

    after the CP sale we and ETA organised some big tp runs over the weekend, you may ask some of the 300-500 newbies we brought to other places, partially Nea's in that time :)

    what we do in pvp is easy, we organised the rather successful "bridge of death" events, with special clothes given out (we got from FPC) or the "kill 1000 newbies" event, which also had quite some prizes for them
    if you didn't visit/noticed those events, pity

    but again, most ppl dont care about newbie events and they go unseen
    we had over 11 events i think btw

    copy of my thread btw, now one at EP too

    i am not that active here, so don't expect immediate answers :D
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