Bobby the Tongue - This guy is great! Too smart for his own good though ;)

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  1. Have fun! His videos are very educational and stimulating ... well for those who can get past his persona :wink:
    See it as a different approach to learning something new :biggrin:

    Playlist here >

    Something every game developer should watch to come up to speed with their customer base, especially those customers who constantly run into frustrations when trying to explain things that seem to go over most people's head. :tiphat:

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  2. In no particular order:

    CON: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Fanboy

    Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage: Genre vs. Literature

    TUN: Un-Ruining the MMO

    TUN: The Shandification of Fallout
    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
    Shandification entered into personal urban vocab :thumbsup:

    TUN: Magic!

    TUN: Choice and Consequence

    If readers (inc. devs of EU) would invest some time to watch these with an open mind then maybe some new approaches to ways of thinking may open up to you, especially from a designer's POV with comparisons drawn between topics discussed and game development.

    There are more of course, some are a bit touchy to post here, but it "can" open you to other methods of thinking from that you "may not" be used to.
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  3. I already showed this one in the spoiler tags for CDPR next project.

    Understanding the CyberPunk genre.

    Jon may like this correlation, watch the video to understand :wink:
    For further breakdown analysis see this sample


    "Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs is the creator of the MMORPG Avatar Neverdie. Jon founded Neverdie Studios in 2008 and developed Rocktropia, an increasingly popular zombie infested virtual World with Horror and pop culture iconography. Jon is the Creative Director of Zombie Kong in partnership with NBC, a mega shared loot mob boss game with real cash prizes. Jon was also the originator of the official Michael Jackson Virtual World (see below notes for clarity) .....
    He sees the future of gaming inextricably linked with the future of our species."

    Ref Note # 1:
    Ref Note # 2:
    Jon Neverdie Jacobs does not nor does Neverdie Studios own the IP rights, past, present or intended future (to-date) to produce any content associated with the Jackson estate, including the recently passed pop-icon Michael Jackson.
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  4. The playlist linked in the OP has more.

    A few good points in reference to writing storyline through to the ending/closure ;)

    I hope some are able to get passed certain things and gain some benefit out of the videos posted above.
    For now that is all, enjoy! Thanks for watching and taking the time to review these ...

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  5. Another important one to add to the list to be seen :geek:

    Something that I will review later in terms to the points has been discussed in the above video.

    Which will be released in early access form for review and to contribute to the development cycle ... soonish ;)

    For the die hard Elder Scrolls fans - ES-VI is in development! (or is it?)
    ESO does not equal Elder Scrolls VI. We are still waiting. Here is some info on rumours.

    Engine to be used - rumoured:

    Other compiled rumours:
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  6. Is there any feedback or additions anyone would like to add on the points outlined in the videos in this thread ?

    Those videos listed so far detail "most" of the important core components that I feel build a quality game.
    How each piece is designed and implemented is as important as the others in the end product produced.

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