Avatar "DannyO" and the abuse of 2 developer items

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  1. The original DannyO avatar (Society: Dark Knights) is part of Entropia since 2004/2005.

    Until his recent lock, he had a total loot of 4.672.292 PED (467k $)

    Update 10.4.2020 :
    He admitted abusing the system, by recieving a Dev Item from Team Arkadia.
    ("Dave ozi Epsolon" aka. David Dobson, CEO of Arkadia, also was in the society Dark Knights.)

    (His socmate Ben Cobra Boner got caught using the same kind of item in November 2019.)

    He's not willed to explain where he got the "Official Teleport Chip" from. *lol*

    He then also blames it on the people that made this abuse public, that his reputation got damaged, calling them trolls and conspiracy theorists.

    Way to go! ^^

    All in Post#3

    Public info from Planet Arkadia forum.
    dannyo 54 london.jpg

    Thanks to "the prophet", it became public, that DannyO was using a developer item :

    But there is always more behind an avatar, beeing part of an online game since 16 years...

    In 2017 he suddenly points the community towards the "avatars changing owners" phenomenon and demands people to be honest, admitting in public, if they are still the original avatar owners. Himself claiming to be the original.

    "An avatar in the game not only builds up skills but also a reputation, so do you actually know if you are dealing with the original person these days?"

    "Lets get some transparency back in the game......"

    "Please post a reply if you are still playing your first created avatar..... or maybe message me, the name of an avatar you know has been sold and i can forward it onto MA to ask for their comments..."

    dannyo avatars changing hands 2017.jpg

    Hes right though, many of the well known avatars (ubers) arent beeing played by their original creators anymore and changed hands various times.

    Id love to publish a list too, but I promised to not do that, after hours of hours
    chatting with the desired avatars, that I know since 2004, admitting it, in a very friendly manner.

    In 2018 DannyO went fully bezerk, when he thought that Mindark fucked him hard :
    dannyo fraud.png

    Just to edit his post shortly afterwards...whatever made him edit his rant so fast...
    dannyo gave up.png

    In 2019 oldtimer DannyO, dared to ask if Buzz Erik Lightyear gave the name "Crystal Palace" to the Spacestation.

    The Spacestation, that is named "Crystal Palace" since 2004...and got purchased by Buzz in 2009.

    Makes you wonder why an oldtimer would ask this question.
    An oldtimer, who was a regular visitor to Crystal Palace himself, since 2004, asking the strange question 10 years after the purchase. Lets get some transparency back into the game ! x'D

    dannyo crystal palace 2019.jpg

    In 2020 avatar DannyO gets caught skilling Biotropy in his appartment, using an Arkadian developer item... BANG! What the actual fuck ?! Jesus lawd...thank god such favours happened before...a lot of them, inside the nice virtual world of Entropia. Always a nice community shitstorm attached to it...but Entropia Players tend to easily forgive Mindark, again and again...and again...no matter the cost...

    DannyO got instantly locked by MindArk to get this investigated *ya right, lol*

    The loyal patrons & the community fan boys started their annual shitstorm and will soon forget about just another Mindfuck, to continue to deposit their hard earned money into this gigantic scam machinery...until they get fucked again...and again...and again...

    dannyo temp lock303.jpg

    This was indeed a big one again...Mindark never fails to dissapoint. :)

    Oldtimer "forgo" just got banned from the trade channels ingame and will unleash the kraken now, to make Mindarks fucking ethics public everywhere on the net. Wish him luck.
    Many have failed before and got silenced.

    forgo banned from trade chat.jpg

    Ofc Mindark jumps in instantly, to lock the thread.

    forgot ludwig shutdown.jpg

    Its already beeing discussed on reddit for example :


    Welcome to Entropia. :)

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  2. Close the MuppetShow :locked:
  3. So, he admits he was indeed curious, if Buzz named the Spacestation "Crystal Palace"...

    A bit strange after playing this game for 16 years, beeing a steady guest at "Crystal Palace" himself
    back in the days.

    And he says hes still the original owner/creator of avatar DannyO.

    And he also got pissed at me, for re-using the photo he uploaded to a public gaming forum (planet calypso) by himself.

    And of course no word about the Prototype Chip...but thank god he tried to clarify the Crystal Palace disaster...

    dannyo temp lock606.jpg
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  4. Nice stuff... And things getting interesting.
    My guess is he will be unlocked after a bit, but also will have to loose the skill gained that he got. What i dunno about is what MA will be doing with the Ark guys. Will they get a warning of some sort?
  5. You really expect any further public information about this ?

    Maybe interview some "Dark Knights" ingame ?

    Examine DannyO's facebook post closely.
    No word about the Dev-Item...but it felt very important to him to reply, just to moan about his photo
    and mention his football support attitude, having no idea "Crystal Palace" is called "Crystal Palace" since 2004 ?
    "Crystal Palace", where he used to be a steady guest 16 years ago ? Ya right...

    Way to go, acting like this, when such accusations exist, dodging the real question.
    It would have been better to not reply at all...but it was his decision and Im thankful he replied like this. ^^

    But hey, just some of the rare examples of Mindark punishments:
    -Some mining-amp exploiters got "offered" to pay several thousands of Dollars/Euros to Mindark,
    to unlock their banned accounts. Those I know of, never returned to Entropia. :p

    -Many players recieve(d) a so called "1st and last warning" from support now and then, so they will know
    they are beeing watched.

    -And while some exploiters even required a lawsuit to get removed from the game *roflcopter*...others still enjoy exploiting this game in public, without the fear of any further consequences. Some even recieve a special MA bonus now and then. :p

    There is nothing you can do, but to continue to complain on the forums...which became completely usless since 2009.
    Yet the Entropia community is forgiving...and forgetting...fast. Again and again...and again...

    Will DannyO have to pay hard $ to unlock his account ?
    Will Arkadia recieve a "1st and last warning" ? *lol*

    We will never know. Case closed.

    Honestly...it doesnt even matter in the end, as the sh!t will just continue as usual...and you know that.
    And while others tend to realize that, by not funding this company anymore, others keep throwing their money
    at Mindark.

    On top of it, such "news" are pure entertainment and a nice show, to watch as a bystander.
    Sometimes exhausting, sometimes useless...but still entertaining. ^^

    Explosive Blueprint Investor gambling ftw ! x'D
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  6. https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...n-Field-Chip&p=3757906&viewfull=1#post3757906

    Short version :
    1.)He admits he got the heal chip from Team Arkadia and abused it
    (ofc only once(!), on April 7, the day prophet discovered him) ;)

    "this was given to me in good faith to assist with events on Arkadia, due to issues with official avatars. I duly helped and assisted on these events, at no personal gain to myself."

    "I may also have blipped the chip in a few other places."

    2.)He wont say where he got the Official Teleport chip from *gg ez*

    dannyo official teleport chip.png

    3.)He calls the people that demanded the truth, trolls and conspiracy theorists...honest people, that actually discovered this abuse of the system.

    He writes it would be also partly their fault, that his reputation got damaged now. *gg ez*

    4.)"no more than an error of judgement or stupidity"

    5.)Hes ready to accept a permanent lock.

    DannyO statement 1.jpg

    DannyO statement 2.jpg

    dannyo droops.jpg
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  7. Again another trusted source contacted me.
    The source said that there are more "Special Arkadia Items" in circulation.

    Many well known players had to create a 2nd account though, to recieve these items from team Arkadia.
    And of course they were only allowed to use these items at events, to support other players.

    Just so you know.
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  8. Ahhhhh, couldnt resist...simply love the diversity of comments. :p

    dannyo comment diversity.jpg
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  9. As we wont get an official statement here and as I cant post on "the other forum", my hope is on the Arkadia forum now.

    dannyo arkadia forum post.jpg
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  10. "Malice may attack, ignorance may deride it"....lulz, that phrase just beat San's whole post. ^^

    While sloth simply nailed it. =:)

    dannyo toecutter sloth item.jpg

    Oh and I love how SuperKanjo mentiones ters "Special item"...which, if you believe the stories, somehow ended up in DannyOs inventory...and which "Laser LAZZ Nero" tried to sell in 2017.

    Ter recieved "the special item" in 2008...a Robot Power Transformer...which got "converted" into a Adjusted RIP M6600...4 years later in 2012. *lol*

    Rumors had it, it ended up in DannyO's inventory.

    Yet in 2017 avatar "Laser LAZZ Nero" was trying to sell the very same item on the other forum.
    By now there are several of these RIP M6600.

    ter special item robot.jpg ter adjusted rip 2.jpg ter adjusted rip 3.jpg

    ter adjusted rip sale LAZZ 2017.jpg
  11. Sportsreporter shouting :
    "Aaaannnnnd its DannyO's mate Tooooecutteeeer, going straight for the finish line, with a lame viperish troll attempt, trying to get the discussion locked. What a sentimental move ladies and gentleman, what a move, in such a shaky affair.
    The mature MMO discussion has just started !"

    I can already SEE it...DannyO-Accusers getting banned from the forum for slander and beeing "conspiracy theorists" and DannyO himself receving a "1st and last warning" and a new identity, so he can continue to be one of the biggest depositors and one of the most supportive guys. Or maybe Mindark will take him and the Arkadia-Devs to court ? Might bring a little smile to Deathfier's face, who is still fighting Arkadia at Singapore Court.

    dannyo toecutter pissed.jpg

    dannyo toecutter pissed2.jpg

    dannyo toecutter pissed3.jpg
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  12. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Absolutely unbelievable (NOT). LITERALLY the ONLY reason this came about was because he was caught. Carry on fan boys (MA Employees...) keep depositing $400 to auto click and bot etc etc.

    Try checking out Steam. GOG. ANYTHING!. $400 per month you could be a UBER in a Corp with 1000's members for less than that LOL.

    Keep chasing that ATH (that people with <1000 tracked get then mysteriously disappear.

    What do I know. I am just an ''idiot''.

    At the end of the day there is another RCE game that had (another) open public beta test yesterday soooooooo time will tell.

    Keep depositing and with ''winnings'' putting your kids through College (as LA owners say)
  13. 1 day ago DannyO was choosing to not to make it public, where he got the Official TP Chip from.

    But 24 hours later DannyO decided to +Rep "ImUp2Mischief" for his assumption,
    that it got looted by "accident".

    This whole situation is getting more and more shady...

    While it is obvious, that you are supposed to report yourself to MindArk in such cases...this might end up different for DannyO.
    Maybe he really looted it accidently...a small "sorry" by MindArk/Arkadia for his bezerk thread maybe ? And on top of it a Official Healing Chip ?

    I know of people that got permanently banned for doing less, compared to what is happening here.

    "MindArk is closely Monitoring Entropia Universe" my A$$. x'D

    Who cares if DannyO wanted to play the little snitch himself
    and report all avatars to MindArk, that changed hands and got sold via PayPal.

    Who cares he went bezerk over Arkadia.

    So honest, such a nice guy, big depositor...really, I SEE no problem that he abused 2 Developer items...let him continue to do so.

    Where is the fucking problem ?

    dannyo lock accidently looted it.jpg

    "Let's hope this is what happened" Jesus, lol.
    Because everything would be just fine then ? x'D
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  14. San


    I'm not sure what you mean? The point of my post was not Danny's case specifically, at least not more than its being another strike for the statistics. Whether or not his statement was honest is totally irrelevant to it. What matters is that it makes devs only more reluctant to engage with players in any meaningful way. The lack of communication we keep bemoaning is totally understandable if every outreach turns into a disaster. You just want to take their money and not bother anymore.
  15. Really ? Ok...

    "Thanks for the statement"

    "Having failed once and admitting it"

    "Wish you come out of this as a respected Entropian"

    Honestly, please try to read between the lines.

    You are aware that DannyO would be one of those "haters" if it would have been someone else,
    using Developer items for an undisclosed amount of time ?

    Oh right, it was only 90 minutes... *roflcopter*

    You are fully aware of Mindark failing so often.
    You are fully aware of the greed in this game.
    You even describe it with a thousands words.

    Yet the "haters" are now the problem and DannyO is the poor nice guy, who needs to be thanked for ?

    Would it really be better if there would have been an announcement before ?
    "We decided to hand an normal avatar 2 developer items, so he could help at events"

    Other well known players had to create a 2nd account at least, to be able to use developer items and they were closely monitored according to Mindark. *lol*

    But ya, thanks DannyO, everything will be fine now.

    Honestly, fuck this company and what it does to the community since 2009.
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  16. The community has reached its zenith once again. =)

    DannyO now brings out the heavy artillery, so he can earn some more sympathy.

    I mean, most of us got funny messages inside of Entropia, right ?

    The best ones I got ingame had been :

    "I hope you die in a car accident" *true classic among the community*
    "I hope your mom dies of cancer" *beautifull*
    "I will kill myself now, thanks to you" *problem solved*

    I reported those people on rare occassions...but honestly...worthless...better to ignore such crap. Taking such bullshit to a public forum ?
    A no brainer...but thank you DannyO.

    Others recieved similar messages...some made them public...some even argued like this on forums.

    The thread will now be closed for sure.
    Thank you for that as well, DannyO.

    Thank god I never published my photos or private emails in this community...love ya ! ;D

    dannyo covid 19 2.jpg

    dannyo covid 19.jpg

    dannyo covid 19 3.jpg
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  17. The plot thickens. :p

    Ozi aka. "Dave ozi Epsolon" aka "David Dobson", CEO from Planet Arkadia was in the same society as DannyO and Ben Cobra Boner.
    The Dark Knights.

    ozi Dark Knights.jpg

    Oh and I had to add this photo form better times. Arkadia CEO and Deathifier (also Dark Knights) at a BBQ in 2009.

    Both fightning at court now.

    deathifier at ozi 808.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2020
  18. San


    Holy mackerel. You know... for someone who digs up all this stuff, you can be astonishingly simple-minded. And you're telling -me- to read between the lines. I'm too tired now to make up my mind whether to belabour this further, got the feeling though that you already have and nothing will make you stop and think for a moment. Carry on. I'm watching the show. Sometimes.
  19. While this slowly could turn out to be one of the biggest fuck ups in Entropia history, I really dont get your wall of text regarding the so called "DannyO statement". Sure, you came with your best intentions...but...

    If you cant SEE that the "DannyO statement" was completely filled with bullshit excuses (ooohhh it was only exactly 90 minutes...and at some other random places), to avoid getting permanently banned and gather sympathy from the community, then you either havent been experiencing this dirty online game long enough...or you somehow try to professionally ignore it.

    I dont know for sure though, as Im astonishingly simple-minded.

    The repetitive repeating of "Mindark please communicate" since 2009 doesnt really help here anymore. At all.
    Keep walking on your (philosophical) "constructive-criticism" way. Im done with that. For obvious reasons.

    A permanent dent ? We are in a permanet sinking shipwreck by now.
    Slow, but sure. ;)

    And thank god honest Arkadia has won at court over Deathifier.
    Mindark partying hard.

    Thank god Mindark (finally) announced a reallife Entropia movie, because Neverdie exhumed his old 1990 buddy Cassian Elwes
    and convinced Mindark (once again) to invest a nice stack of $ into another epic fail, to release just another bullshit scenario, to keep us hoping and guessing. They even hope to become rich, as they will recieve royalities, when the million dollar hit blockbuster will enter cinemas worldwide. ;)


    I didnt want this to become personal, but it felt like your response to the "DannyO statement" was completely off.
    I dont expect you to rage and shout "cheaters suck"...but your wall of text was filled with so much politeness, forgiveness and so full of hope...as if you completely missed the point.

    As I said, it might have been your best intentions, but this community got fucked so often, yet a simple "Hey, we are still here" from Mindark is enough to make em deposit again, after their annual shitstorm has ended.

    Sure, some people REALLY deserve a 2nd chance. But here Im 100% sure that it is not the case, if I take into consideration, that Mindark even went to court, to get rid of cheaters and sold off all items of the desired avatars to the community.

    Then again, this time Arkadia and Mindark are involved so heavily...but for now I lean back again, watching the show.
    Because it will go on and on and on, no matter how many different opinions rule this fucked up place. :)
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  20. San


    LOL, no for sure I don't want this to become personal, either. Admitted I'm getting rather fed up with this "what MA has done to our community" broken record. It does get old. You are aware that I'm not entirely uncritical of them either, but I prefer to seize on individual problems that have a chance of getting resolved, or I shut up when I have no clue how to do it better.

    Maybe it was my fault for not being more clear. But this happens quite often, people read between the lines and interpret things into your statements when they are meant literally and nothing else, and fail to detect professional curtesy and take things at face value when they should look a little deeper. Don't mix that up with "forgiveness" or any fuzzy goodie-two-shoes sentiment. It is the result of cultivation in the business world, you learn to control your impulses. Being polite when it costs you nothing can turn out advantageous when you don't expect it. Like, learning more information this way. I don't know yet, we'll see what turns out. I don't like wasting my time with speculation or witch hunts. Like getting high on some puzzle pieces -- all these guys were in the same soc, oh me gawd! -- must be birds of one feather! Sure it may be a hint to keep in the back of your head, but reason enough to lead the mob with torches and pitchforks to their door at once on such shoddy evidence? You expose yourself to the risk of it backfiring. That's what I meant with the cynical closing words above. I wish you good luck.

    /End of wall of text
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