Planet Calypso: Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by theProphet, Apr 7, 2020.

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  2. p.s.
    You should have posted this in the "black hole" section or at least in the general section. :)

    Maybe someone can move it there ?

    p.s. p.s. Drama time x'D

    dannyo temp lock2.jpg
  3. What would our community be without those special FBI investigators, that would never fall for anything... x'D

    "All it would take" (not looking at the original screenshot at all)..."I guueesssssss, MA will...might..."
    Hey, who cares... wow...sad, but true.

    dannyo temp lock404.jpg
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  6. it's not that bad anymore over there at PCF, we had some pretty decent discussions there recently... :rolleyes (2):

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    Just wanted to respond to George's comment on the other forum. No other PP or MA has done that, that we know of. The only reason DannyO and Cobra were caught was because they were careless and another player managed to happen to stumble upon them. We simply don't know whether or not other cases like this exist.
  8. Hey Puck.
    The statement feels like a complete bogus to me.
    But it seems to be enough, to calm down their loyal patrons.

    Usually MA would never step forward like this, regarding such a mess...let alone commenting on it on a public forum, this detailed.
    And thats the big problem here. Is that statement really that detailed ?

    12 days of investigation for 2 avatars ? And noone else involved ?
    I can imagine those messy logfiles...and how some details should better not hit the daylight.

    Removing mindforce skills of both avatars ?
    Oh noes, avatar completely destroyed... ;D
    And not a single word about a timespan, or the possible abuse of the auction system, with mindforce skill implants, filled with cheated skills...

    5 month ban ?
    People sometimes pause Entropia for learning effect. Punishment ? Says a lot.
    There have been permabans for less and Mindark was at court with bot users for example, just to permaban the avatars and sell of their items,
    in the ingame auction, for...using a hunting bot software...which now seems to be tolerated inside of Entropia...

    No matter how many comments stated "Its just some mindforce skills, lol"...
    The abuse of official items, with official parties involved...probably ongoing for ages...feels like a fucking mess in a RCE game.
    If not the worst thing that had ever happened inside of Entropia. And there were many ugly fuck ups and stories by now. x'D

    But hey, statement made and the loyal patrons are happy once again...what else do you ask for ? ;D
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  9. As I wrote elsewhere, I do indeed know for sure, that some "well known players" had to create/got handed a 2nd account, to be able to recieve "special items" from Planet Partners, to be able to act as "helpers".

    To protect the innocent, I wont post any details.

    And the official Teleport Chip DannyO had ?
    DannyO decided to +Rep "ImUp2Mischief" for his assumption, that it got looted by "accident".
    Just like in the real world, we will never get all the details...and get presented this confusing mess...which should make you think twice.
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  11. drama 2000.jpg

    More Details ? Where ?! Pffff...just more useless drama, collecting some sympathy by a handfull of facebook users.
    "I was a good guy, I am honest, I only got some skills, I deposited so much, I dont understand..."

    "I put my hands up and admitted" ...... ya ?

    But the best comment by DannyO is something around the lines :

    "The full truth might show up later this year..."

    Really ? Cant wait to hear the full truth...

    Still, just uselss drama now. Bringing out trolls and fanboys fighting.
    Why not contact a lawyer ?
    Why not contact some big MMO websites or newspapers ?
    Why this gibberish on facebook ? He could post the full truth in 2 phrases and open some eyes instead.

    Whatever, he was 100% aware that it was exploiting, (ab)using 2 developer items.
    He risked his account, beeing fully aware about the consequences.

    I just got some skills my a$$.
    Let him enjoy his last show, gather some more sympathy...if thats what he needs now.

    Also fuck Mindark and Arkadia for doing this to DannyO and the community !
    But the loyal patrons are depositing again and this will be forgotten soon.

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  12. we should both thank each other...
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