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All photos missing from mindark.com, except for the CEO himself

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Didn't ND claim in an interview that they are all gone or something like that?
  2. Neverdie ? Lately ? Wtf ? Didnt he leave the always sinking ship already ? x'D

    Timkrans and Simmonds as well ? Nawwww, lol. :p

    I used these photos sometime ago...it was all there.

    It was someone else, who gave the infos of everyone "leaving" after the SEE incident.
    Including the NOT-SEE party...nooottseeeepaaarrtyyyy... ;D

    p.s. p.s.
    Im eager to SEE this ND interview...but Im sure you are way of here. :)
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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  4. The Neverdie contact I used to chat with on facebook...is gone as well.
    Wanted to ask the man himself...lal

    roflcopter...wtf....Peetttaaaaahhhhhhh !!!111 ;D

    This must be a huge missunderstanding...no ?
    Jesus...for the moment Im speechless...

    Whos left then ? LOL !? x'D
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20170815212327/https://www.mindark.com/company/people/

    No idea why, my guess is the webpage developer guy just deleted something or moved it on accident... they do that from time to time... with no clue how many pages it affects unfortunately. Still remember when entire chunks of Mindark's website got completely overhauled a couple of short years after the SEE mess... kinda stunk since there was a lot of historic info lost in that process.
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  6. ehehe, thanks ;D

    I have those photos...but I wonder why they are gone. :)

    Only thumbnails working anyway.
  7. From my experience: I've been through this, kind of. Long term - high-level manager of my previous company left to other company with similar profile. Guess what happens at the office when CEO leaves? Plenty of questions, fear, misunderstandings...

    And guess what former CEO/manager does in his new company when they decide to hire more people. Are they looking on open market? Does he stalk people on Linkedin? No. He simply make his old friends leave too and gives them position at the new company.

    Often, when CEO leaves, many people leave soon after him. It's about 6 to 12 months - that's natural, some people cannot accept new CEO, some have developed a bond and don't want to loose it - it happens, I wouldn't be surprised if part of board of directors left or some other valuable and talented employees.
  8. you must have blocked him or something since he's definitely still there.
  9. when it says "not available", i rather think that he blocked you, than otherwise around :)

    (woops didn't refresh page)
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    MindArk is not your typical company, though. The first CEO was Jan Welter Timkrans, one of the founders of the game. At some point he was ousted at a shareholder meeting, and replaced with Johan Andinsson. Timkrans went and secured an absent shareholder, and took back the throne shortly after.

    Jan Welter Timkrans also excels at attempting to bully scientists who dare question their PR.

    At some point, David Ssimmonds, a long-time cronie of Timkrans was appointed CEO. His qualifications prior to joining MindArk were as a sales person, and a business owner. Other than that, he's amazing at admiring himself, finding porn coverart to use for advertising purposes, and kissing the butt of Jan Welter Timkrans. That's sufficient in the MindArk world, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that under his guidance, MindArk accomplished exactly jack shit.

    Timkrans has a son, Kim, by the way. The same Kim Welter Timkrans who effectively heads Planet Calypso; a MindArk subsidiary and planet partner (which seems like an odd thing to do considering Planet Calypso competes directly with other MindArk Planet Partners for the attention of the players. One would think that in such a case, all hints of favoritism are to be avoided at all costs, but apparently Timkrans fails to see this). This has led to a few interesting cases, such as Kim being privy to information other partners had not received, or having access and insights into new systems, or systems under development. He also attempted to claim an idea of a PP as his own, and after Monria attempted to use Runes (and were denied), implemented Runes on Calypso. But there's no conflict of interest at MindArk/Planet Calypso (claim MindArk / Planet Calypso).

    Following David Ssimmonds as CEO was Klas Monreau, who prior to joining MindArk worked for Ericsson. And when Klas left, the new guy took over, and attempted to launch an ICO (which failed, or according to MindArk, was a grand old successstory that later on was pulled anyway).

    So apart from Klas, the other former CEOs still work there. They're not exactly qualified or capable of doing much else, so they won't be giving up their gravy train any time soon. The talented people mostly left when MindArk split up into MindArk, and Planet Calypso (or whatever the name was at that time. That company was headed at that time by Marco Behrman, the former MindArk community manager. That company was sold to SEE Virtual Worlds, who shortly after taking ownership pulled out for "undisclosed reasons", and who MindArk ended up having to pay a bunch of money). When the company dissolved, Timkrans apparently was upset the employees in there didn't want to rejoin MindArk before, and thus refused to rehire them. So they left. The game has been suffering from a creative writer's block ever since.

    TLDR: The Swedish clownsquad is a bunch of amateurs.
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  11. I think MindArk had a duty to its customers to announce that the game had lost most of the original talent that made PE so fantastic.

    Further, I think they should have highlighted the specific areas of the game that might be affected.

    As far as I remember there was no such notification but please correct me if I’m wrong?
  12. one day we will discover that the board of directors were actually drones and mindark is skynet...
  13. San


    That I can understand, if indeed intended. I don't want my mugshot published just because I work somewhere. Many companies more or less enforce it when some marketing smartass tells them it elicits trust. But if tomorrow they miss the chance yet again to catch up with some long overdue bugfixes, there might be other reasons for going into hiding...
  14. I might be a lot outdated but i always understood that MA is company with total of 18 people which form with ceo and all shadow titles, managers, seniors ect about 25 virtual workers like every toilet have own director and nobody to work.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    If the game is simply serving the income interests of just a handful of people, that would explain a lot.

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