After the no loot Sand King, and poor loot Beacons, a no loot Hussk

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    We all have gotten frustrated at the "This creature did not carry any loot" message in EU at one point or another. However, I doubt anyone ever had so much reason to be livid about that message as Society Art of War (AoW) did today.


    Update: MindArk and FPC have released a formal apology to everyone involved in bringing down the Hussk, and stated that players will be compensated. Read the full post here:

    Update: On February 23, MindArk reimbursed players for lost ammo.

    They were part of a huge group (150+) of players who had come together to beat the Hussk, which was spawned after an effort by several members of the community (led by Hijacker) to collect all the individual components required to spawn the beast. The amount of PED required to gather all the individual components was earlier estimated to be over 5,000 PED (or USD 500).

    The Hussk is truly worthy of the name beast, boasting close to 2,000,000 health, and respawning an impressive 2,500 of these per second, making bringng it down an extremely long (and costly) process.

    However, by sheer numbers and will-power, it finally dropped, after several hours of relentless shooting, but it was not a shared loot MOB, and to top that off, it contained no loot at all.

    This brings back memories of the no loot Sand King, which caused quite the embarrasment to MindArk / Calypso. However, the time, money and effort spent on the Husk ieasily dwarfs that of what is required for killing a Sand King.

    Calypso participants are currently quite upset with the whole thing, and rightfully so. The Sand King was the first slip-up. The beacons and their loot (or lack thereof) were next. One would think that two such mistakes within a short time would be reason enough to ensure the Hussk at least was properly tested and verified before being put into production. But apparently not so. A Hussk, the very MOB that was proudly announced by Kim weeks ago, and that was created so it could only be brought down with a huge group of people not being defined to share its loot across everyone participating, and on top of that not dropping anything is just unacceptable.

    Somehow I doubt that another attempt at respawning one of these Hussks will be attempted, unless there will be a public apology, and a refund for all the people who lost hundreds or more PED today.
    David Simmonds already did state this was not supposed to happen and that an investigation will take place:


    Perhaps a positive note can be put to this afterwards by MindArk, for instance by creating a fully transparent QA system for themselves and their partners. After all, if this happens on their own planet, it could also happen on non-MindArk planets, where the consequences might be even more grave.
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    Actually he didn't say that. :tongue (2):


    * Is the loot system in general supposed to absolutely rule out no-looters if specific parameters are given (like 2M HP for example)?
    * And/or can PPs assign (request) specific mobs to be all-looters?
    * Or is none of the above possible and there's a very small chance for even 10 Million HP mobs to be no-looters?
    * Was the Hussk not shared loot by design or was that a bug?

    Those are questions that can be answered without any investigations and it's about time to start regaining trust by answering questions like these.

    And then, if this is a general issue that requires MA to take action I would expect this to be communicated via 'universe-wide' channels, if it is only a Calypso specific one time bug I would expect the MA CEO to address other planet's communities too on their official forums, fx explaining the reasons for the delay of Treasure Hunting on

    However, good to see that care is at least pretended.

    No matter whether it's a bug that can but should not happen or it's just plain stupidity in design the affected players should receive compensation and the EU community an extensive explanation.

    Document the Hussk: Creature:Hussk.
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    When I skimmed the headline at first I thought it was someone's idea of a bad joke.
  4. leeloo

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    nooooooooo way! incredible and imho unacceptable, the involved players should definatly all receive compensation!
  5. Wistrel

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    Yeh... I think JWT has been at the loot handle again. and this time it DIDN'T snap ;)

  6. I guess that's how MindArk to help Planet Partners to grow by making calypsian disappointed and go to other planets:nana:
  7. nope, that's how people go play other games....someone pointed out earlier that you can't expect a refund because that would mean all the other people who lost ped cause of bugs will start asking for money (no matter if it's their fault or not, if ma gives money back a lot of people will want their money back)
    overall rating of this event: shitstorm :)
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    Updated this with the formal post by MA.
  9. NotAdmin

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    Today, MindArk apparently reimbursed players for their lost ammo. Reports range from people stating they got back roughly what they spent, to others saying they got less than they expected (speculation is that this is due to some people having spent time and ammo when there were not enough players present to bring down the health of the Hussk sufficiently, and the payout only being from when the biggest groiup of players was around).

    If anyone was there at the time, do feel free to let us know what you spent that day and what you were reimbursed for.

  10. leeloo

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    good to see something done about it.
    I have read that the payout was split by the damage done on the hussk, so I guess ppl with better / eco equipment have received roughly what they spend while ppl with uneco equipment or very low damage impact didnt get to cover their losses
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