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Mar 11, 2011
Jul 2, 2010
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Gothenburg, Sweden

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from Gothenburg, Sweden

Amanda was last seen:
Mar 11, 2011
    1. Amanda
      Thank you :)
      I am in everyday hehe. Will probably start to write more soon to. getting warm ingame. its so fun to just run all over and explore now. Allthough i seem to get in over myhead alott.
      5 times the last 2 days i have had to msg and get help out of an area hehe. but thats me. explore and take screenshots heh. got a very nice collage of pictures. will probably post a little thread with em soon. Making a "noobie exploration movey".

      m.v.h Amanda "The Muppet"
    2. Lykke TheNun
      Lykke TheNun
      Hey sweetie :) Ty for the update and HUGE gratz on your society. I will remove you from the active list^^
      Of COURSE you should stay here - you belong here lol :D hahah - everyone is welcome, we have hardly any restrictions (unless people have a violent and harrashment behavior) - would only be nice if you peak in from time to time. And do not hesitate asking if you have questions or have a look in the wiki :)

      People here are VERY nice & helpful ^^ Hugs
    3. Amanda
      nice :) looks good
    4. Lykke TheNun
      Lykke TheNun
      welcome :) article posted on the front site. Have fun ;)
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    Gothenburg, Sweden


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