WTS Compet deeds 20 ped each

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Fan_boy99, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    WTS Compet deeds 20 ped each

    Have 198 for sale. 20 ped each or if all 198 then only 3800 peds.

    Buyers understand the risk/knowledge of Compet and deed payout I cannot be held liable for anything.

    Offer stands for 4 weeks from date of this post.


    Fan ''Idiot' Boy99

    Edited - strictly NO timewasters. Fast trade only please
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    PM me when it gets to 50pec/deed
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  3. Still over 4 years to break even, if they still pay after such a long time.
  4. Dab


    Completely valueless. You can't even use them for toilet paper or to start campfires with.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Good point that they may not pay out by then. ~25% ROI isn't too bad for a high risk investment though but you are right, maybe we should be looking at a more sensible trading price of 0.25pec... or simply not bothering
  6. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Thanks for reply. as you know deeds were orginally 100ped (npt pec) each. Maybe 1 day they might go up in value vastly?. Laso is a post on this forum somewere saying that deeds are selling for like 30-35 ish?. We can do a deal. all 198 deeds for 3500 ped. That is a bargain
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The reason a lot of people are sceptical about a raise in value is that this would require MA to actually do something with Compets that would provide an incentive to own the deeds. Right now the payout for the deeds has been next to nothing, while there is no other reason to own a deed than those payouts.

    MA moved on to crypto currency, and just like Compet, failed to make a dent there. Compet is long gone, and will probably just die at some point, making the deeds utterly worthless.

    THAT is why they are suggesting such a low price. The perceived lack of monetary value.
  8. Hold on to em... they will go up in value eventually... as Deep Token goes viral more and more side apps like compets will be developed, useful reasons to have pets in compets will increase, etc. May not happen too soon, but over time it'll happen. AT first people hated the planets idea, and many never left Calypso, some still haven't... but the planets are slowly gaining more and more popularity.... compets, like all other long term investments in this game take a while to be worth it. Right now they ain't worth shit, but over time they will be worth something (and yes, I do own a few since I foolishly invested in a few right before the first payout happened too)
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  9. Woah, what an epic kind of sarcasm we got here ? :O WTF !? Excellent !

    Or did someone drink another cup filled with hope here ? And you drank it, even if you knew everything is fucked ? :'D
    That was pure poison you drank there. :S

    I also still have compet deeds. If they go up in value, no problem, I can cash out again then.
    But they wont. Oh and a little update with a new building and new mobs in december, that will
    create some wet pants on some boys here...wont be the remedy for this disaster.

    But I promise, there will be idiots, buying compet deeds, right after a new 3D model with no function got released. x'D

    Its hillarious...it always was. And there will be kids screaming, that everything will change now...because of a fucking useless 3d model...and MA will announce their next fucking PR SCAM...gaaawd x'D...but go on...its your hard earned money, you throw at these professional scammers...still calling it entertainment, because you are afraid of loosing your earlier, so called investments.
    Always hoping for the big one. x'D

    Deep token goes viral more and more ? (lol...what do you smoke ?!?!)
    All discussions about it have died months ago...because it was posted by bots...and people are now aware...there arent even any real discussions.
    You conclude that if "deeptoken goes more and more viral = Compet will be developed ?" Man...what is going on with you ?
    Just accept the truth, you got stuck in just another honey pot, set up by MindArk.

    Jesus, havent you been the one informing the authorities about MindArk ? I understand it is good to keep writing about a matter, so people in the future can actually SEE what the fuck MindArk was doing to us. But please, stay on topic and do not drink those cups filled with poison anymore...

    I pray you have been sarcastic here, else Im heavily disapointed now.
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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Why the hell would it? The proposition was worthless. A dumb solution to a situation that already had several resolutions, and for which blockchain would add unnecessary complexity. Oh, and it'd be run by an incompetent bunch of jackasses in Sveedun. Why the heck would that ever raise any awareness, let alone go viral? What's the current rate DTA trades for? I can't even seem to find it anywhere, so it must be amazing.

    Deeptoken was a scam. Compets was a scam. If you pumped any money into either of those projects, I'd recommend you to hire a financial advisor who will beat some sense into you the next time MA pulls a new rabbit out of their hat.
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  11. Don't drink so much bitter lemon..
    If lunatics will keep paying 30 peds for them, and the owner can accept his loss, then hanging on to them.might not be sych a bad idea. Money gone forever, + 1 .pec a month.
    And when payments stop, sell them then to the lunatics.
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  12. [​IMG]

    (can't get much more forlorn than we have at the moment, can we, lol)
  13. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    errrm. this was a sale thread that beeN hijacked.

    admins please can you perma ban OFFENDERS under rule 9.1a section paragraph c the hijackers? (small joke)

    much optimism here. final deal open for 48 hours ONLY from this - for wistrel all deeds for 2500 ped any1 else 2749 ped. lets go 1st offer I sell GO.

    pure bargain as some have said on hijacked sale post put your money were mouth is big boi:)

  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm good. I've been convinced that compet deeds are not worth it at any price (except to sell on to other people - and I'm not that cruel)
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  15. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    feel like crying.

    I figured after mastermesh big fanboy speech would have been many offers here.

    Well. You know the FACTs. been 0 payputs (not even 1 pec in 4 months in a row). PCF have now even removed compet forum subsection out. Games officially dead.
    Yes I was hoping to make a pretty penny shi% happens I guess. Ill ''hold onto them'' (why?) for a bit then ill probably donate them for free to a good guy (or girl) on this forum.

    PLEASE dont offer anything now its done. can lock thread bigadmin
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    For what it is worth. I'm sorry about what happened with COMPET. Sadly I always thought it would end this way but that doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow for those who bought in. I suspect you will be the first of those trying to get rid of them.

    Still, there are always believers or another re-seller hoping to make a small profit. You may find someone who still believes in them and is willing to take the risk at a low price.


    PS is Rick England (see the other forum I think) wanting them? He seems to be a bit of a believer in MA.
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  17. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Too late now you offered 50 pec per :). Joke :). and yes I have tried that person. Same reply as Mastermesh :) (I speak the truth don't I sir :) )> They good at posting opitimism on forums but they wont back up their words :) (but I don't blame them though! :) ). Its dead. It pity because it WAS a good game. Suggestion = make new sub-forum = Compet vict errm people who are sad.. :). Enough said. We can still 'do' something with these deeds many like this forum. The other forum is just usual fan_boys giving wall of text ideas and ''forum of trading'' (good post by ...on here about that way back in 2015). I have to make a new topic anyway. RIP Compet
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Maybe I reinstantiate the offer now ;) Just kidding, go exchange your deeds for Moon Deeds and hope it does better. Good luck!
  19. You can sell them for 20 ped each on the street. They will sell really fast
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