WTF a million ped????

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Natasza, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. The seller, in entropia. :coffee:
  2. :dancinggirls:ROFLOL! :beerchug:
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    At your service! :)
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  5. lol


    I'm not arguing, I just want to know what you are talking about. What items and what threads.
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  7. Dunno... I don't think EF is the reason for fap prices at 500k. There are many other places than the selling forum to discuss prices for mod faps (or whatever item). Sure some people might call you stupid, but that's EF.
  8. Link please I can't find it :(

    Alice is from Germany as well as me.
    Negotiating prices is very very very uncommon here.
    Usually you go in a shop and buy at the set price.

    Quite hesitatingly bartering for prices has been made legal a while back (yes it was illegal before that).
    Nowadays at some places we can haggle, but mostly if you try to barter at a store the trader will just look at you as if you are a nutcase.

    Negotiating is an art in itself and you really should consider that there are very great cultural differences about how or if at all it is done.
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  10. Yes I know, but what I said applies even to car sales.
    In general a good trader can easily get the better of any customer in germany as we all basically are very bad at bartering.
    Its no coincidence that the best carsalesman are not german in germany, we are easy prey to any experienced turkish or arab trader.
  11. ?

    If you post in a non provocative way I don't see why the admins should lock the thread.
    But if they do, that will be interesting too. :)
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  13. Mod Merc makes the users maybe 1/100 of the peds cycled...

    1000ped cycled = 1010ped returned

    But yes mod mercs makes the owners money ( but 99.99% of that income is from inflation)....
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  15. Neomavens ego said its worth 1million PED's but everyone else values it at 300k which is still 150k to much in my opinion
  16. does any know how much he paid for it?
  17. Wanna get lucky?
    try a pack of Durex with a pot of vasaline intensive care and meet up with 711, mabe he might whisper that in your ear;):kos:
  18. 350.000 Ped, mainly because it was the only gun that people could max at the time. It was the first UL Sib gun and I think it was before MindArk let skills over 10.000 count so no one had 10.0 HA on any gun.

    Its a nice gun sure, but I dont think it would fetch more than 350k ped if sold today in a auction...and with mod merc being down to 170k with no bidders who would want a Terminator for twice the cash and 10% less eco (if you exclude range/dps making up for eco)
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    I'd say the comparison between the two will not hold ground. MM is for eco close range shooting. The terminator is a PVP weapon, that also does fairly well as a long range hunting weapon. I'd estimate that given the stats, it would allow the wielder to bring down large mobs with easy, without requiring armour or faps.

    Not sure what price I'd put on it, but the uniqueness factor will add to the price as well.
  20. It was tested by a extremely skilled avatar before Dub sold it to Neomaven that Terminator kills a Hogglo Young for pretty much same cost as Mod Merc. Course there are slower mobs around but still...

    As regarding a PK gun, its a nice toy for PK but its gonna be hard killing someone in PK armor. Easier to just close the gap and use LR66 and high dmg amp for pk (also ALOT cheaper)

    Personally and many hunters with knowledge would agree with me that mod merc wins over terminator in terms of use,fun and economy
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