WTF a million ped????

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Natasza, Oct 3, 2009.

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  2. I dont claim anything less then the truth. :viking:
    Also, who is this noob on the outside?
    surely u have to be on the inside of entropia to be a noob?
    And yet it stands correct, most people arent ready to offer the huge ammout of cash that is needed for the ultra-high end items never will and never will want/need to.
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I dont know, how much you got for your mod fap, Nat (or was it an adj? Or if you sold it yet), but I'm sure the person who wants something like this also are willing to pay the price - otherwise I'm quite sure the prices would be very much different.

    If the item then is worth the price is another matter. But why sell it for less than what people are willing to pay for it?:headscratch: Naturally if no one pays the price and buys them, the prices will drop again - but so far people have been 'stupid' enough ...

    Some might just have enough money, others might beleive they are making an investment and others might really beleive the items are worth it skill/use-wise ...
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  4. The simple reply is "the market", most items are in good supply and you will notice that they only cost a bit mark up more.
    Like for example the Breer series of rifles is in good supply from crafters, so the markup is not too high and as usual a good compromise between the expenses the crafter has in making it and what hunters are willing to pay.

    The items you refer to are non craftable quite unique items and the market participants trading in these are a selected few.
    Its comparable with collectors of special rare items in real life.
    Just imagine paying some several million dollars just for a special stamp.

    Also you will maybe notice that non limited items have a lot more markup than their limited counterparts.
    This is not only due to the economical benefit, but also because its a psychological thing, people are willing to pay more for stuff that can be repaired and works again.

    (Oh and I replied in the way that I pretend you are not THE Natasza that is a well educated and known player)
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Ah yes, or as the priest is trying to convice me, that we should invest in 'rare whisky' because it's the new gold ... even if I don't think it might be worth the money, that doesn't mean others don't find it worth it and invest a lot of money in it. And it's still risky - the whisky might turn bad (as old wine which is actually not drinkable a few minutes after you open the bottle) ...:wise:
  6. To invest in rare stuff is like putting all your eggs in one basket.
    If one knows all factors involved the risk might be computable.
    But if one is playing the risk down instead of estimating it as exactly as possible its doomed to fail from the start.
  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    .. only risk would be that VF drinks the whisky himself ... ;)

    I agree with you though.
  8. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

  9. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    .. pizza knifes? :dunno:

    Yes, I tried that knife, though I haven't tried the other things. But that knife is an awesome toy...

    But maybe some of the items are not only awesome, but also decays less, hit slower but better or what do I know?

    I agree - some of the prices seems horrible - and I for one would never think something in game would be worth that amount of money - unless, of course, I needed to sell :)
  10. NotAdmin

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    There's plenty of unique art being produced that is so ugly that not even the richest collector would dare touch it with a ten feet pole :poke:

    Maybe the knife is unique, but doesn't "look cool" enough to warrant someone paying lots for it. Maybe the eco on it is just so horrible that it really would be suicide for the PED card to use it?

    The war axe is unique, and looks awesome when wielded. The Dub & McCormick gun is unique, and extremely eco. Both changed hands for considerable amounts. I don't know the stats on the knife you're refering to, but if it neither looks neat, nor does huge amounts of damage, or maybe is just boring or costly to use, that might give you the answer to your question.
  11. Well there are 2 types of collectors, the speculators and the enthusiasts.

    The motivation of the speculators should be clear... these people buy in hopes that the items will become ever rarer or more wanted and thus the price will rise even higher.

    Enthusiasts are often rich people who crave for something special.
    When 2 or more happen to want something ridiculous amounts can be paid for silly stuff.

    Sometimes poor people are enthusiasts too... I know a story about someone who saved every coin he could earn for over 30 years just to buy a rare sports car for 250K Deutsche Mark (~125K €).
    As far as I know he basically spent his whole life just for the purpose of acquiring this car.

    I guess that truly understanding enthusiasts is more difficult even than for men to understand women ;)
  12. When Wilma (hurricane) hit Florida, our area was without electricity for 2+ weeks (we were the *luckier* ones too, many were without water and electricity for far longer).

    Anywho, the first items that were sold out were alcohol, cigarettes and gasoline (I'm talking within hours). Some people even stockpiled these days in advance and resold them in the street for outrageous amounts. Desperation can lead people to not care about their basic essentials but rather spend the money to get items that would make them forget about it!

    Thankfully we had rum, wine and plenty of essentials stockpiled. Fun times.
  13. aridash

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    dont think whisky can go off, its too strong for any bug to survive and the bottles are better sealed with non-cork tops.

    VF drinking the nest egg is far bigger risk i reckon :shots:
  14. NotAdmin

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    Easy solution. We get TWO bottles. One for the saving, and one for the savouring :alcohol:.
  15. Shadowsong

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    Exactly.... wait till the value has doubled before opening the second bottle, and you're sitting pretty :)

    *Edit - Somehow I hit submit twice, and the forum was set up to stop that with a neat warning about duplicate posts - nice.
  16. aridash

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    man with a plan :bowdown:
  17. Natasza

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  18. Snowwolf

    Snowwolf Snowwolf

    i am pretty sure some rl millionairs are playing and some people on the flyst off ma.. 4 5 years ago it was confirmed that some ubers where aligned at least with ma and helped ma 2 get the headlines them set up their empire..

    I even remeber a big event think it was the yearkly beastie trek.... when i saw the same guy kill a chirpy 4 12 k imediatly follwed buy a nother birdy small 10 k drop...whilst we where all blasting the beasties..

    talking about loots..

    and secrets:locked: Still i have great funn palying and yes i found an unlimeted gun 1 nce put it at auction some 1 bought it immediatly and i thought i had a ridiculous price off times the value on it.. gave me 28 k..or so whilst it was 2.8 k tt..?

    never saw it again at auction..dont know who bought either..

    be simple 4 any ma account to get it back and reward the finder 2

    just some conspirancy sugestion
  19. Because you only take one of two opposing factors in a deflation into account.
    Sure in a deflation people have less money,
    but also in a deflation people are in need of more recreational activities.

    There might be lesser amounts spent by person, but more people will spend smaller amounts, thus providing an overall stable demand, balancing the economy of EU out to even again.

    This is about the normal economy...

    For the collectors you will see a lot of weird trades going on, this is normal behaviour for high priced items like collectibles in an unstable economy, as finding enthusiasts(aka gullible fools) needs more work now.
    Also smart collectors will try to get the better of dumb collectors and try to drive them into cop out sales at lower prices. (Or to buy at ridiculous high prices.)

    In unstable economies money is like bullets of a curtain fire, you never know from where it comes and who it will hit if you are not the one firing the machine gun.
  20. 40k when i started 5years ago. At this time there was some players putting in money to buy it. Now its just a symbolic value nobody ever will pay. Maby some rich drunk idiot will fall for it :dunno:
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