Planet Calypso News: World of Firepower Stage 3 Roundup

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  1. After announcing their abilities in the qualifying rounds, 18 teams from around the world and elsewhere have been battling each other in the first of the Group Stages.

    Some impressive scores have already been reached, with nearly every match completed. The third weekend saw technical problems delay the finish of three matches, but some results are already clear; Canada, Poland and Africa are now eliminated. Not that they didn’t go out with a bang; Africa scored more than double their initial score in their last match, and Canada and Poland fought on despite having only one available hunter each. Not satisfied with the fame of having scored the winning Snablesnot that secured Team USA’s victory in the tournament in 2010, self-confessed low-level hunter Savanna Blaise also turned out alone to represent her Canadian homeland against France. Poland’s Teiwaz Storm also managed a heroic solo score of 80 points against Amethera which makes him the front-runner for the forthcoming Calypso Cross award, a single prize for the team that scores the most points per-person during a qualified match. A team of 4 Main Team hunters and 6 in Support would have to score 800 points to equal his standing; which, given the right ten people, is nonetheless possible!

    Another match with a surprising result was when USA met Italy; with what is now traditional flair the Italians took on the Americans right to the buzzer, and the final score, before post-match bonuses were added, was a dead level 482 points each. Only winning the loot bonus and Short Straw bonuses saved the day for the USA, who now have one match to finish against team Benelux this weekend to help secure their position at the top of their group. Teams Australia and Guinea met and both scored highly, the lead swapping several times until Australia took the match by a whisker; their respective Stage totals put them currently at 6th and 7th place overall.

    Eudoria, semi-finalists in 2007, met the stoic Wales with a convincing lead but also the knowledge that Wales have slain a giant or two in their time. This match was stopped at the halfway point and will be completed when the schedule allows (scores posted below do not include the half-time score from this match, this is still being checked).

    The scores as they stand are:

    • Team Great Britain: 1416
    • Team Sweden: 1315
    • Team DACH: 1293
    • Team France: 1072
    • Team USA: 1041 (with half a match left to play)
    • Team Australia: 1021
    • Team Guinea: 970
    • Team Italy: 945
    • Team Romania: 505
    • Team Amethera: 430
    • Team Finland: 391 (with half a match left to play)
    • Team Eudoria: 341 (with half a match left to play)
    • Team Africa: 295 (Eliminated)
    • Team Benelux: 173 (with half a match left to play)
    • Team Poland: 140 (Eliminated)
    • Team Wales: 54 (with half a match left to play)
    • Team Canada: 25 (Eliminated)
    • Team Czech: Yet to score (with half a match left to play)

    With half a match to go, Team USA have a chance of a Top 3 seeded position. Team Benelux have the opportunity to unseat either team Finland or Team Eudoria from progressing to Stage 4 when all the results are in.

    Once Stage 3 is over, the groups will be drawn for Stage 4, consisting of three 4-team groups each headed by a seeded team from Stage 3.

    A new moblist will be announced for the next three hunts; expect to see a recurring nightmare as the Bonus Mob.

    12 teams must become 6 and we expect the fight to be fierce.

    It’s never too late to hunt for your country; if you wish to assist any of the teams taking part please contact them via their team threads on We’ve already seen some terrific scores and close matches and as the WoF rolls on it can only get better.

  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yep, exactly this is the reason why I left it. Soo many years as judge, match coordinator when Hurrikane had connection problems and as competitor and finally as winner in an event run by a player. THAT WAS THE SPIRIT! Now it's a MA event.
    Boring ...
    Violating ...
    Repugnant ...
    I am really sad about it.

    P.S. I gave away my Wof 2012 Jacket to kleene to make a present to someone else from support who deserves it.
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