Work in Progess: Lesser Elysia

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  1. [​IMG]We’ve in the middle of testing for the May 1st release! Right now, I’m checking out the blueprint for a new component, Lesser Elysia, and then using that Lesser Elysia to test our new clothing blueprints. The Elysians developed a fabric called Lesser Elysia for island clothes, to stay comfortable during the tropical days, and warm on cool island nights.
    Anyway, you can see from that picture that I’ve tested that blueprint quite a lot today. And you see what else I got in my loot window! I got a couple instances, but there’s one right on top in my crafting loot window. Since Lesser Elysia is a tailoring blueprint, I received another tailoring blueprint. And it’s a new one:
    [​IMG]So pleased to see this working smoothly in test! Players should be able to craft Lesser Elysia from pretty common ingredients, and as they craft they have a chance to receive a blueprint for new clothes, which use Lesser Elysia as a component.

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  2. Love Want Need XD

  3. Excellent news :thumbsup:

    Hope at least one of these new tailoring blueprints can be aquired from the tehnician ;)
  4. Hmm I see lyst and sweat as a ingredient for this one. And whatever the new pink item is.
  5. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Maybe the pink one is the successes on the new fabric?? Anyway, thumbs up for new tailoring stuff! Hurray for Jungle Shorts too! :thumbsup:
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  6. Yeah probably right, Lesser Elysia fabric. I didn't catch it the first time I read it.

    Wonder what the jungle shorts look like, I am picturing daisy dukes on the guys! LOL!!
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  7. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    LOL, good one! :D
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