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    World of Firepower (WoF) is an international hunting competition that began in 2007 at the hands of its creator Oscar “Hurrikane” SkyQuake from the Gloryhound Irregulars society. This hunting tournament invites players to represent their countries in a battle to the finish.

    The competition takes place in Stages, with a special Mob List for each Stage. WoF 2012 is underway, and we will be reporting the updates after each engagement to highlight the standings.

    The Stage 1, Qualifying Match A round was held on August 25th and 26th, with a mob list that Hurrikane termed to be the dogs, the bugs, and the ugly. He was referring to the following:

    WoF 2012 Stage 1 Mob List


    • Formicacida (Soldier and above): 10 points
    • Rextelum (any maturity): 9 points
    • Phasm (Mature and above): 8 points
    • Formicacida (Watcher and below): 7 points
    • Estophyl (any maturity): 6 points
    • Phasm (Young): 5 points
    • Shinkiba (any maturity): 4 points
    • Frescoquda (any maturity): 3 points
    • Atrax (any maturity): 2 points
    • Prancer (any maturity): 1 point
    • Nexnecis (any maturity): 25 points

    With each Stage, there are also Sponsors who own land areas that offer mobs on the list for that particular Stage of the WoF tournament. It is encouraged to hunt on these land areas because it helps to build the prize fund, even though players are free to hunt at their locations of choice.

    Fifteen (15) teams participated in the Stage 1, Qualifier A round which took place on August 25th and 26th. It was quite a respectable showing, and Team WoF Australia walked away with the highest single loot of 37K on a Rextelum.

    After a good start to this annual event, following is the current standing after Stage 1:

    1. Sweden – 659
    2. Finland – 413
    3. Australia – 397
    4. USA – 359
    5. DACH – 358
    6. France – 313
    7. BeNeLux – 303
    8. GB – 298
    9. ROCKtropia – 293
    10. Canada – 283
    11. Poland – 232
    12. Africa – 167
    13. Italy – 105
    14. Eudoria – 91
    15. Amethera – 81

    Stage 2, Qualifier B is scheduled for September 8th and 9th, and is called the Metal Weekend which fits perfectly with the designated Stage 2 Mob List. Rally your teams, and get ready for the Robot Round.
    The following is the full schedule of the WoF hunt dates, so you might want to mark your calendars.
    • Stage 1, Qualifier A – August 25th & 26th
    • Stage 2, Qualifier B – September 8th & 9th
    • Stage 3 (3 weekends) – October 6th & 7th, 13th & 14, 20th & 21st
    • Stage 4 (3 weekends) – November 3rd & 4th, 10th & 11th, 17th & 18th
    • Stage 5 (Semi-Finals) – December 1st
    • 3-Way Final – December 15th

    If you are interested in learning more about WoF 2012, or past WoF events, go here.

    The MindStar Media team wishes all WoF participants the very best in their quest to be the last team standing, and claim the traditional WoF Jacket provided by MindArk.

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