Planet Calypso News: WoF 2014 has a winner

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  1. Team DACH were victorious with a stunning 1460 points (highest score ever recorded in the WoF) making them the first to claim two consecutive victories.

    Team Sweden came 2nd with an impressive 1148 points

    Team Great Britain were 3rd with 850 very respectable points.

    Team DACH took an early lead and the gap they opened kept growing right until the end. HoF after HoF helped bulk up their score and in three hours of hunting the Main Team alone managed to score over a thousand points before any Bonuses were even added. It was a truly remarkable performance by the reigning Champions, who become the first to retain the title, and the 1st (their Final score) and 3rd highest (their Semi-Final score) scorers in the WoF's 7-year history. Whoever takes on DACH next year had best be prepared.

    Team Sweden started well, gaining ground on Great Britain and for a while starting to edge towards DACH's surging total, but even a 50-point HoF on the Chirpy Mutated bonus mob couldn't raise their tally enough to seriously threaten the eventual winners. Though not equalling their 1422 (second highest score in WoF ever) from the Semi-Final, their total of 1148 is still one of the highest Final scores recorded.

    Team Great Britain started the match as the relative underdogs (both their opponents had scored double the score that Great Britain did in the Semi-Finals) but found the firepower to challenge Sweden for second place for much of the match, coming within a few globals of Sweden's score several times before Sweden's final push proved too much to keep up with, leaving Great Britain with a hard-won and very respectable 850 points.

    The organizers wishes to send a big thank you to all participants and fans of WoF. Hope to see you in 2015 WoF that will kick of in the fall.

    1st: Team DACH Main:

    • MH Grave Digger
    • Conny1303 Conny1303 Konika
    • Tina abuyin Walther
    • Maren Kleene Scharf Co-Captain
    • Shawn Thark Columbo
    • Florian Vlooe Fischer
    • Kindradim KC Crux
    • Joe Mr- Joey Force
    • Mandred Maverick Torgridson
    • Phoenix Inkster Maxwell
    • Hank McHammer Hammer
    • Parlog Parlog Gothakaur Captain

    1st: Team DACH Support: (12 were chosen by the Team):

    • Jessie Jess von Hagen
    • Chriss Ruben Nomad
    • Romi impi Tinkles
    • Gabi Gaby Girly
    • freak lotus one
    • Mrs Lydia Fox
    • Skai Blondie Boa
    • Buster BusterXXL XXL
    • SH Lucky Girl
    • Andreas AndiJe Jezek
    • Princess Nika Paun
    • Dwain IC Inum

    2nd: Team SWEDEN Main:

    • Rune Belgarion Haugen
    • Bigfoot Tomten Painkiller
    • Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten
    • Jorgen LightStar Eriksson
    • Larry Larethania Larrelito
    • Lars Mr Lars Sebra
    • Amara (Amara Amara Taroon)
    • Una Griph Alconbury
    • Nero Pelleman Wolf
    • Cyrex Cyrex Xeryc
    • sweraiszir raiszir Sweden
    • anders gorro Johansson

    2nd: Team SWEDEN Support: (12 were chosen by the Team):

    • Ea Aia Nou
    • Cissi TigeRPaw-C Red-cat
    • Crille Jesus Anderzon
    • Felangur FEEL Wish
    • zZz Sliver XzZz
    • Michael Coachman Lampa
    • hvwardick Mr S Swe
    • Alex Raynex morre
    • SavioR Sav El Riwas
    • bobby jhonny bobby2
    • alfen alfen 777
    • Franz The Safe Jaeger

    3rd. Team GREAT BRITAIN Main:

    • Caleb cc Caven
    • georgie cheese smoker
    • John Hawk Connor
    • Joseph Dredge Hogoroth
    • Lady Nadie Hawke
    • Lighter LT Thief
    • Oleg Oleg McMullery
    • Richard Dirk Tomlin
    • Slapnuts Slapnuts Smith
    • tommy smokeymac galtress
    • Uniqu3 Uniqu3 Hunter
    • Zyloc Zyloc Mist

    3rd. Team GREAT BRITAIN Support: (12 were chosen by the team):

    • Ami Trabin Trabin
    • Archie Clipper Moonsail
    • Daniel DannyO Ocean
    • Dave Ace Flyster
    • Elsalvador Microdot Majere
    • Madsheep Blacksheep Stolensheep
    • mark chopper read
    • Mrs Emma Peel
    • Oracle Kev FountofWisdom
    • Rick ter Scale
    • Rob Egg90 Owens
    • stuart GAMBLE gamble

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