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    There were six (6) teams that were able to by-pass Stage 3 and move on to Stage 4 (Sweden, USA, Finland, DACH, Australia, BeNeLux) while the remaining eight (8) teams battled it out in Stage 3. The battle has been fought, and those victorious move on to Stage 4 in this fight to the finish.

    However, where there’s a win, there’s usually a loss, and in this case, we have to say goodbye to two hard-fighting countries who gave it their best. WoF founder Hurrikane reports that “Italy fell just short of claiming the Stage 4 spot from ROCKTropia, and for the first time in WoF History does not make the later stages this year,” and we also “Say goodbye to the tenacious Africa who fell short of luck this Stage.”

    The remaining eight (8) teams had been divided into two groups:

    Group One: Poland, ROCKtropia, GB and Italy

    Group Two: Canada, Eudoria, France and Africa​

    There were three (3) rounds to this stage, and everyone fought hard. They had quite the line-up of creatures to contend with, and many could be found on sponsored land areas.

    WoF 2012 - Stage 3 Moblist

    • Falxangius Provider and above: 10 points
    • Thorifoid Elder and above: 9 points
    • Neconu (any): 8 points
    • Thorifoid Shaman and below: 7 points
    • Allophyl (any): 6 points
    • Falxangius Young-Old: 5 points
    • Oculus (any): 4 points
    • Traeskeron (any): 3 points
    • Thorio (any): 2 points
    • Gradivore (any): 1 point
    • Thorofoid/Thorafoid (any): 25 points
    • Highest Loot (Main Team) of match: 15 points
    • Winning a Match: 100 points toward Stage Total

    After completing three (3) rounds of hard fighting in Stage 3, the scores for Group One and Group Two were tallied and the standings presented.

    WoF 2012 - Standings
    Group One & Group Two Scores


    Poland ———- 340 + 486 + 156 = 982

    GB ————— 300 + 216 + 312 = 818

    ROCKtropia—– 134 + 435 + 158 = 727

    Italy ————– 148 + 241 + 314 = 703​


    Canada ——— 360 + 576 + 346 = 1280

    France ———- 476 + 353 + 226 = 1055

    Eudoria ——— 203 + 104 + 405 = 712

    Africa ————- 82 + 159 + 149 = 390​

    As mentioned earlier, we had to say goodbye to Italy and Africa, but the remaining teams move on to Stage 4 to continue their quest to reach the finals, and within grasp of the coveted trophy. Stage 4 will see three (3) groups battling it out over three (3) rounds.

    After Hurrikane calculated average scores, and conducted a draw using the usual dice roller feature, the groups have been assembled as follows:


    USA — Australia — Poland — Eudoria


    Finland — Canada — BeNeLux — ROCKtropia


    Sweden — DACH — France — GB

    This is also a three (3) round stage that will take place over the weekends of Nov 3rd/4th, Nov 10th/11th and Nov 17th/18th. During this stage the SCAR award will be in effect (the award for Slaughtering Comprehensively and Rapidly) — meaning: ”All any Support Team has to do to enter is Global at least once on Globster, Furor, Maffoids and Cornundacauda during a WoF match in the fastest time taken from the start of the match, and then send in proof.”

    It will be interesting to see how these rounds play out, and who ends up coming out on top, but one thing is for sure — we will once again have to say goodbye to those who don’t survive Stage 4. We will report on the results when they are posted.

    If you are interested in learning more about WoF 2012, or past WoF events, go here.

    The MindStar Media team wishes all WoF participants the very best in their quest to be the last team standing, and claim the coveted trophy, along with the traditional WoF Jacket provided by MindArk.

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