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    After a 3-part battle in Stage 4, six teams came out on top and advanced to Stage 5 and the Semi-Finals. Sweden, Australia, BeNeLux, DACH, USA and Canada earned the right to continue their efforts toward reaching the Finals. This year has given us some of the closet matches the tournament has ever seen, and made the job of the judges a bit more taxing.

    The six remaining teams were paired up to go to battle on December 1st to determine what countries would be represented in the WoF Finals. Australia was matched with DACH, USA with BeNeLux, and Sweden with Canada. USA and BeNeLux had to postpone their meet-up because Team USA was having deposit issues, so the match played out on Saturday, December 8th.


    697 — DACH
    674 — Australia

    671 — BeNeLux
    615 — USA

    757 — Sweden
    683 — Canada

    The three winning teams are now preparing themselves for the 3-Way Finals that will be held on Saturday, Dec 15th at 19:00 game time, and it looks like there are some special things in store according to WoF’s founder Oscar “Hurrikane” SkyQuake. It appears that MindArk is throwing a little something special into the mix for the Bonus Mobs – Mutated Chirpies and Bugs.

    I think the Mutated Chirpies may be at 82995, 78002 and 86287, 83743, because Hurrikane said that if you show up at 85848, 80514 or 88032, 79588, it’s best to bring a can of RAID, so I can only assume that these locations must be the Bugs.

    If the Mutated Chirpies and Bugs weren’t enough of a surprise, then perhaps the remaining three teams will get excited about the prize waiting for them as winners of WoF 2012. We learned that Entropia Universe developer MindArk is designing a special and extremely rare WoF Bravo rifle for the winning 12 avatars.

    The start point for the Finals is 70579 , 71148, which is not far from the Jurra Plateau TP. Updates throughout the 3-hour event, or even live broadcasting will be provided by Atlas Haven Radio. David Westmoreland, AHR’s Manager, did a great job keeping up with everything during the Semi-Finals, not to mention rockin’ us out with some kick-ass tunes.

    Final Mob Lists Specifics

    MAIN TEAM – (6 Hunters)

    Araneatrox (Alpha and above) — 10 points
    Osseocollum (Alpha and above) — 9 points
    Malcruentor (any maturity) — 8 points
    Leviathan (any maturity) — 7 points
    Osseocollum (Dominant and below) — 6 points
    Araneatrox (Dominant and below) — 5 points


    1 Mob = 0
    2 Mobs = 10
    3 Mobs = 25
    All 4 Mobs = 50

    SUPPORT TEAMS - (Unlimited – Support Cap/250)

    Chomper (any maturity) — 4 points
    Proteron (any maturity) — 3 points
    Snarg (any maturity) — 2 points
    Igni/Diripi/Pupugi (any maturity) — 1 point


    1 Mob = 0
    2 Mobs = 10
    3 Mobs = 25
    All 4 Mobs = 50


    Mutated Chirpy (any) — 25 points

    HoFs and Susans (113 PED Globals) = Double Points (for that global).
    Highest Main Team Global Loot = +15

    SWEEP — (all listed Mobs and scores achieved) = + 75
    SUPERSWEEP(all Mobs including ALL 3 BUGS,replaces Sweep) = +100

    All Time High (ATH)

    By Main Team = Double Entire Score
    By Support Team = Double Entire Support Score

    Side-note from Hurrikane

    Support Teams CAN hunt the bugs for the Supersweep after they reach their cap. They just won’t score on the bugs themselves.

    It’s going to be a tense week for the three teams I’m sure with their anticipation of the Finals coming this Saturday. There is no doubt that the hard-fought battles thus far have proven them worthy of their continued fight to be the last team standing and claim victory as the WoF 2012 Champions.

    We wish all teams the very best.

    If you are interested in learning more about WoF 2012, or past WoF events, go here.

    All WoF articles with Scores and Standings can be found under “Resources/World of Firepower” at the MSM website – along with the WoF 2012 Movie produced by Clam JBoy Jamphrie – it’s worth a view.

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