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    Part one in a 3-part series for Stage 4 of World of Firepower has been completed and the results have been revealed. Things are most definitely heating up, and countries are entering the field of battle with more conviction than ever. They want to be the last ones standing, they want to win the WoF Jacket, they wantto show what their country is made of, and they want the coveted WoF Trophy — not to mention bragging rights of course.

    All twelve (12) teams are fiercely engaged in Stage 4 to better their chances of moving on to Stage 5 and the Semi-Finals scheduled for December 1st. The teams were divided into three groups, and after going head-to-head in part one of this 3-part Stage, the results are as follows:


    USA — Australia — Poland — Eudoria

    500 — Australia

    348 — Eudoria

    297 — USA

    162 — Poland​

    WoF founder Oscar “Hurrikane” SkyQuake comment: “Australia takes a convincing lead, while Eudoria takes a hard-won second place in the group. Poland surely has more to show us, and USA cannot be expected to sit in third place happily for long.”


    Finland — Canada — BeNeLux — ROCKtropia

    517 — BeNeLux

    389 — Canada

    265 — ROCKtropia

    253 — Finland​

    Hurrikane’s comment: ”A more evenly-matched group perhaps, with the always-strong BeNeLux taking pole position, but Canada not far behind. After an impressive Stage 3.2 match ROCKtropia needs to find their form again, while Finland can never be under-estimated.”


    Sweden — DACH — France — GB

    829 — Sweden

    550 — DACH

    514 — GB

    404 — France​

    Hurrikane’s comment: “Reigning Champions Sweden, shows us what Champions are capable of with the highest score of the weekend, an enormous 829. DACH scored enough to have beaten anyone else that day. GB recovered from their relatively low Stage 3 Total, while France shows they are more than capable of keeping up with the group.”

    The remaining two parts to Stage 4 will be played out over the weekends of Nov 10th & 11th, and Nov 17th & 18th respectively. There’s a challenging Mob List that applies to all three parts of this stage as follows:



    Hogglo Mature and above — 10 points

    Hispidus (any) — 9 points

    Letomie Mature and above — 8 points

    Kingfisher (any) — 7 points

    Hogglo Young — 6 points

    Letomie Young — 5 points​


    Globster (any) — 4 points

    Furor (any) — 3 points

    Maffoids (any) — 2 points

    Cornundacauda (any) — 1 point​


    Combibo (any) — 25 points​

    Stage 4 has an interesting title — Escape from TI (Treasure Island) — and we have learned that the proprietor of TI has been very accommodating with making adjustments to maturities and spawns. Thanks to Deathifier, there may be many more engaged in the slithery worm-like creature Letomie that seemed to be a little bit less than plentiful in round one.

    We at MSM wish all teams success in their continued quest to be the victorious country standing at the end, waving the coveted WoF Trophy proudly while decked out in their WoF Jackets. We will report on the results of Stage 4.2 after they are revealed.

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