With a Little Help from My Friend

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Well, after 2 good years of partnership with my Friend Rocky
    and soon for me 12 years in Entropia
    the super swirl that everyone dreams, finally happened to us.

    yeah, unbelievable, and even more unbelievable i was in :).

    Rocky's Little Helper
    170809 peds ALL TIME HIGH !!!!

    Entropia 2016-12-20_Rocky_And_Ak_ATH 01.jpg

    Entropia 2016-12-20_Rocky_And_Ak_ATH 02.jpg

    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] RockY received a FFA Mayhem Star 2016 - Glossy.
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] RockY received Shrapnel (809058000).
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] Akbar received Shrapnel (742534960).
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] Akbar received a Advanced Adaptive Fuse.
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] RockY received a FFA Mayhem Star 2016 - Dim.
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] RockY received Weapon Cells (81600904).
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Team] [] Akbar received Weapon Cells (74891445).
    2016-12-20 21:34:19 [Globals] [] Team "Rocky's Little Helper" killed a creature (Yulebot (FFA 2)) with a value of 170809 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame ALL TIME HIGH. Congratulations!

    Rocky & Ak in action !

    Entropia 2016-12-20_Rocky_And_Ak_ATH 03.jpg

    Thank you Everyone,
    And Merry Christmas 2016
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  2. Huge congrats to both of you, well deserved.
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  3. Congratz to you!
    All your years of complaing how you were so unfortunate come down to this

    and to the other party of the team, is another reason why it seems exploiting pays off for his known activities :D

    Happy Holidays
  4. CONGRATS GUYS!!! And hey Manique, gratz for being the first to cry.
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  5. Why would I cry, just stating the truth
    I know akbar longer than prolly any of you and his time was spent saying how he'd never get anything ever and how unlucky he was all the time,
    My ava is 9 years old , his even older and since i know him he said that so yea gz for him on that :D

    @ Rocky, gz for him but the comunity sadly also knows him as being a bot user, but again MA doesnt care, else him / craks and such would've been banned and we both know it

    Toxic stuff like that and fact MA doesnt give a crap is why a lot of players just dont care
    Gladly i been always a sucessfull EU player, im gratefull for that but cant feel the motivation to play when such jokes are happening

    Take in example the whole AUD thig, a guy got kept LOCKED for buying something off auction, that is MA bending the rules, and they will always do it it seems, which is bad when its such a large RCE Game :)

    However gz for the huge hof, shocked on the size of that one on such a mob.

    Happy holidays to the OP and everyone else :)
  6. That is AWEsome! Big gratz to you man, you deserve it. :)
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  7. Allahu Akbar ! Allahu Akbar ! Allahu Akbar !

    Well deserved
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  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

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  9. Well deserved! Gratz! I had to log in for this :))
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  10. Merry ATH 2017.jpg

    Our YuleBot Morphed into an Hispidus
    Merry Mayhem !​
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    mmm fond memories of Hispidus :)
    (got the blade to remember it by!)
  12. Entropia 2021-03-20 01-34-10-96_M.jpg

    And now it changed to an Assault Mulmun Elite 10 !

    Just too bad we did not receive 171k for each new mob
    I pray GOD MA for Ak's personnal ATH ! :) (very soon)
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