Why posting on EntropiaPlanets?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Tass, Jan 18, 2022.

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    1. Reach

    You posts will reach a lot of Entropians.

    EntropiaPlanets always had a relatively low number of people actually posting something and relatively high number of people just peeking. It's exactly the same today. Given the following Alexa rankings as of 18 January 2022 it's save to assume that EntropiaPlanets is reaching more people than all official planet partner forums together:

    Rank Site
    706,342 EntropiaPlanets.com
    2,672,813 Arkadia Forum
    2,685,941 Virtual Sense
    3,122,528 Next Island
    3,588,131 Cyrene Forum
    n/a RockTropia.com

    Here a graph by Tranco, mabye less accurate but still illustrating the relations:

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  2. Relatively more people looking than people posting is true for most forums globally, but the length of time that a forum has been running and the strength of it's admins are also important markers. Many forums go under after just two years or so, whilst EP has been going for 12+ years, which can only be a good sign.
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    My word... has it really been that long? What are Alexa rankings? Times that EP is referenced in a "hey Alex?" query?
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    @Tass You may want to convert visitors into people who post by holding some type of competition which requires people to post on the forum e.g. some kind of picture competition
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  5. Tass

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    Yep, exactly. I'd planned to add Longevity as 2. or 3. :)

    Yep, it's Amazon's Alexa but another one. Alexa.com was one of the original web metricts companies from the 1990s, then bought by Amazon. It was founded by the same guy that also initiated Archive.org and most of the 1990s - 2000s Archive.org content are actually Alexa crawls of websites. Unfortunately Alexa will shut down this year.

    Yep, great idea. We'll do something like that after we made a major upgrade to the forum. I also thought of something like a raffle where you simply enter with the numer of posts.
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  6. Alexa, owned by amazon, has been ranking sites for a fair number of years.
  7. Sry Tass I just partly said what you already did. Ah well ;)
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    Go and stand in the corner and think about what you've done ;)
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  9. Yer that'll teach me for posting without reading other replies first.
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